Things to Consider When Purchasing a Luxury RV

Things to Consider When Purchasing a Luxury RV

So you are thinking about getting a luxury RV and you are doing what any level headed person should do – you’re scouting out your options. The world of RV adventures has its fair share of allurement. The excitement of the open road and the draw of the unknown all seem so much more attainable when you can have a mobile homebase. 

While other forms of adventuring have their benefits, such as backpacking through mountains or camping on overnight hikes, the RV life gives you something that you truly can’t get anywhere else – and that’s freedom. Freedom to really sink yourself into the map and explore like you never have. Gone are the worries of what bare necessities you need to bring along with you as you have not only ample room, but access to power and comfortable bedding no matter where you go.

Let’s quickly go through five different key features of luxury RV:

1. Home Away From Home

The first thing you’ve probably discovered in research for which RV is perfect for you is that RV’s have certain classifications. Here’s a quick rundown!

Class A

These RVs are the flagship of the RV world. They are entirely self contained with their own engine and are definitely the largest. These are popular choices for people who want to sell their home and live truly on wheels. With ample space and most homelike amenities on the market, this is much more of an option for the person who wants to spend significant time on the road away from their home.

Class B

These RVs are large vans that have been fitted to sleep in and have certain basic amenities. They very much have the appearance of a van and are popular with those who are looking for a smaller, more intimate way to go adventuring on wheels.

Class C

This class of RV is perhaps one of the most noticeable models as it is the classic RV body built onto the chassis of a truck with a cab overhang. These are wonderful for a more medium sized option and can bridge the gap between class A and B. 

2. Fifth Wheel and Travel Trailer

Lastly we have two of the most popular forms of RV travel and that’s the faithful fifth wheeler and the travel wagon. Both are tremendously popular for the simple reason that they allow you to set up camp and still have a free vehicle to detach and go do smaller travel like running errands or doing supply runs. 

The main difference here is in size. The fifth wheel is going to be substantially larger than the travel trailer and thus will require a larger vehicle to pull. The popularity of the travel trailer is that it can provide the same style and even level of amenities as a fifth wheel, but because of its smaller footprint it doesn’t require as much horsepower to pull.

3. Luxury That is Accessible

The true benefit of getting a Bowlus luxury RV is simply that it brings the best of any class of RV into one easy, beautiful, and perfectly sized package. Experience the incredible power supply of a larger class A RV without compromising. With a powerful lithium iron phosphate battery, the Bowlus cuts no corners and delivers satisfying power while maintaining a slim, smaller, overall footprint.

4. Technology That Makes a Difference

The appeal of being able to drop off home base and still have a vehicle to run around in is one of the key selling points for pull behind RV options. With Bowlus’ top of the line bluetooth brake linking technology, traveling with your Bowlus is seamless and more responsive than it ever has been. 

Add to that a private GPS system and secure Wifi and you can stay connected to what’s important anywhere your adventure may take you.

5. Size Matters

The most appealing aspect of owning a Bowlus luxury RV always comes down to your experience. Whether you’re embarking on adventure alone or with your family, we pride ourselves on our expertly crafted, high quality interior design that allows for an entire family of four to sleep in absolute comfort. 

The most important thing to consider when looking to purchase a luxury RV is that it will help you create memories that will last a lifetime. With Bowlus’ trusted, best in industry standard, we are sure that our RV’s are uniquely qualified to do just this and we can’t wait for you to begin your adventures with one.

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