How Industrial Compactors Improve Business Sustainability!

How Industrial Compactors Improve Business Sustainability

Business owners probably know that every industry produces waste. Whether it’s cardboard boxes, Styrofoam, or old food items, you have to eliminate your waste to make room for new products.

Industrial compactors help you manage the waste your business produces by reducing the size of your trash. It becomes easier to store or dispose of your waste when you do that.

What Are Industrial Compactors?

Industrial compactors are machines that reduce the size of your waste, usually by 75 percent. These machines can either crush or shred materials before storing them in a container for storage or disposal. This process is known as block-buster because it reduces the volume of material entering your bin to just 2–4 blocks per cubic yard.

Industrial compactors come in various shapes, sizes, and prices, depending on the volume of material you need to process. Many companies nowadays offer top-quality trash compactors, balers, recycling products, and even services such as industrial compactor repair and maintenance, so it won’t be challenging to find one that meets your industry requirements.

What Are Its Benefits?

Since its introduction in the 1940s, business owners have been using industrial compactors to increase productivity. Aside from that, they’re popular for their contribution to the sustainability of businesses in the present times.

Here are the ways industrial compactors improve your business sustainability:

1. Increase Workplace Productivity

The most obvious way industrial compactors increase business productivity is by allowing workers to make more room for new products or items. Less clutter on the ground makes it easier for employees to move throughout the workspace and complete their tasks with ease. Industrial compactors also reduce the need for carts and dollies, which reduces your business travel time.

Previously, many businesses have had to throw away recyclable materials because it was cheaper than paying for the extra space. Companies can conveniently recycle these materials and improve their environmental impact with industrial compactors.

2. Reduces Waste Transportation Time and Costs

Industrial compactors minimize the number of trucks you need to use, significantly reducing your trash volume making it more manageable. It also helps reduce the transportation time and costs or even the need to export the trash.

Reducing the volume of your waste also improves its portability and efficiency. That makes it easier for your trash removal services to transport waste from your business. It also significantly impacts the environment since it can cut back on your carbon footprint and other harmful emissions.

3. Makes Trash Handling Easier

With industrial compactors, businesses don’t have to worry about their trash compaction levels when moving their waste to a landfill. For instance, many cities and states don’t allow companies to dump more than two blocks per cubic yard of space in their landfill.

As long as your trash meets this limit, you won’t have to think twice about the weight or size of your waste before transporting it to the landfill.

Industrial compactors also make it easier to transport your waste because you don’t need to worry about volume or weight. After using an industrial compactor, your trash’s convenient size and shape make it easier to ship using a transportation service.

4. Increases Safety Standards and Reduces Business Insurance Rates

Industrial compactors make it more convenient for businesses to collect, transport, and dispose of their trash. They reduce the risk of a costly injury or accident because they also reduce the possibility of employees tripping on materials and the risk of an accident involving sharp objects or chemicals by ensuring these materials are all consolidated in one place instead of scattered on the floor.

Businesses can also use industrial compactors to consolidate small collections into larger containers. It reduces the number of containers and trash bags you need to use and dispose of and ultimately makes it easier for your waste removal services.

Industrial compactors also make it easier for your business to implement safety standards set by Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) or National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). Industrial compactors are EN Certified, which means they meet all requirements listed in the European Norms.

5. Improves Quality of Air and Decreases Greenhouse Gas Emissions

It ensures that your business uses the best equipment on the market to improve air quality and lower greenhouse gas emissions. Industrial compactors use minimal power to run their compressors and only produce the amount of compression needed for your trash, which means no extra energy output can affect the air quality.

Industrial compactors also improve air quality by ensuring that all of your chemicals and dangerous materials are consolidated in one location. It means you waste less space and energy on your workspace’s air ventilation system.

Many industrial compactors also meet the requirements listed in California Air Resources Board (CARB) Phase 2, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by around 10%. These compactors are specially designed to meet California’s specific environmental limits so businesses can reduce their impact on air quality even more.

6. Reduces Noise Pollution

Industrial compactors help reduce noise pollution by only compressing the materials that need to be consolidated and allowing you to work in a quiet workspace. It means your employees can focus on their work without being disrupted by an overly noisy workspace.

In addition, many industrial compactors have been designed with advanced soundproofing technology, so they only produce the amount of compression needed for your trash. It means they don’t create any extra noise that disturbs you, your employees, or your neighbors.

What’s Business Sustainability?

Business sustainability refers to the idea that businesses need to consider everything from environmental issues social equity to financial viability, making sure that every business decision they make doesn’t have a negative impact.

Why Is Business Sustainability Important?

Every business needs to be sustainable, or it won’t last long. People will stop buying your products if they cause harm to the environment, like with your waste disposal methods or if they find out that your employees weren’t treated well.

Using industrial compactors helps you prioritize sustainability in three key ways:

  • maintaining a healthy environment
  • supporting social equity
  • protecting financial viability

How Do Industrial Compactors Help Improve The Environment?

When it comes to environmental impacts, businesses need to focus on two things: emissions and waste production. Choosing a sustainable waste management option is essential for both.

To manage your carbon footprint, you need to reduce the amount of trash you produce. When you compact your trash at a plant before taking it away, you’re able to store more in a smaller area. It also reduces the number of garbage trucks coming and going from your facility.

Compacting your waste also reduces emissions from transportation. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) mentioned that about 3.9 billion tons of carbon dioxide were emitted in America due to transportation activities like garbage disposal.

Reducing the size of your trash and storing it for pickup helps reduce emissions in three ways: by decreasing the number of garbage trucks that have to drive to your facility, by reducing the number of times your trash is taken from a landfill, and by reducing the space required for all that waste.

How Do Industrial Compactors Improve Social Equity?

Socially responsible businesses also need to consider social equity in the communities they do business with. Luckily, industrial compactors can help you with that, too.

The environment isn’t the only one that needs to be maintained. If your company uses industrial compactors, you help keep your employees and other individuals safe from pollution. Reducing the trash volume by reducing its size helps in decreasing the number of trucks and people going through your building. These trucks emit harmful gases and produce noises which has a negative effect not only on the environment but also on people.

As a responsible business owner, you ensure that your business is sustainable, just like any other business owner. However, you also want to prioritize that the environment around your business is healthy and safe.

When it comes to making sure your company is sustainable for years to come and that employees, neighbors, and society as a whole benefit from your success, industrial compactors can help.

How Do Industrial Compactors Protect Financial Viability?

Finally, industrial compactors help keep your business financially viable by saving you money on waste disposal.

When you reduce the size of your waste before taking it away via industrial compaction, trash takes up less space at the landfill before it’s buried. Since you’re paying for the full volume of your waste, that means you’re spending less on transportation and disposal fees.

These compactors are designed to take more trash in a shorter amount of time, which can help you even further if you have a large amount of waste on-site every day.


Industrial compactors are explicitly designed to increase the efficiency of your trash compaction process, decrease emissions, and reduce expenses. These three key areas can play a significant role in helping your business remain financially viable today while protecting the environment and individuals for years to come. Considering the things above also helps in improving your business sustainability.

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