Ajay Menda: An Entrepreneur Building a Green Ecosystem 

Ajay Menda: An Entrepreneur Building a Green Ecosystem | The Enterprise World

Environment is a topic that can be discussed for long hours, especially with a commercial angle to it. Eco-friendly workspaces or living spaces have been a trend lately. As the startup culture has been prevalent for the past few decades, value addition and innovation are the aim of most startups. Entrepreneurs or business leaders come up with solutions that can safeguard their interests and not harm the environment as well. They can also strive to get the prospects closer to nature via some creative ideas. One such business leader is Ajay Menda (CEO of Greenmood France)

Born in a family of entrepreneurs in West Africa, Ajay Menda was introduced to the business world at a young age. In 2001, post-high school completion, he immediately launched his first business. In 2003, he moved to France for higher studies and later joined an operational consulting firm specializing in project management and transformations. It helped him gain valuable experience as he got a chance to collaborate with industry leaders like Veolia, Valeo, and Airbus. In 2018, Along with his partner, Sadig Alekperov, he launched Greenmood France, a company dedicated to promoting environment-friendly workplaces. 

Ecological Transition is the Goal

Ajay Menda has been involved in various commercial projects, focusing on ecological transition and innovation., he aims to ease access to the European Market and support innovative Indian and African companies. He is also building a dynamic community around the core values to cultivate business connections, foster collaboration, and create growth opportunities. His central goal is to make a positive impact in daily operations by contributing to society and the environment with each organization he establishes.

Committed to Nature

Ajay Menda strives to have a unique value proposition in alignment with the company’s core values. It is based on a continuous search for new natural materials and specific designs. The team has ingrained in its DNA, a commitment to using bio-sourced materials and natural components that are aesthetic, acoustic, and low-maintenance such as moss, preserved foliage, felt, cork, etc. The interior design and workspace solutions industry is a dynamic and constantly evolving sector, so it is constantly monitored. 

The company strongly observes evolution in the design of work and living spaces that combine aesthetics and functionality. It exerts itself to drive this transformation through innovations with a focus on product quality and a customer-centric approach. 

Shifts Post Pandemic

The pandemic has reshaped people’s lives along with the work and living patterns that have left a significant mark on the industry. Among the shifts the company has witnessed, it can highlight the acceleration of digital transformation and the transition of work models towards greater hybridity. The pandemic has also exposed vulnerabilities, particularly in logistics, prompting the company to become more agile. One notable aspect is the increasing inclination towards a more CSR-oriented society. 

Companies are facing issues to tackle sustainability issues, minimize their environmental impact, and uphold social responsibility. This challenge is addressed thoughtfully through the company’s approach. Moreover, there has been a noticeable shift in consumer behavior. Companies are adjusting their strategies to meet these evolving consumer preferences and expectations. While the pandemic and its conclusion have undoubtedly left a significant impact, it has also brought about increased uncertainties that the company must confront with transparency and unity. 

Paved Way through Uncertainty

Ajay Menda says, “Success is relative. We are still a young company with many dreams.”

Similar to all businesses in the startup phase, Greenmood faced several challenges. A primary challenge was the lack of resources in line with the company’s ambitions. The company had a direct influence on the business model due to its creative offerings. There was uncertainty and unpredictable market reaction. Subsequently, operational structuring, logistics, and procurement also posed challenges. So the company decided to proceed in stages.

Several factors have enabled the company to build itself to this point and allow it to think about the future. Among them are:

Ajay Menda: An Entrepreneur Building a Green Ecosystem | The Enterprise World

Culture that Leads to Prosperity of Employees

Greenmood has a team that is proactive and shares a similar vision. The company is committed to cultivating a supportive and empowering environment where the team members can thrive. To achieve this, it promotes a culture of freedom, autonomy, and initiative within the teams, empowering them to take ownership of their work and drive innovation. The company also takes this opportunity to be grateful to the extended team of partners, designers, resellers, and all those who advocate for and uphold the vision and values.    

Achievements in the Green Journey

Many factors have contributed to helping Greenmood evolve and tune itself with nature. These factors have helped the company grow and evolve in the right direction. One of the primary factors was to place the use of natural and sustainable materials at the epicenter of the company’s activities. This resulted in an upsurge in development as a matter of course. It was due to the focus it had on innovation, quality, and customer focus. 

The company has steadily expanded its range of products and services and has been trying to be in the vicinity of partners who are close to its heart. It enables it to share the values about sustainability. It attempts to have a positive impact on the interior and living spaces sector via innovations and actions. 

Being Original allows for Individuality

Ajay Menda believes innovation plays a crucial role in driving business growth. It allows businesses to: 

Ajay Menda: An Entrepreneur Building a Green Ecosystem | The Enterprise World

Ajay Menda adds, “Ultimately, it is often the combination of several of these factors that enables a company to prosper and grow over the long term.”

Curious Clients towards the Green Idea

Ajay Menda emphasizes the evolution of his client’s interests in bio-based materials and climate issues. He has noticed that clients show increased interest and curiosity in the approach and are more committed to choosing alternative materials. In the initial days, often the conversations centered around price. Lately, the discussions have gone beyond price. Client meets now focus more on innovation, value-added, well-being, impact on people, and footprint the idea would leave on the planet. 

An example shared by Ajay Menda: A large group that Greenmood is working with to transform the space, every suggestion provided by the company is infused with the client’s CSR policy, which the client leads and promotes in the corporate culture. Ajay has also marked an increasing interest in the clients’ approach towards bio-based materials design. This acts as a strong approach towards a real transformation of the company’s work and living spaces. 

Going Ahead Via Collaboration

Like all businesses, Greenmood has to be in sync with the market pulse. It is prompt regarding the market shifts and following trends that allow it to adapt strategies and offerings accordingly. It understands the dynamic nature of the market to achieve success and maintain a competitive edge. It strives to be proactive and advocate change in the rapidly evolving sector. High regard is held towards gaining profound insights into customer behavior, evolving mindsets, and increasing environmental consciousness. 

Greenmood also addresses the concerns of today’s environmentally-conscious generation. It motivates the organization to develop eco-friendly designs and products through collaborations with talented designers such as Alain Gilles, Studio Nove 3, Jéremie Kuntzinger, Cas Moor & Lieven Musschroot, and Pierre-Emmanuel Vandeputte. The company’s commitment to sustainability instills positive transformations in workspaces that help it to take a step further. 

Ajay Menda’s Favorite quote 

“The species that survive are not the strongest or the most intelligent, but those that adapt best to changes.”

Charles Darwin

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