Why Text-Based Communication Is Better Than An Employee Communication App

4 Benefits Make Text-Based Communication Better Than Employee Communication App

Several factors influence an organization’s success, and one of these is communication. Your company’s communication determines how employees engage, public perception of your organization, and the level of customer satisfaction you provide. Due to the role communication has in your organization, it’s paramount that you invest in the best communication technology possible.

One type of communication your organization can settle for is text-based communication. Another type is internal communication software such as an employee communication app. You may be unsure which mode of communication between these two is better for your organization. This article describes the two communication systems and explains why text-based communication is better than an employee communication app. Keep reading to learn more.

What’s Text-Based Communication?

Text-based communication is a form of communication that involves sending information as a text. Text messages are mainly sent using bulk text messaging services. However, other applications such as WhatsApp can be used to send text messages.

What’s An Employee Communication App?

An employee communication app is a mobile intranet installed on employees’ devices. This mobile intranet allows employees to communicate using devices without the need to exchange personal information such as mobile numbers. Your company can work with many types of employee communication apps.

Examples of employee communication apps include:

  • Microsoft Teams
  • Slack
  • Workvivo
  • Staffbase Employee App
  • Jostle
  • ClickUp
  • StaffConnect App
  • Simpplr, and many more

Why Text-Based Communication Is Better

Both text-based communication and employee communication have pros and cons. However, this article focuses on the advantages of text-based communication that employee communication app doesn’t offer.

The following benefits make text-based communication better than an employee communication app:

1. Text-Based Communication Is Cost-Effective

Globally, businesses are looking for affordable ways to communicate. Affordable communication means cutting the costs incurred by a company. Sending texts is one of the most affordable ways to communicate as you don’t need to download an application to communicate. This is because every phone has an SMS app already installed. Also, you don’t need to have a smartphone to access text communication. This saves you the cost of purchasing a smartphone if you don’t have one.

On the other hand, an employee communication app is more costly because you have to purchase an app specifically designed for your company. This will cost your company because it’s expensive to buy an app. Additionally, you’ll need devices compatible with the employee communication app. This increases the costs your company incurs for communication purposes.

2. You Don’t Need An Internet Connection For Text-Based Communication

Time is of the essence in every institution. Therefore, when it comes to communication, it’s better to use a system whereby you spend minimal time when sending and receiving information. This means the communication system you use should be easily accessible. Unfortunately, this is an issue when using an employee communication app.

The employee communication app requires an internet connection to receive or send information. There’s a possibility that not everyone who works in your company is in a position to have internet access all the time. Therefore, some employees may not receive the information communicated on time if you use an employee communication app. As a result, you might experience a delay in completing your work.

With text-based communication, you can easily send and receive work-related texts anytime. This is great because you’ll spend less time communicating with other employees and finish your work on time. Moreover, this will allow you to attend to other work issues. As a result, you’ll cover a lot of work in less time using text-based communication than an employee communication app.

You Don't Need An Internet Connection-4 Benefits Make Text-Based Communication Better Than Employee Communication App

3. Text-Based Communication Is Easier To Use

As much as your business may want to digitize its means of communication, some factors may pose a challenge. One of these factors is how easy or hard it’ll be to use your communication system. For instance, using an employee communication app can be challenging for employees who aren’t techy. The majority of these employees are the aged ones. Due to its complications, these employees won’t use this app, leading to a lack of feedback. Instead, they prefer more straightforward communication means.

On the other hand, text-based communication is better as it doesn’t require any tech skills. You must know how to read and type on your phone. Due to its simplicity, text-based communication favors everyone in your company, from the young employees to the aged.

4. It’s Easier To Onboard New Employees Using Text-Based Communication

Adding more employees to your organization is an exciting step. However, this excitement can be short-lived if the onboarding process is hectic. One of the things that makes onboarding of new employees cumbersome is having to teach them various things such as your communication system. If your mode of communication is very technical, then onboarding won’t be easy. This is because you must ensure the new employees understand how everything is done on your system. Unfortunately, this can be an issue if you use an employee communication app.

It may be cumbersome to teach new employees about an employee application app because it may be their first time interacting with the app. Also, this might be time-consuming since not all new employees are fast learners.

However, since almost everyone knows the basics of operating a phone, you don’t have to worry about this while using text-based communication. They can send or receive information on their phones without struggling. Therefore, you won’t spend much time teaching new employees about your text-based communication.

Easier To Onboard New Employees-4 Benefits Make Text-Based Communication Better Than Employee Communication App

Summing It Up

Communication is essential in business as it affects its success. A company’s success is determined by employees’ engagement, customer satisfaction, and public image, which all rely on communication. Therefore, it’s essential to have a communication system that’ll promote your company’s growth.

Text-based communication and an employee communication app are communication systems you can use in your company. However, text-based communication offers advantages that employee communication app doesn’t, making it better than the latter. Consider using text-based communication for your business today.

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