Hanging on to your Last Resources? – 5 Business Survival Techniques

Hanging on to your Last Resources - 5 Business Survival Techniques

Today’s business is very different than they were just ten years ago. Today, companies need to have business survival techniques in place to help them weather storms and prevent them from suffering losses. Consider incorporating these tools and business survival techniques to help create a stable business survival techniques plan and help create a way to weather the storms of today’s volatile business markets.

Here are 5 Business Survival Techniques:

1. Be Prepared for Anything

The last few years have tested businesses of all sizes and provided a much-needed wake-up call. Most companies became complacent and didn’t spend enough resources into planning shutdowns and taking into account remote workers’ needs.

The need for automation quickly became apparent. Every type of company, from small businesses to the world’s largest enterprise operation, scrambled to stay a step ahead of disaster. Planning ahead and having protocols in place is one of the keys to avoiding ruin and staying prepared no matter what is thrown at them. Adding emergency fuel on your checklist is also a must to help your business remain operational during a power outage.

2. Factoring Companies

If you haven’t heard of a factoring company yet, then stay tuned because it’s a need to know for today’s businesses. This is essential for every company because it buys a business’ upwind invoices and then pays the business an allotted percentage of the sum of those invoices. Once they can collect their money from the unpaid invoices, they will provide the company with the initial debt and the rest of the agreed amount.

So, why is this so helpful for struggling businesses? Because they can get a large percentage of their debt back right away without struggling in-house with ineffective collections. Factoring companies are highly effective at collecting unpaid invoice debt and provide a way for a struggling business to collect a large part of that money right away.

Many companies struggling with outstanding invoices should consider invoice factoring to help them mitigate a large portion of their outstanding finances and prevent them from wasting resources and additional funds trying to undertake collections in-house.

3. Monitor Current Events

If you want to avoid pitfalls in business today, you need to pay close attention to what is happening in the world right now. Many headline events can drastically affect business and economies. This is especially true of viruses and disease, as recently witnessed with COVID-19. As new waves emerge and other seasonal threats crop up, it can create waves through every market for businesses of all sizes.

If you have extra resources, you can direct attention to these issues and monitor them for changes so you can anticipate items when you need to enlist alternative business protocols.

4. Focus Attention on Brand Advocates

You probably already know that word-of-mouth advertising is still one of the best vehicles out there in the marketing world. One way to make the most out of your happy customers is to help them highlight their positive experiences.

The emergence of social media has made this process easier than ever. You can provide benefits and rewards in exchange for legitimate customers to share their insights and experience via social media or similar outlets. By focusing attention on this aspect of marketing, you can create a better presence and more brand visibility.

5. Target New Markets

While it seems easy and logical to focus on one particular target audience for products and services, this approach can actually be harmful. Today’s companies are more competitive than ever, while the consumer is just as diverse.

That leaves room for companies to appeal to an audience or consumer out of their normal realm. Devise an approach that differs from the usual and find out what attracts the attention of different audiences. Consider catering to new audiences by discerning the following.

  • Older age groups
  • Different economic backgrounds
  • Different countries

By appealing to different and diverse audiences, you increase your potential market and boost your bottom line. Don’t be afraid to reach out and draw in more people.


Today’s companies face more competition and hurdles than ever before. Regardless of size or market, each company needs to prepare for obstacles and surprises out of nowhere. However, it’s easier to navigate if you pay close attention to what is going on in the world while simultaneously extending your reach to new and diverse consumers.

It takes some modifications to daily business processes and sometimes the integration of new technologies such as third-party apps and platforms. Still, it can ultimately give you the foothold you need to weather the storms of the business world. Another thing to consider is reducing your debt and the cost of collecting debts and managing your daily business. It is important to implement business survival techniques.

If you can find new avenues for collecting revenue and mitigating costs that kill profits, you can give your company a boost that helps it better compete and stay afloat during turbulent times throughout the year and prepare you for almost anything.

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