8 Advantages of Scalable Lockers For Business

8 Advantages of Scalable Lockers For Business

A scalable lockers is an electronic storage system that is flexible and has smart keyless access to storage space, also known as a ProLock. The locker can be used to store high-value business assets, both inbound or outbound mail, as well as personal belongings. 

The locker enables you to better manage the distribution of consumable items and valuable assets like hand and power tools. With this technology, you can combine different locker sizes to make room for larger items.

The ProLock access-controlled lockers are smart technology-driven. They are also integrated with cloud-based software, which can provide real-time data. If you’re considering installing scalable lockers for your business, here are some reasons that might convince you.

1. Maintaining Good Functionality of Equipment

The smart technology allows the workers to record the status of an asset (i.e. whether it requires any replacement, repair, or charging) at the time it is brought in for storage. In case there is anything that should be done to the asset before storing it, the workers will be notified through easy push notifications. This in turn enables technicians to plan for repairs depending on the report of the problem they receive.

2. Giving More Appropriate Information On The Use Of Devices

The smart system the scalable lockers are based on has surveillance features. These features can enable you to generate reports on who, when, where, and how an asset is being used. This enables you to monitor the use of the assets. Through the reports, you can also identify problems within the business before they could pause or halt operations.

3. Efficiency

The smart system enables you to manage work better. With its features, you can lessen the time spent locating items or assets and getting the work done. In other words, the smart system does away with the issue of misplacement of assets. You won’t need to spend a long time locating items. Thus, you can perform a given task on time. This can make workers more productive, hence improving your business’ performance.

4. Ability To Work During Emergencies

Scalable lockers are fitted with backup batteries. Meaning, people can keep on working even if there are power blackouts or there is disconnection from the network. It is possible to sync data when the network is restored. This will lessen downtime and keep operations semi-functional.

5. Most Appropriate Use Of Assets

Using scalable lockers, it is possible to know which item is in which locker and how long it has been used. This way you can be able to pick the item that has been used more, less, and has not been used at all. Having gathered this information, you can be able to plan on how the assets rotate so that some of them do not take so long without being in use.

6. Improved Accountability By Workers

Being able to check and know which items have been picked from which locker and by which worker, raises accountability of the workers. This way, you are assured that workers will return items and store them as required.

7. Minimized Loss Of Assets

Using scalable lockers enables organizations to maintain cost-effectiveness when they do not have to replace items every now and then because of loss or theft. The lockers are fitted with a tagging and tracking of assets feature which enables managers to know which item has been picked from which specific locker.

Through push notifications, managers can know if an item has not been returned by the time it should have. They can then follow up with the worker who last used the item, find out the reason for the delay, and ask them to put it back.

8. Managing Evidence

Scalable lockers can store quite a chunk of custody work. Because you can access information 24 hours a day, it is possible to track evidence across all the shifts. An organization’s evidence managers watch over the lockers with custody information to ensure that custody forms are collected and are ready for sharing with detectives, and for assigning court dates.


Whether for a small family or a multinational corporation, scalable and or smart lockers are most favorable for all businesses especially in storage and tracking of equipment. Investing in these kinds of lockers will help to sort out the challenges of storage and distribution especially for large companies. Considering that the lockers are flexible, they can handle a company’s or organization’s technological growth. Having seen the advantages, it might be time for companies to shift gears and invest in scalable lockers.

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