5 Tips How To Attract And Hire The Best Employees

5 Tips How To Attract And Hire The Best Employees

The people you bring into your business are as important as the customers that provide your revenue. The Best Employees keep the business alive. They keep it thriving and they’re directly responsible for the company growth that’s made over the years of it’s existence.

However, not every business gets their recruitment process right and they end up hiring staff that aren’t always the best fit.

Five Tips to Hire and Attract the Best Employees:

Is there a secret formula to attract and hire the best employees for your business? Every potential candidate is different to the next. It’s all about who you’re looking for and what you can provide as a business, to appeal to those top candidates.

1.  Know Exactly What you Want Before you Start Advertising:

Getting the job description right is crucial. If you’re not advertising the role properly, then you may end up attracting the wrong candidates or missing the top talent completely.

Everything from the wording of the description to how detailed it is, is essential to drumming up interest. With that being said, it’s good to know what you require from the role and what might be missing from any of  your job descriptions. It’s important to be specific and to avoid merging multiple roles into one job.

It’s worth taking a look at similar job descriptions that are available online currently so that you have something to refer to. Make sure you’re working with the HR department to get it out to the right platforms that those top talent candidates are going to be looking at.

By getting your job descriptions right, you’re saving yourself the hassle of having to potentially repeat the process. With the average vacancy costing the average company $500 a day, making mistakes in the recruitment process can cost your business a lot.

2.  Perfect Your Recruitment Process

Getting the recruitment process right is important so that you’re not putting off candidates with half a dozen interview stages or not doing enough to test the ability of those going for the job itself.

With that in mind, work out how many interview stages you need and what’s conducted during these interviews. For example, you may do some pre-interview tests such as hiring test for react developers to checking references on the resume.

The questions you ask are also important to the interview process. What information do you need from the candidate? Center your questions around the knowledge you need and don’t forget to include some personal questions to understand their personality and the life they have outside of work.

The more questions you ask initially, the fewer rounds of interview that will be needed. It’s worthwhile having a notepad to make notes.That way, you can refer back to each candidate without forgetting any important details. It will also give you the information needed to mull over when making your decision.

3. Offer Enticing Benefits and Career Progression:

Not everyone is after career progression when stepping into a role, but you’re not going to know that unless you ask. Every business has a different set of benefits and a degree of opportunity for career progression, that can make the role more appealing.

A benefits package is certainly more sought after than most would assume too. According to Willis Towers Watson, 75% of employees reported that they’d more likely stay with their employer because of the benefits program. A 401k benefit is one of the most sought-after benefits.

During a recruitment process, it’s always useful to look at your current benefits and updating them where possible. Alaya’s donation matching and benefit options are worth looking into if you want to enhance your packages and offer more.

You may also want to ask your candidates what they’re looking for when it comes to career progression. They may be looking for a career path that you can only do so much for or on the flip side, they may be comfortable with the position they’re in for the long-term.

4. Work on Your Company’s Reputation Online and Offline

In a social media heavy world, reputation is more important than ever before. With that being said, it’s useful to buildup your company’s reputation online and offline. A candidate has a decision to make on the jobs they’re applying for too. If you’re not a good fit for them based on company culture or reputation, then they’ll likely look elsewhere.

Invest time and effort in building the reputation of your business. You may wish to boost your presence in the local community whilst also growing your following on social media platforms.

By showing the world how great your company is, you’ll likely have more candidates applying simply on the popularity of your business. Of course, you want to ensure they’re a good fit for the culture and dynamic of the company too.

5. Improve the Process by Asking for Feedback

Not everyone is keen on receiving feedback when it comes to their recrutiment process. However small or major the critques are, it can help towards improving the recruitment you conduct in the future. Candidates will also benefit from receiving any feedback that you have when they’ve not been successful.

It’s difficult for some businesses to provide this as it does require a lot of admin but it can be helpful regardless. A feedback form sent to the candidates at the end of the recruitment drive can be useful data for the business to have, especially when the best employees end up leaving.

SurveyMonkey is a good tool to utilize for this because it helps you create quick and easy forms for distribution over email or online through a link.

The Benefits of Hiring the Best Employees for Your Business

There are many benefits to spending more time and effort when recruiting new hires to your business. With top candidates only staying available for just 10 days before getting hired, you have to be fast in order to secure them.

1. You Reduce Costs of the Hiring Process

The cost of hiring is an expensive one. From the resources needed to create the job listing and to conduct the interviews. There’s often a lot spent on the marketing and advertising necessary to get the job posts out there too. This may be needed with businesses that don’t have as much of a reputation as others.

Reducing the cost of a hiring process can help save money for those businesses that may be limited in what they can afford. That money saved can then help with future recruitments and to reward the best employees where and when necessary.

2. Improves Employee Retention

Retaining the best employees can often be a lot more difficult than first thought. Not everyone remains loyal to a company for years and years in this day and age. There are expectations and a need for progression that many businesses won’t be able to provide for some recruits.

When you select the top talent, it means you’re more likely to provide them with everything the need for job satisfaction. As you’ll want your employees to remain in the role for as long as possible, you’ll be willing to do more for them too.

Picking poorly will only lead to staff that aren’t loyal to the company or want to stick around for more than a couple of years. so it is important to pay attention to the way you select and analyze potential employees, and to the onboarding process, where in cases you don’t have the needed time to use the help of PEO companies in the UK, Canada, India, or other places of your interest.

3. Maximizes Productivity

When recruiting, you have to pull out certain employees from their day to day workload in order to draft up interview questions or sift through hundreds of resumes to whittle them down to a dozen or so applicants.

By focusing more on the recruitment process, you’ll likely find the right person for the job the first time around. Just because you’ve conducted interviews, doesn’t always mean the candidate you’re after is in that pool of applicants.You may end up going back to the drawing board and starting again.

4. Helps Save Time on Training and Onboarding

By picking the best canditate for the job, you’ll spend a lot less time having to train or onboard the individual. Combined with an improved employee retention, it also means less time is spent on training. As a result, you existing employees don’t need to sacrifcice their own working schedules and the new hire can simply get on with the job at hand.

Preparation and Detail is Key for Attracting the Best Employees

When you prepare the recruitment process with detail and attention, you’re going to stand the best chance of attracting the best employees. It’s effort that’s noticeable to candidates when they apply and when they find themselves in the interview itself.

Look at what you’re missing and do everything possible to make each recruitment process better than the last.

Author Bio: Natalie Redman (LinkedIn)

Freelance writer for many clients across multiple industries. Natalie has two years of copywriting experience. Natalie has a wide range of experience copywriting for web pages for businesses across many industries. She’s also an owner of two blog websites and a Youtube content creator.

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