6 Benefits Of Buying Reconditioned Circuit Breakers

6 Benefits Of Buying Circuit Breakers

If you’ve ever purchased an electronic device, it comes with a warranty. You might not have read it, but it’s there to give the buyer peace of mind. And while most warranties won’t cover a product that fails because of improper use or accidents, they’ll cover problems caused by manufacturing defects.

Reconditioned circuit breakers are no different. They’re circuit breakers refurbished after an outage and brought back up to working condition by the original manufacturer or an authorized dealer or reseller. Either way, you’re covered by a warranty, so buying reconditioned doesn’t mean taking on more risk; it means buying a quality product at a lower price point, which is always good business.

Hard-to-find reconditioned circuit breakers, such as Westinghouse circuit breakers, command many benefits. Below are five benefits of buying such products.

1. Reduced Cost

It’s no secret that equipment can get expensive, especially when starting a business from scratch. It would be best if you had all the little pieces for your operation to function, and sometimes it’s difficult to know what you can cut corners on and what you absolutely can’t sacrifice.

One way to save money is buying reconditioned products than new ones that are often offered at a fraction of the cost. It is particularly true in the circuit breaker market, where it may be difficult to discern between new and used parts at first glance. When you can find a usable circuit breaker that’s still in excellent working condition, you can go for it to save money. As long as it can serve you well, it should be a good buy.

2. Warranty Check

Reconditioned breakers are inspected before sale, so buying them comes with the same warranty you’d find on their brand-new counterparts. They even come in boxes that look just like those for any other product. You might not know if your breaker is pre-owned or not unless someone tells you; this makes it easy for companies selling pre-owned breakers to pass off their products as brand new. Their only obligation is to inform customers whether or not a part has been reconditioned and offer more warranty periods.

3. Improved Electrical System

As a company owner, you may be looking for inexpensive ways to upgrade your electrical system. Reconditioned circuit breakers are an excellent option if you want to make changes and save money.

Adopting this technology allows you to implement upgrades into your workplace gradually. After all, it’s likely that you will want to phase in new circuit breakers over time as your business grows.

4. Easy To Maintain

Reconditioned circuit breakers are straightforward to maintain, and they can be done in your own home. Sometimes, maintaining circuit breakers is the difference between a safe home and an unsafe one. It’s essential to know how to safely keep your circuit breaker in tiptop condition so that you don’t run into any issues with the appliance.

To replace your circuit breaker, you must first turn off the power supply. Then remove the cover panel of your box by removing all of the screws holding it on. Then, remove your old circuit breaker and replace it with a new one. Your new unit will have wiring directions attached to it for easy implementation.

5. Reliability 

When you buy a new one, it’s always nice knowing that nothing is wrong with the product. It’s more expensive, but at least you know what you’re getting. The same can be said for reconditioned circuit breakers. They are often just as reliable as their new counterparts. 

How is this possible? Reconditioned circuit breakers go through a similar process as new ones—and in many cases, the process is even more thorough. They are disassembled and tested to ensure that they work well. All of their parts are inspected for wear and tear; any worn parts are replaced with modern replacements, and then they are re-tested to make sure everything works together without fail.  

Any problems will be identified during testing, repaired, or replaced before the breaker is shipped to its customer. It results in a long-lasting circuit breaker that performs on par with the brand new from the factory floor.

6. Faster Shipping

One of the benefits of buying a reconditioned circuit breaker instead of a new product is that you often get faster shipping with your purchase.  

New circuit breakers can take a long time to ship because they’re made on-demand, which means that it could take weeks for your project to be completed and for you to be able to move on with your work. If you need something done quickly, these delays can be inconvenient.  

A reconditioned circuit breaker offers faster shipping times and will allow you to get the job done sooner than if you waited for the new product.


When you buy reconditioned circuit breakers, you get an incredible deal on a great product. You’ll get refurbished breakers that work like new without spending the total price for brand-new equipment. Also, you’ll help save the planet at the same time. With so many benefits to buying used circuit breakers, there’s no reason not to do it.

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