50 Most Interesting Facts about Nike You Have Never Heard off 

50 Most Interesting Facts about Nike | The Enterprise World


Nike was established on 25 January 1964, making it one of the oldest apparel brands in the industry. The controversies and facts about Nike are not less than the number of products it has launched in the market. 

There are a lot of facts about Nike that still have the power to blow your mind. If you are the biggest Nike fan, these facts will act like your daily dose of Caffeine. 

Here are some unheard interesting Facts about Nike that will surprise you:

  • The Swoosh logo runs all over the sports industry. It was designed by Carolyn Davidson. She is a graphic design student at Portland University. 
  • The first Onitsuka Tiger Athletic shoes were imported to the US by Nike. 
  • Nike established itself as Blue Ribbon, which struck a deal with a Japanese trader, Tiger Shoes Inc. 
  • The swoosh logo acts as a symbol of speed and motion, two essential qualities for any athlete. 
  • Nike was a result of an experiment based on the thesis of a college paper. This paper was written by Phil Knight, emphasizing the need to shift the production of shoes from Germany to Japan. 
  • One interesting fact about Nike is that Phil Knight started selling Japanese imported shoes from his car. 
  • Blue Ribbon and Tiger shoe company officially split in 1971, after which the company rebranded itself as Nike. 
  • Nike has competed with Adidas and Pumas since its first day.    
  • Phil Knight had almost named the company ‘Dimension 6.’ The name Nike was suggested by Jeff Johnson after hearing about the Greek goddess of victory in his dream
  • Davis received only 35$ to design the logo of Nike. 

The history of Nike is full of interesting facts and captivating stories.

Here are a few entertaining historical facts about Nike for all the radical fans out there: 

50 Most Interesting Facts about Nike | The Enterprise World
  • Carolyn Davis was inspired to draw the swoosh from the Adidas logo. 
  • Davis was given shares in the company and a golden ring for their contribution to the logo. 
  • Davidson transformed the angles of the Adidas logo into a bold, thick, and continuous emblem as a tribute to the spirit of perseverance in overcoming insurmountable obstacles.
  • Most of the Nike products are named after popular sports franchises. For instance, the product, Columbia Blue, was inspired by the intercollegiate basketball team Columbia Lions, who will forever remain popular for their blue lion logo. 
  • The LeBron shoes were an acknowledging statement made by the company’s designer, Jason Petrie, to appreciate LeBron James’ first MVP campaign. 
  • Phil Knight was not only one of the founders of this shoe brand. He was also the first user of the Nike Shoes. 
  • Nike Mag, known for its appearance in the Back to the Future- II, is not the replica of the shoe from the film. The shoe lacks power laces, a prominent feature of the shoe.
  • Nike has collaborated with multiple sports stars. Ken Griffey Jr. is considered such a golden feather in Nike’s hat.
  • The Nike Air Griffy 1 is the result of the collaborative efforts taken by Ken Griffey and Terry Teague. 
  • The Jordan 13, popular for its on-field performance, was used by Michael Jordan in 1997-98. This is the shoe that propelled MJ through his sixth and final championship during the 1997-’98 season.
  • All the fans know the facts about Nike Mag used by Michael J. Fox’s time-traveling character in the movie ‘Back to the Future- II.’ But only a few fans know that the shoes were redesigned and relaunched by Tinker Hatfield and Tiffany Beers. 

Nike has produced some amazing designs for athletes.

Here are a few facts about Nike shoe designs: 

50 Most Interesting Facts about Nike | The Enterprise World
  • Nike AirTrainer 1, Nike’s first cross-training shoes gained the appreciation of numerous personalities like Bo Jackson and Deion Sanders. 
  • Nike Mag was the first rechargeable pair of shoes designed by Nike. 
  • Otis Devis to date claims that Bill Bowerman designed his first shoes for Davis. 
  • The term Nike caused numerous feuds between the fans. The ‘Nike vs Nykee’ war was halted by the chairman Philip Knight who confirmed the official pronoun in the year 2014. 
  • The trademark of the Nike company— ‘Just do it’ — was inspired by the American serial killer Gary Gilmore’s last words- ‘Let’s do it.’ 
  • Nike hired an advertising agency and then got the idea for their new slogan from Gary’s final words. 
  •  Bowerman came up with the idea of Waffle shoes by pouring rubber on his wife’s waffle iron. 
  • The waffle shoes were known for having grooves on their soles. 
  • The moon shoe was released in 1972. This was the first time that Nike included its logo in its shoes. 

Nike has signed numerous collaborations in the past few years.

Here are a few facts about Nike collabs: 

50 Most Interesting Facts about Nike | The Enterprise World
  •  Nike launched the Blazer basketball show in the year 1973 which gained them popularity amongst the fans. The shoe was worn by George Gervin who was also known as the ‘iceman.’ 
  •  The Air Jordan one was initially produced exclusively for Michael Jordan. This contained the ‘Jumpman’ logo for the first time. 
  • The first Nike store was established in Downtown Portland, Oregon. 
  • One of the least-known facts about Nike is that its most expensive shoes ever sold were a pair of ‘Nike moon shoes.’ This was sold for an astonishing price of $4, 37,500. 
  • By 2023, the total count of the footwear products this brand produced reached 773.
  • Nike has incorporated the works of various artists as well. Dunk Low Pro, SB Paris was one such collection that features the paintings of late French painter Bernard Buffet. This shoe shows how the company has engaged with both art and culture. 
  •  Here’s a fact about Nike for our fashionable fans. Before his untimely passing, Designer Virgil Abloh created an evolutionary sneaker that merged the realms of culture and fashion. He blended the iconic Air Force 1 with Louis Vuitton’s signature style.
  •  The brand launched one of its most controversial shoes- Satan shoes- in collaboration with the American musician Lil Nas X and MSCHF. The shoes are called out for using a drop of human blood, which was claimed to be donated by 6 of the MSCHF employees. 
  • Nike is known for its bold designs and standout-colored sneakers. But the brand has also produced some questionable designs. One such weird design was the Air Max 1 Golf NRG “Grass” which was covered in grass.
  • Nike owns approximately 700 stores around the world. 
  • The company owned more than 50% of the market share after 1980. Nike owns only one subsidiary company- Converse Inc. This is a lifestyle brand that engages in marketing, distributing, and licensing footwear, apparel, and accessories.
  • The 2010s saw a huge boost in the sale of shoes due to the nostalgia for the 90s. Numerous new designs were launched after this. This is a notable fact about Nike, showcasing its ability to adapt to changing consumer preferences while maintaining its brand heritage.
  •  In 1987, the footwear company used the song “Revolution” for an ad featuring their Nike Air Max 1 sneaker. The Beatles sued them for $15 million, stating that they don’t endorse sneakers or pantyhose. After negotiations, Nike protested and kept airing the commercial until the campaign ended in 1988.
  • The brand is also known for its innovative and unique commercials. The popularity of the commercials has also bagged Nike two Grammy awards, one in 2000 and the other in 2002. 
  • Nike designed customized bat boots worn by Michael Keaton in a Batman movie. These shoes were also put up for auction and were expected to be sold for $30,000
  • Before the shoes became popular among athletes, tennis player IIlie Nastase was the first professional athlete to endorse Nike. He signed a contract with them in 1972.
  • Nike has launched a ‘Reuse-a-shoe’ drive. This program recycled materials from sneakers to create surfaces for playgrounds, tracks, and gym floors. 
  • The shoes brand possesses a patent for a shoe containing an embedded communication device, marking it as one of the pioneering brands of a sportswear and apparel company embracing smart clothing technology globally.
  • Over the years, the company has contributed substantial financial support to aid in the renovation and upkeep of track and field facilities at the University of Oregon.
  •  With over 60% of the market share, Nike rules over the shoe and sneaker industry. 

All of us love wearing Nike. The brand has launched 1000s of products in the market. The company not only produces shoes, but it is the symbol of our personality. Nike is a global brand with a legacy of success. These noteworthy facts about Nike highlight its efforts to build a sustainable brand. It has established business practices, leaving a positive impact on the market beyond its products.

Nike has been a part of the footwear industry for over 60 successful years now. These interesting facts about Nike have blown our minds. How many of the facts did you find interesting?

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