Why Your Restaurant Needs a Mobile App

Why Your Restaurant Needs a Mobile App

Mobile apps are enhancing customer experience and saving time and money for many industries. Restaurants, bars, and cafes are now making the most of how easy it is to create your own mobile app for your business. Running a restaurant is always difficult. If you own a restaurant, you might be wondering how a mobile app could benefit your business.

Here’s 5 Reasons, why your Restaurant Needs a Mobile App

1. Easy in-app Ordering

One of the best parts of having a mobile app for your restaurant is it allows customers to order food and drinks in the app. This means that orders can be taken, processed, delivered to the kitchen, and you can accept online payments all in one app.

Mobile ordering is convenient for customers who don’t want to wait around for employees to answer the phone or for serving staff to take their order or give them their bill in the restaurant. It also reduces the chance of human error, since customers are entering and confirming orders themselves.

2. Personalized Experience for Customers

Mobile apps for restaurants offer all sorts of ways you can personalize your customer user experience. Customers can make reservations, save their favourite items on the menu, customize their orders, and even receive personalized offers such as local promotions or a birthday freebie via the app.

In addition to this, your restaurant’s mobile app could be linked to social media – meaning that customers can share pictures of their food and experience online and easily tag you.

3. Encourage Spending with an in-app Loyalty Program

Loyalty programs are a great way to earn customer loyalty and encourage them to spend more at your restaurant. One report found that 36% of customers would spend more on food if a restaurant they frequented offered a loyalty program. Loyalty programs can be a pain to manage, but with a restaurant app your customers could earn rewards and track their benefits in the same app they order food through.

4. Saves you Time and Money

There are benefits of having a mobile app in your restaurant for you too. In-app ordering makes orders quicker and easier, so there is less pressure on waiting staff to take orders. You may not even need as many waiting staff if you have a great mobile app that handles all orders – saving you money. Likewise, if customers can order takeaway food via an app rather than calling, your servers can spend less time on the phone and more time dealing with diners.

5. Everything your Customers Need in One Place

We’ve outlined some of the things you can do with a restaurant mobile app, but here is a run-down of some of the many things your customers can do with a mobile app:

  • Order and pay for food – both dine-in and takeaway
  • Make reservations and pay via online mobile payment
  • Check restaurant information like contact details or opening times
  • Customize orders and favourite items
  • Take part in a loyalty or referral program
  • Share their photos and experience on social media and review websites
  • Check menu details such as ingredients and allergens

Mobile apps for restaurants, bars, and cafes offer an exciting future for customer experience and dining. Mobile apps offer a streamlined way for customers to order food, but their features go beyond this. From loyalty programs to social media sharing, a mobile app for your restaurant could transform the way customers enjoy your food.

Summing Up

Transforming digitally has become necessity of the hour. Even if you are a smaller restaurant owner, you can scale your business and turnover by having a mobile app for your restaurant. To connect with the customers and compete with growing competition, it will surely help you. Creating a live app can also give a boost to your business.

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