The 4 Areas Your Small Business Should Be Outsourcing

The 4 Areas Where Outsourcing Must For Small Business

There comes a time when every business needs to take things to the next level. It can be difficult to grow when you are working with limited resources like staff or even money. This is why outsourcing is such an ideal solution for your small business growth. It sometimes takes a third party to be able to do what is needed to help your company reach its goals. 

There are many areas in your business that make sense to outsourcing. The basic idea is that via business process outsourcing (BPO), you can hire out certain jobs instead of having your staff take on extra work. Outsourcing ,such as Chicago temp staffing, allows you to use dedicated professionals that understand their job best since they are highly trained whereas your staff may not be. In this article, we will go over the most obvious things you should be outsourcing.

1 – Accounting

One of the most obvious areas for outsourcing is business accounting services since it is best done by experts. If you want to have a staff or division of your business with an accounting office then those people will need to be experts to help you get the most out of your accounting. This is very expensive and it can take quite a bit of time to put together a top-notch team. 

When you hire an accounting firm to do your books then you have people who are experts and understand the ins and outs of tax codes and law. They will be able to make sure you are getting all the deductions your company needs without fear of not doing things by the book. 

If you were to get audited then this firm will be able to take care of the process since they are the ones doing the books so you are protected. 

2 – Customer service

It is very easy to lose business to the competition when a customer has a problem and you don’t resolve it quickly enough. Does this mean that you should have a outsourcing with customer service team on call 24 hours per day? No, it simply means that you need to outsource your customer service so that there is a way for people to get their problems addressed right away. 

This is money well spent since you don’t have to pay your staff to handle something outside of their expertise. The customer service company knows the right way to handle the situation and will do a much better job than a secretary, for instance. They also have the latest in software and processes so they are on the cutting edge without you needing to update and train your staff. 

When you have a dedicated customer service system with highly specialized staff, you can ensure customer loyalty since they feel taken care of. 

3 – Printing

The cost of paper, printer ink, and the maintenance of the printers is a major expense for a small business. Outsourcing the printing needs is a great way to cut down that expense and keep your employees from wasting time spent on it. A third party will use their machines and keep them maintained. 

They will also be dedicated to just doing printing which leaves your staff available to do their job and stay productive. There is also no downtime in case a printer goes offline since they will bring in another one right away. 

Another benefit is that a printing company is going to always be updating its equipment. This allows you to always have state-of-the-art printing materials done without you needing to spend the money to update the printers and other equipment. 

4 – Human resources

Onboarding new hires is costly and takes up quite a bit of time for your HR department. This is an area ripe for outsourcing since a lot of the work can be automated and used on an as-needed basis. If your company is small then there is little need to pay an entire HR staff to do the work. 

You can even branch off sections so you have an HR team but they outsource specific tasks like recruiting. Whatever area is where a lot of resources get tied up is a good candidate for being outsourced so things run more smoothly.

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