5 Practical Tips On Upcycling Furniture On Your Own For Your Home Office

5 Practical Tips On Upcycling Furniture On Your Own For Your Home Office

Practical Tips On Upcycling Furniture

In our modern era, things that seemed impossible before became possible. Everything is possible these days even when it comes to working. A few decades ago, working at home is a laughable idea. Employees work in offices, factories, and warehouses. Yes, there are times when you may bring home some of your work to finish but staying at home to do your full-time job doesn’t happen. However, more and more employees who are embracing modern technology and processes are quitting their office works to work at home.

Some may say that working at home does not offer stability unlike when you are in a company, but it has been proven time and again that it is not true. Once you decide to work at home, you can have the stability you want as long as you know what you’re doing. Furthermore, working at home offers many different perks that you cannot experience in an office set up. Most of the time, people who want to have more free time has chosen to work at home.

For those who are single, it gives them more personal time to travel and spend time doing their hobbies and going out with friends. It also gives them more time to balance their work and own life; therefore there is less stress. For those with families, it gives them the opportunity to perform their roles at home while still earning. One of the best things about working at home is you control your time. It is often output-based rather than time-based.

If you decided to start working at home, you need to set up your home office so you can work comfortably. The best thing is, you can upcycle your old furniture into something you can use for your home office.

Do you have some old furniture stocked in your house? Are you planning on throwing it out? Or are you just looking for some DIY crafts.? Well, wait for a moment. Instead of getting rid of it, why don’t you reinvent it and make it more valuable? Tada! What a bright idea, right?

Upcycling furniture is the way to go. Restore and customize your furniture to give it a whole new look and a  brand new life. It may need repair, but it will have much better quality and design than buying a new item.

We buy new furniture more often, furniture waste is increasing, and the impact on the environment is terrible. For this reason, Interiorbeat created the Furniture Footprint Calculator that you can access by clicking here. The tool can provide new insights into the impact of furniture on the environment when upscaling the furniture. Furthermore, it assesses design changes that reduce environmental impact.

Though revamping may take a bit more time, the result will be worth the wait. Every element will be in its unique form, and it will be your respected piece of art just like the elegant macrame cotton rope wall design you saw from Instagram.

There are lots of ways of upcycling furniture that creates genuine achievement when you implant new life into your seasoned furniture. Below are five practical tips on creatively Upcycling Furniture.

1. Select A Piece of Furniture

The first thing to do is to determine what kind of furniture you want to recycle and why you want to do it. You may have a ton of old furniture stored that requires a fresh breath of life, or you have seen something that captured your attention.

Have a good idea of what you want to do with it, to refrain from wasting a good piece or purchasing worthless pieces. If you know what kind of furniture you like, illustrate it in your home to be certain of your plans on using it.

Think creatively and turn a shabby chic Upcycling Furniture such as a lounge, couch or chairs into a new and stable one.

2. Inspect if There are Any Damages

You will also need a good working table and wooden pieces are excellent. Choose one that is stable and sturdy. Your working table should be perfect for you so you won’t feel uncomfortable using it.

Check the status of the Upcycling Furniture. See if there are any damages before you start revamping. Repair if there is any impairment or tighten some loosened screws. If there are scratches, make sure to sand it down using sandpaper or wire wool.

With wooden pieces, you need to know if it is still healthy. Look for holes or ordinary dust because it is a sign that the Upcycling Furniture is under attack from woodworms.

3. A Smack of Paint

With a brush of color, any furniture will achieve a state-of-the-art look. Your tastes and a balanced painting skills, affiliated with a dose of imagination and creativity can lead to excellent looking furniture. Repainting makes any old material to have a breath of new life.  The type of paint and preparation you need to do relies on the Upcycling Furniture you are going to paint.

4. Spice it up with Stenciling

It is an art of creating designs by painting ink over holes that are formed in cardboard or metal onto the material to embellish. Stenciling is a satisfying job where your creativity and imagination dwells.

It adds a beautiful element to your painted material that allows you to have a tremendous effect on the whole furniture. The old furniture is transformed into a unique item when paint effects are personalized, and it adds a great charm to your Upcycling Furniture.

Stenciling is a way for you to add your personal touch and to get creative. When your stenciling goes wrong, you can always paint it over again so don’t take it as a bad scenario. Just put your stamp of artistry into it.

5. Replacing Some Parts of the Furniture

Replacing some parts of the furniture like wardrobe knobs, door, etc., can make a big difference to the appearance of the furniture. You can get creative in choosing anything fancy that catches your attention. From the drawer locks, slides, hinges, and other furniture hardware that can make your piece exclusive and unique.


Upcycling is not only for furniture, you can also upscale household items and make it more appealing. Try doing a macrame cotton rope wall project, all you need is the right macrame rope, time, and some effort in adding a new masterpiece to your home. Upcycling furniture is an excellent choice for making your old furniture look new. It allows you to save money and refrain you from spending a fortune on buying new items. There are many ways of revamping your Upcycling Furniture, some can take a long time to refurbish, but it will be rewarding when you achieve a great look for your seasoned Upcycling Furniture.

In this article, there are five practical tips on upcycling furniture. First is to select the material you want, then inspect if there are any damages. After, you can proceed in painting, and add some designs using stenciling. Then replace some of the materials of the furniture to improve its look and appearance.

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