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Some executives in the increasingly diverse corporate world stand out from the crowd and alter the path of their industry’s history, leaving a lasting impression. They redefine success in the sector and introduce innovations as visionary leaders and change agents. We highlight Abdallah Nassar (Vice President, Afghan Wireless) among the list of notable leaders because he epitomizes leadership in the quickly changing digital age. His efforts have transformed how Afghans interact and utilize technology for communication. The Enterprise World reveals the stories of tenacity that Abdallah has left behind, leaving a lasting impression on the records of corporate history.

Broad Experience in the Technology Industry 

As a Vice President of Afghan Wireless (AWCC), Abdallah Nassar is a reliable and professional leader whose passion for getting things done serves as an inspiration to the team. He received certification in Project Management Professional from the University of Manchester. He received his diploma in Management Information Systems from the Lebanese University and Chartered Computer Engineering from the University of Manchester. Certified as Professional Business Analyst from the Project Management Institute. Thereafter, he finished his Diploma in Executive Leadership Programme from The Wharton School.

Abdallah Nassar has 22 years of working experience in the technology industry and has spent more than 15 years in executive roles as CTIO in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and the Southern Pacific. At AWCC, he is responsible for providing leadership and directing the business with the help of the technology team. His team ensures end-to-end performance of all IT systems and the telecommunications network. He says, “Being on top of the market does not happen by chance. The key success factor for an operator is the understanding of the network quality from a customer perspective.” AWCC offers the best service quality and customer experience and it is moving ahead toward the renovation and innovation of the network. 

Contributing to overall Business Strategies 

With strong analytical skills in assessing financial returns, Abdallah Nassar has experience in the development of Capex/ Opex budgets. Being an expert in business case analysis, he possesses strong negotiation skills and has a wide knowledge of RFP processes. At AWCC, he led the technology function in line with best practice technology measures and group guidelines. He plays a pivotal role in the Leadership Team of the organization and contributes to the overall business strategy both locally within the operation and internationally within the group. Abdallah is involved in developing new technology, architectures, and network systems. Furthermore, he is part of determining and managing all aspects of planning, designing, building, and operating.

First Wireless Communication Company

Dr. Ehsanullah Bayat, a renowned Afghan business leader and the Chairman of the Bayat Group, founded AWCC in 2002. Being the first wireless communication company in Afghanistan, it provides mobile communication services in the industry. Moreover, it is the first company to offer cellphone services to Afghan consumers and businesses. AWCC has driven rapid growth in the development of the nation and deployment of global-class High-Definition (HD) Voice Communications, internet, data, and mobile payment services. More than 6,000 people work for the company which is directly responsible for the creation of 100,000 jobs throughout Afghanistan. 

Bayat Group is Afghanistan’s most prominent diversified services company that comprises media and telecommunications (Afghan Wireless, Ariana TV and Radio), energy (Bayat Energy), construction, security, and logistics enterprises. Afghan Wireless is a joint venture between the Bayat Group (80%) and the Afghan Ministry of Communications (20%). The Bayat Group and The Government of Afghanistan have championed the growth and success of the telecommunications industry of Afghanistan.

Challenges in Initial Days

In the initial days, Afghan Wireless faced a plethora of challenges due to the absence of basic telephony and setting up the network with the best-in-class telephony equipment in light of the trade embargo and regime issues. On the contrary, a majority of Afghans were unaware of the value of telecommunication services. In fact, people did not have any idea regarding how to utilize phones before AWCC started the services.

Due to high prices, people could not afford handsets, and reaching remote areas of Afghanistan was another challenge for AWCC. Most importantly, there was a lack of talent and educated people in Afghanistan to roll out the network and know the telecom business. The company had to hire people from outside of the country which was very expensive and expatriates were not interested in working in Afghanistan. Over time, it managed to overcome all the challenges and become a leading player in the industry. 

Connecting Afghans with the World

Recently, AWCC focused on network expansion in the areas where telecom services were not available to serve Afghans. It was the first company to roll out 4G and HD voice in Afghanistan to connect Afghans with the world. Today, AWCC is offering 4G services in the 34 provinces of Afghanistan. In addition to the affordable voice and data products, the company launched innovative products in the market such as Asaan App, sports portal, and e-Ketaab. Mainly, AWCC is focusing on digital products which is the need of youth. 

Today, AWCC covers almost 1800 sites across the country which includes major areas of Afghanistan.  Afghan Wireless is operating around 400 direct selling points by offering SIM & and providing services pane Afghanistan. In Addition, AWCC has more than 100,000 retailers selling top-ups across the country. Its base has reached 5.2 M and it is the top taxpayer in the country. 

A World-Class Fiber Network

The vision to introduce new technologies to the Afghanistan market is the prominent reason behind the long-standing success of AWCC. Being an Afghan-owned company, it serves Afghans in a better way and it is the first one to start operation in Afghanistan thus Afghans trust it more than any other. Besides, AWCC is connecting Afghanistan through Fiber Optic. 

As one of the first operators to receive a fiber optic network license, AWCC has invested heavily in building a world-class, nationwide fiber network. The company delivers high-speed data and internet service with unparalleled security and reliability. Its mobile money arm, Afghan Besim Mobile Money Company (ABMMC), offers swift, secure mobile banking services nationwide. Its other services include money transfers, salary disbursements, and smart payment of utility bills for consumers, businesses, and Government entities.  

Best-in-class Internet Infrastructure

Providing customers with the fastest internet services across the country differentiates AWCC from others in the market. Moreover, its voice quality is much better than others. The best-in-class internet infrastructure of the company has led to rolling out superior data and digital solutions as well as digital distribution channels. The company has superior sports streaming solutions as well as digital lifestyle services catering to both Android as well as IOS users. 

Afghan Wireless is proud of adding AWCC Football Club to its ‘Top SIM’. The SIM is designed for customers who want to have more convenient services and bigger values. Through ‘Top SIM’, Afghan Wireless supports 4G data speed, the best voice rates, and innovative VAS with the most suitable international rates with the first 4G network of Afghanistan. AWCC Football Club is one of the value-added services designed in an innovative way to engage football fans in the real game. They can enjoy football and be part of the game by being involved in predicting it and getting a chance to win exciting prizes.

Propagation of Wireless Signals

Afghan Wireless Super Wi-Fi, an advanced version of Wi-Fi is a wireless communication technology that enables the propagation of wireless signals over much longer distances than its predecessors. Super Wi-Fi was conceived by the FCC (Federal Communication Commission). It removes the limitations of Wi-Fi communication technology by changing the frequency band from a high-frequency to a low-frequency band composed of white spaces, which are commonly used for television broadcasting services. Super Wi-Fi-powered devices allow it to propagate signals on UHV and UHF bands within a cell size of approximately 60 miles from the point of origin at speeds of up to 22 Mbps.

The “TOHFA” service of AWCC allows customers to purchase & and gift the best voice and data bundles for others without any charges. TOHFA service means that the user can buy these bundles from their mobile credit and give them as a gift to their friends, family, and loved ones who are on the AWCC network. It will make them happy and keep them connected. The way of getting this service is very simple and easy, as customers need to follow the steps mentioned on AWCC’s website. 

Catering to Comprehensive Needs

The Islamic Radio service of AWCC is catering to the spiritual needs of the Islamic community living in Afghanistan. Any mobile user of the network can access the service by just dialing 6060. Moreover, Ketaab is a digital-based library service that offers a variety of books to customers based on their interests. They can read books at the Ketaab portal that includes Islamic, Historic, and Geographic genres. At the Afghan Wireless Digital Library, PDF, audio, and video-based books are available. It provides non-fiction books, learning videos, and detective and thriller books in different languages. 

AWCC offers an E-Learning Services platform over WAP which is designed for all categories of ages such as beginner, intermediate & and advanced levels. By subscribing to E-Learning Services Study, students get access to their favorite educational books such as English Grammar, School Books, and General Books. They are available on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis in addition to a subscription.  

AWCC offers Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) which provides the convenience of purchasing and paying for apps and in-app content like games, movies, videos, wallpapers, puzzles, live streaming of Football leagues, and so on. Users get access from the Play Store/App Store and charge it from their mobile credits. Direct carrier billing is a service that paves the opportunity to use famous digital websites and content and pay using core balance instead of MasterCard or any other digital payment gateway. 

Highest Achievable Levels of Network Security

Afghan Wireless has developed Afghanistan’s fastest, most advanced, and reliable communications network. Its service provides companies with up to 1.2GB of Internet Bandwidth. Moreover, its Microwave Backbone and IP-based transport ring provide corporate clients with 99% uptime and the highest achievable levels of network security and redundancy, data protection, and transmission capacity.

AWCC PABX is a communication solution designed for corporate institutions that have extensive GSM traffic. Its features are as follows: 

  • Provides a direct connection from the corporate PABX to AWCC network over E1 circuits through a Microwave link.
  • Each Circuit provides 30 voice channels. This capacity can be enhanced at any time depending on the number of calls.
  • The facility allows for both incoming and outgoing calls.
  • No SIM card is required for desk phones as their extensions are mapped into AWCC’s number range.

Results in overall cost reduction, as all calls are routed over a single account/number.

AWCC 3G/4G* Signal Repeater is an indoor repeater device for improving voice and mobile internet signals for AWCC customers. This product is targeted at customers who are in weak or blind mobile signal zones, frequently facing call drops, and need to improve the quality of telecommunication within their corporate premises.

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