6 Ways To Encourage Productivity At The Workplace

6 Ways Encourage Workplace Productivity

Besides your customers and equipment, another important asset of your business that would help you succeed is your employees. it depends on the workplace productivity. It’s your employees who give their heart and soul to your company’s operation. They’re the ones responsible for providing goods and services to your clients. Their efforts and hard work are also essential in order to boost your business’ profits and increase your brand’s value and reputation.

However, the only way you can make the most out of your employees is by keeping them happy, motivated, and productive. The more productive your workforce would be, the more chances your business would grow, develop, and profit. That’s why it’s essential to know how to handle your workforce and ensure you keep them motivated and satisfied. 

For your Guidance, here are six ways you can Encourage Workplace Productivity and keep your Workforce Happy and Thriving:

1. Provide Regular Reviews

One of the most effective motivators that could boost your employees’ workplace productivity is regularly providing reviews. Employees appreciate it when they’re constantly provided positive feedback as it gives them the feeling of being recognized. The more you keep commending your employees, the more motivated they’d become and the more encouraged they’d be to keep working and increase their workplace productivity.

So consider putting up a performance review system in your workforce. You can use 360 degree feedback to gather reviews from your employees’ supervisors, subordinates, and colleagues. This would allow you to provide constructive criticism and suggestions, which can help them improve. Moreover, if you see they’ve done a great job, you can provide rewards or personal incentives to give them a sense of accomplishment and boost their self-confidence in the workplace. 

2. Delegate Tasks

Delegating more tasks to your employees can be a great way to boost their job satisfaction and morale. Giving them more tasks would allow them to acquire more skills and leadership and give them a sense of direction and achievement in their personal careers. However, before delegating more tasks, make sure to check their records and see if these are suitable for their capabilities. 

3. Be Open To Changes

It’s a good idea to observe how your business is operating from time to time. See if you can change how you assign your employees’ tasks or how much staffing you need per shift. Sometimes, adding or reducing the number of staff without considering your company’s current operation can do harm. You can talk to your employees and encourage them to open up and raise suggestions on how you can change your business for the better. Doing this regularly would inspire your employees to work more efficiently and productively.

4. Provide Proper Tools and Equipment

Giving your employees the proper tools and equipment to complete their tasks is essential to increasing their workplace productivity. For instance, if you give them defective printers and computers, they may have to wait extra minutes or hours just to get their paperwork printed, which is truly a waste of time. So it’s best to invest in high-quality tools and modern equipment for your employees. Doing so wouldn’t only boost their workplace productivity, but it’d also positively affect how your clients perceive your company.

5. Get Rid Of Distractions

Distraction is one of the biggest hindrances to your employees’ workplace productivity. The common workplace distractions may include unnecessary office noise, smartphone usage, meetings, and social media use. To address this, try to look around your workplace and see which distraction affects most of your employees. Provide a private and productive space with a conference training table to foster confidentiality and concentration during important discussions and collaborative sessions.

If it’s chatty workers, ensure office doors are closed all the time and open them only when there’s a need to do transactions. But suppose it’s uncontrollable mobile usage, in which case you can issue a no-phone policy during work hours. However, give your employees a breathing room by allowing them to use their phones during breaks or when there are personal emergencies. The fewer distractions there are in the workplace, the more productive your employees would be.

6. Improve Your Workplace Environment

Aside from distractions, your workplace environment can also make or break your people’s workplace productivity. For instance, if the office is too cold or hot, it may force them to frequently stand up and walk around to get a cup of hot drink to relieve the cold or refill water to ease the heat. 

You can improve your workplace environment by providing an efficient heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system. However, you need your HVAC System or Thermostats for HVAC checked regularly to ensure it keeps the workplace at a comfortable temperature every day, regardless of the season. 


Workplace Productivity in the isn’t only about hiring the right employees. It’s also about how you inspire them to stay motivated and provide a pleasing working environment for them. So consider trying out the tips mentioned above if you want to enjoy the benefits of having a productive workforce in your workplace.

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