Tips to Choose the Best Infor Support Partner For Your Business

Tips to Choose the Best Infor Support Partner For Your Business

Infor software is increasingly being adopted by small and medium-sized businesses but isn’t always the most user-friendly platform. With this in mind, it’s essential to consider your options when choosing an Infor support partner to help ensure you get the most effective service.

Here are few tips to choose the Best Infor Support Partner:

1. Is Your Business Large or Considered Medium-Sized?

If your company is classified as a large-scale one, you should already have widespread knowledge of the software and independently resolve any technical problems that may arise.

Choosing an Infor support partner for this type of business will depend on many other factors such as the price, turnaround time, quality of response, and so on.

It may be more cost-effective for larger organisations that can handle software issues themselves if they outsource only specific tasks rather than complete support packages.

If you’re operating in a sector where having accurate reporting data is vital for success, then paying for round-the-clock emergency assistance could be well worth the cost.

Medium-sized businesses are at a particular advantage when outsourcing their IT functions, especially with regards to Infor support. They are likely to have the funds available to contract dedicated IT staff but may not have in-house expertise in this area. Many medium-sized businesses will therefore turn to companies that specialise in providing complete Infor maintenance and support packages.

2. How Experienced is Your Chosen Partner?

A well-established partner will ideally have many years of experience providing software services for a wide range of clients.

The fact that they’ve been able to sustain themselves over the years means that they must be doing something right; developing solid relations with their customers can ensure peace of mind for you too.

The IT and Software Development Company should also be willing to provide references, proving their capabilities and reliability when dealing with you. It can provide valuable insight into how they handled previous support requests and whether their experience is as broad as claimed.

3. How Quickly Can the Infor Partner Resolve Any Issues?

Although speed isn’t the only consideration, it’s probably one of the most important when assessing an Infor support partner. Failure to address any problems promptly could result in data loss and unnecessary disruption for your business.

It’s therefore essential that whichever company you choose has the expertise and capability to resolve all issues without delay.

Faster response times must be achievable in an emergency, with less severe matters resolved within a few hours maximum. An effective remote IT company will have numerous technicians on standby throughout the day who can move from case to case as required.

4. How are the Services Being Charged?

According to a recent statistic, the ERP software market values are proposed to reach $96.04 billion, $96.71 billion, and 97.15 billion, respectively, for 2022, 2023, and 2024 worldwide.

You must have an in-depth understanding of how your chosen partner is billing you before committing to any contracts.

There are many different ways IT companies will charge their customers, so read through carefully to make sure that you get a reasonable deal for your business. The three main options are:

Hourly Rates – Some companies will send an invoice based on the time spent resolving support requests, with charges usually per each staff member involved.

Fixed Rates – This type of structure sees all problems resolved for an agreed fixed price regardless of the number of issues or technicians needed to address them.  Reported faults are often scored beforehand, with more complex issues attracting higher fees.

Flat Fee – This is a fixed amount that you’ll be charged each month regardless of the number of issues your business faces. The only consideration here will be the size of your company and which packages are available to you.

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