826 Valencia Receives Transformational Donation from Yield Giving

826 Valencia Receives Donation from Yield Giving | The Enterprise World

Source – The San Francisco Standard

On Tuesday, 826 Valencia unveiled a groundbreaking development: a $1 million contribution from Yield Giving, a philanthropic initiative spearheaded by MacKenzie Scott, the co-founder of Amazon. For the San Francisco-based nonprofit, renowned for providing free writing programs to underserved youth, this generous donation represents a monumental boost, covering approximately one-sixth of its annual expenditures, as outlined in recent impact report budget figures. Remarkably, 826 Valencia was among 361 organizations selected to benefit from a collective $640 million in grants, a testament to the depth of impact it delivers.

Empowering San Francisco’s Youth Through Writing

Since its inception in 2002 by Nínive Calegari, an educator, and Dave Eggers, an American Book Award-winning author, 826 Valencia has been dedicated to enhancing the writing skills of San Francisco’s youth. Initially established in the Mission District, the nonprofit ingeniously doubled as a pirate supply store to circumvent zoning regulations (the property was zoned for retail). Over the years, 826 Valencia expanded its footprint, establishing branches in the Tenderloin and Mission Bay, the latter located on the ground floor of an affordable housing complex. Catering to students aged 6 to 18, the organization’s volunteer-driven initiatives encompass homework assistance, creative writing workshops, publication opportunities for students, and guidance for San Francisco Unified School District seniors on crafting compelling college essays. Additionally, 826 Valencia collaborates with 12 local schools, dispatching volunteer tutors to offer personalized support to students.

Empowering Youth Voices Through Writing

Within 826 Valencia’s student publications, readers encounter a diverse array of content ranging from Roblox gaming tips by 12-year-old Brandon to thought-provoking pieces such as “How Computers Have Taken Over Our Minds” penned by 11-year-old Aiden. With a robust volunteer base of 935 individuals and nearly 7,000 students supported in the past year alone, the nonprofit’s impact resonates far beyond its immediate community. In a testament to its success, 826 Valencia has expanded its reach to eight additional cities outside the Bay Area, amplifying its mission to empower youth through writing across diverse communities.

Expressing gratitude for the transformative support from Yield Giving, Bita Nazarian, Executive Director of 826 Valencia, emphasized the pivotal role of writing in empowering marginalized youth. Nazarian remarked, “In a society that has historically devalued the voices of young people of color, writing empowers them to tell their own stories, succeed in school and career, and write their futures.” This substantial donation not only validates the importance of 826 Valencia’s mission but also fortifies its capacity to continue nurturing the next generation of writers and changemakers.

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