Smart Growth Hacks for Startups And Small Businesses To Follow In 2021

Smart Growth Hacks for Startups And Small Businesses To Follow In 2021

4 Smart Growth Hacks for Startups

Struggling to grow your business? In this fast-forward business era, “Slow and Steady Wins the Race,” doesn’t work anymore. You need to adapt to the ever-changing trends and technologies. With millions of startups sprouting every year only a few survive in the market. Wondering, what’s the reason? Well, the simple logic is they often fail to frame the right business strategy that ends up with only failures. Oh! Don’t get disheartened! If you are in the same struggle then this blog is for you.

Here we have highlighted a few smart growth hacks that will help the startups to establish a solid base in the year 2021. Let’s readout in detail growth hacks.

1. Content Marketing Always Win

‘Content is the King’ and rules in the search engines. If you want to win the online game, you need to focus on your content strategy. If you want to multiply the leads and boost your business strategy, then content marketing is the best tool to try on. Make some exciting strategies that can influence the customers. For instance, you can try creating and distributing a digital business card, or you can go online and create a portfolio for your business.

According to top social media experts, investing in video content like – vlogs and product videos can help in boosting engagement. Visual content is more influential than posting plain content. You can either post video content or hop onto live sessions to engage with your audiences. Social media platforms like – Facebook and Instagram give direct options to hold live sessions. Content Marketing is the best growth hack for businesses.

Apart from that, you shouldn’t always stick to one marketing strategy, try to mix a few, and create a unique one. Use different mediums and content marketing tools to bring the best of your strategies. Companies like – Amazon are extensively using content marketing strategies to win over their audiences. And, we can clearly see the positive graph of the company.

2. Invest In A Responsive Website

No website, no-win.’ The simple rule for businesses today is to have a responsive website. Whether you have a physical store or have an online business, having a website is crucial. A website that is responsive allows the users to have an optimized view and further allows them to enhance their overall user experience. According to Google, the websites that are mobile-friendly rule the search engines, and more than 48% of users prefer using such sites. A responsive website is must growth hack.

If you are planning to invest in a website, then make sure you invest in modern and responsive design. It will not only create a lasting impression on the audiences but also boost your overall Google rankings.

3. Hire Like-Minded People

‘Teamwork makes Dream works.’ It is absolutely true! If you have a dream business plan and want to execute it in the right way, then hire like-minded people. Form a team that is dedicated to achieving the goals and always work together as one. They will always work as a team and work towards a common goal this will help in the overall growth of the business. Like-Minded people are the best growth hack for business.

The main idea of hiring like-minded people is they understand your requirements and can easily cater to your business needs. Hiring the right team is necessary not only possessed with the right skill set but also helps in reducing the costs. So, start off with the scrutinized selection and build a strong team.

4. Customers Feedback Should Always Be Taken Seriously

‘Customers are the blessing for your business,’ coz no customer no growth. So, it is vital to take the customer’s feedback seriously. No matter how advanced we get, but word-of-mouth advertising is still prevalent in the market. People still rely on references that are mentioned by their friends and family. They will definitely turn to a brand that has been tried and tested by their knowns, isn’t it? The digital era has also urged customers to give reviews online which are read by hundreds of readers.

Many people consider these reviews to base their future decisions. So, ignoring customer feedback will definitely land you in big trouble and will be the growth hack. Try to work on the customer’s feedback and assure them of quality only they will stay loyal to your brand.

Summing Up

These are some tips for a smart growth hack. Being a startup welcomes several challenges and coping up to all can be daunting and growth hack. But, focussing on your goals will make your business journey a beautiful one. So, stick to your goals and make the most of the year 2021. Good luck!

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