What Should A Modern Office Look Like In 2023?

What Should A Modern Office Look Like In 2023? | The Enterprise World

Anyone who has worked in the world of business knows that things are always going to change. So long as the average office employee has a place to work, relevant tools, and a means of communication they can get the job done. As you probably know, these tools have changed significantly over the last few years, In fact, all of the tools and a means of communication that employees require can be found on a standard computer- portable or otherwise.

All of this innovation has led to drastic shifts in the workplace, and the new tech that has been adopted is just the tip of the iceberg. There are plenty of other things that modern business should address in the 21st century. As such you are probably asking yourself questions about what a modern office should look like in 2023.

Here are some factors a modern office should look like:

1. Co-Working Spaces

Since computers are the main focus of the modern office, it can be easy for teams to not function as cohesively. Fortunately, there are solutions to get your staff motivated to work as part of a team again.

Most modern offices will use a method known as hot-desking as a means to create co-working spaces. Hot desking requires setting up a few computers around the office that anyone can log in and use. As such, people need to communicate about when they need the computer and what for. This is a more dynamic office plan which sees the workspace divided into individual workstations and the team station.

2. Mixed Furniture

What Should A Modern Office Look Like In 2023? | The Enterprise World

There was a time when an office break room would consist of a few plastic chairs and a table. While this type of environment was useful for providing employees with a place to gather and eat, it wasn’t the most inviting.

Studies have shown that staff work more efficiently if they feel valued. As a result, many modern offices have looked to transform their break rooms in a way that reflects this. That means you are far more likely to see comfy furniture like sofas and chairs in a modern office break room. These are used to promote discussion while also providing your staff with a place to truly relax.

3. Eco-Friendly Plants

On a similar note, you may also encounter a lot of plant life in the main workspace and break room of a modern office. That is because recent research has revealed that a lot of businesses have contributed to climate change. As such, many offices have had to make changes to how they conduct themselves to line up with more eco-friendly working practices.

One of the ways that modern offices aim to demonstrate these changes is by placing a few plants around the office. Real plants have the benefit of transforming any carbon dioxide into oxygen, which refreshes the office space. These plants also have the added benefit of improving staff morale. Many studies have revealed that living indoor plants can improve a person’s mood. Therefore, these plants are great for supporting your workforce’s mental health.

4. Open Plan

Another effect of modern businesses aiming to promote healthy well-being among their staff is the décor that many modern offices choose to use. It is easier to calm someone who suffers from anxiety if they are in an open space with lots of light. As such, many current office spaces are open-plan with large windows.

What Should A Modern Office Look Like In 2023? | The Enterprise World

The use of colour in a space can also impact a person’s mood. Employees will work much better if they are feeling positive. These open-plan office styles are also a lot more achievable now that modern tech can encompass more devices into one. There is no need to have a sperate scanner, photocopier, printer, and fax machine in the office anymore, for instance. That is why many offices in 2023 are choosing to decorate with lighter paints and deep wooden styles.

5. Outdoor Areas

As anyone would tell you, spending all day in the same place is going to get you down- no matter how much natural light is pouring into the building. That is why many modern businesses are investing in outdoor areas for their employees.

These outdoor areas are far more than a few concrete slabs that allow people to head out for a quick cigarette break. Instead, a company will contact local landscape gardeners to create a unique garden area full of colour and nature. Such an area is great for people to get outside and recalibrate. What’s more, some people think best when their mind is clear. You never know, your employees could solve some of the toughest problems in an outside garden area instead of sitting at their desks.

6. Ergonomic Chairs

Just as the standard break room has changed so too has the workspace. It seems that comfort is a top priority for businesses and their employees in 2023.

What Should A Modern Office Look Like In 2023? | The Enterprise World

Now that most people are having to work at a computer desk for most of the day, most people are aware of the consequences of such actions. A sore back or a strained posture are just a few issues that people have faced when working in the wrong type of chair all day. Therefore, most offices are choosing to provide their staff with ergonomic and adjustable chairs. Doing so prevents employees from having to take time off with easily avoidable back injuries. This means that you will see a lot of large computer chairs sliding around the average office floor nowadays.

7. Change In Art Style

It is quite strange to admit that there was a time when business leaders really thought that motivational posters and quotes were going to give employees the urge to work harder. Almost every office had a slew of posters with eagles against a black background talking about the value of tenacity.

Now those types of posters are no longer used in the modern office. What was once referred to as corporate artwork has now been replaced by a series of unique pieces of art that have no hidden purpose. Some businesses will even reach out to the local community to source art to simply decorate the modern work environment.

8. Clean

Any office is likely to have a few issues when it comes to cleanliness. The fact that most office employees had to walk back and forth between multiple machines at a time often meant that there was often a trail of chaos left in people’s wake. However, all that has changed.

The open plan of the average office space has made it much easier for people to keep it clean Plus, the hardwood floors and desks are much quicker to wipe down. At least, it is more efficient than having to drag a hoover across a large carpet. What’s more, there is less paper left lying around as more people are being encouraged to recycle. As such, employees are more conscious about disposing of their waste correctly.


The modern office space still needs the same work tools as it aways had. However, more streamlined technology and a change in attitudes have meant that offices have had to change a lot in recent years. When you keep these factors in mind, you can have a good idea of what offices now look like in 2023.

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