5 Digital Marketing Hacks Medical Spa Owners Swear By for Success

5 Tips- digital marketing for medical spas

5 Tips for Digital Marketing for Medical Spas

This post-pandemic period might be the best time for a medical spa to attract customers. Why? Because everyone is stressed, tense, and bored of staying home. But as a med-spa owner, you can’t just rely on traditional marketing methods to get new clients. 

You have to move a step beyond and towards digital marketing. This extremely popular and fast-growing marketing method has become one of the best ways to reach new clients and interact with existing ones. But even though digital marketing is nothing new, many spa owners continue to struggle with it. They don’t know where to start or how it works. And if the same is true for you, read the top 5 hacks below to understand how you can excel at digital marketing for medical spas. 

5 Tips to Excel at Digital Marketing for Medical Spas

1. Define your target audience

To increase your client base and ensure that people show interest exclusively in your medical spa, you must know your audience first. Blindly advertising might do the job, but careful targeting of the audience will lead to a better response using Digital Marketing for Medical Spas.

For example, let’s say that according to your stats, your client base has a majority of people lying in the age group of 30-40. Then, you must tailor your campaigns to people of that particular age group. 

Similarly, focus on your audience’s demographic too. Careful advertising to draw the interest of your target client base is extremely important, regardless of the services you offer.

2. Engage with your community

An average person looking for a service online almost always goes through the reviews that google provides. In fact, in 2016, 90% of people read at least one review before choosing a vendor or service

So, you must have positive customer feedback with good reviews. One of the best ways to do this is by the screening process. After a client visit, take feedback from them immediately. If the feedback is positive, give them an option to post a review. If the feedback is negative, you may directly contact the client to assist them and improve your service using Digital Marketing for Medical Spas. 

By doing this, you provide a sense of importance to the client by considering their suggestions. And either way, you will have genuine clients speaking for you online – something that will always attract new leads.

3. An effective and creative website

If you are new to online advertising, one of the first steps in creating a smoothly functioning website. It’s also crucial that your website’s backend and frontend are well taken care of. Your website should be compatible as well with mobile devices as it is with desktops. Since 2017, mobile web traffic has been responsible for half of all global web traffic. So don’t ignore the tablet/mobile competency of your website. 

People are more likely to stay on an easily navigable website with eye-catching graphics and images. Use more pictures and videos and less text for the website. As a spa, you won’t have trouble clicking original, aesthetic images for your website using Digital Marketing for Medical Spas. You can jazz them up by adding quirky taglines.

Along with a creative website, ensure that the ads that will lead to the website are equally innovative and catchy for people to click on. Engagement of ads is also critical. PracticeBloom specializes in medical spa marketing and can help you design perfect and original ads leading to your landing page. So contacting them is a good idea if you’re just starting.

4. Provide gift cards and incentives on referring friends

As much as people like a rejuvenating experience, they’re constantly looking for some profit along the way. Giving them some incentives and concessions is an excellent idea to increase your spa’s popularity using Digital Marketing for Medical Spas. Handing out online gift vouchers or discount coupons is sure to tempt them to visit your med spa more often. Moreover, it’s a great way of advertising. 

Another fantastic way to increase your client base is by providing incentives for referring friends. This would also lead to free-of-cost advertising along with more customers using Digital Marketing for Medical Spas. 

You may provide complementary services to clients who advertise you on their social media pages. Providing cool merchandise to your clients as a bonus is also a good option.

5. Choose the right social media platforms for marketing

While social media, in general, can mean a lot of things, most of the audience is concentrated on famous platforms like Instagram (500 million active users), Facebook (1.84 billion daily users), and Twitter (330 million users monthly).  

All these platforms are excellent for med spa marketing because they let you post pictures and videos too. And for a spa, these speak more than words. But to ensure success on them, you must be active and aware of using Digital Marketing for Medical Spas.

Social media marketing is very dynamic. So you have to be trendy and unique to be noticeable. If you aren’t good at it yourself, hiring an expert social media marketer might be a good idea. 

Wrapping Up

These were the top 5 digital marketing for medical spas that will be most effective for lifting your client count to new heights. Do remember, along with seeking new clients, you must also focus on retaining the old ones. Thus, along with good advertising, excellent services are mandatory for a business to reap maximum benefits.

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