Is Andrew Henderson of Nomad Capitalist Reliable?

Is Andrew Henderson of Nomad Capitalist Reliable? | The Enterprise World

Andrew Henderson is most well known as the face of his popular YouTube channel, Nomad Capitalist, with upwards of 700k subscribers and lots of die-hard fans. He is also the author of a best-selling book of the same name. 

An extremely successful entrepreneur, Henderson started off purchasing numerous businesses in a variety of industries both in the United States and internationally.

He speaks openly on his YouTube about his journey from dropping out of Arizona State University to becoming an international entrepreneur and investor, gaining years of first-hand experience living as a global citizen. 

Taking all this knowledge and turning it into a brand, Andrew founded Nomad Capitalist in 2012. It has now grown into an international brand with over 60 employees working worldwide. 

The Nomad Capitalist

Henderson has been inspiring others to go “where they’re treated best” through his blogs, podcasts, and YouTube Channels since 2008.

Is Andrew Henderson of Nomad Capitalist Reliable? | The Enterprise World


From a very young age, he had a strong entrepreneurial spirit and ultimately chose that path after trying out university for a few years. By just 22 years old, Andrew was already successful in his own right, with businesses that included radio broadcasting and a swimming pool cleaning business. But with success and wealth came big tax bills, motivating him to look into an alternative tax strategy, ultimately overseas. 

Henderson left the United States and started traveling worldwide as a perpetual traveler. When he began Nomad Capitalist, his goal was to simply write blogs about his experiences traveling in the early years around Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, and Latin America, figuring out the best places to live, do business, bank, make more money, and spend time.

Ultimately, Henderson cut ties completely with his home country, renouncing his US citizenship. He speaks openly in his YouTube appearances about feeling uncomfortable in the United States and how his parents encouraged him to go where he was treated best.

The idea of becoming a global citizen and getting a second passport has become a lot more the norm than when Andrew started on his journey at 22. 

The term Nomad Capitalist is defined in the Urban Dictionary: “Someone who follows global trends and moves his/her money, business, and/or person to the country or countries where they are treated best. They don’t stay in a country that overtaxes them or deprives them of freedom just because its “patriotic”. Someone who seeks out the best opportunities anywhere and takes advantage, never becoming complacent.”

In his more recent YouTube appearances, which cover topics from precious metals to second passports, Andrew speaks about wanting more to enjoy the life he has built, to spend time in his numerous homes around the world, and to enjoy the freedom that comes with multiple passports.  

Nomad Capitalist: The Book

Is Andrew Henderson of Nomad Capitalist Reliable? | The Enterprise World

In 2018, Henderson launched the best-selling book Nomad Capitalist: Reclaim Your Freedom with Offshore Companies, Dual Citizenship, Foreign Banks, and Overseas Investments, based on his experiences living as a global citizen for years.

Each year, Nomad Capitalist also hosts a live event, drawing wealthy eight figure entrepreneurs and investors from all over the globe, both as speakers and attendees. Some high-profile names that have spoken at the exclusive event include Robert Kiyosaki, Jim Rogers, and Nigel Farage, to name just a few. 

Is Nomad Capitalist a Scam: Our Verdict

In our opinion, Henderson is far from a scam artist, and he and his team at Nomad Capitalist have received a lot of positive reviews. For example, do a quick search on Trustpilot, and you can read about others’ experience with Nomad Capitalist, both the good and, of course, the bad.

Is Andrew Henderson of Nomad Capitalist Reliable? | The Enterprise World

Today, a Nomad Capitalist is made up of around 60 employees, along with the assistance of attorneys, accountants, real estate agents, and other experts, who create and execute a lifestyle strategy for clients. Their business services include tax reduction strategies, money management, multiple citizenships, and lifestyle consulting.

Whether you agree with what others have to say or not, one thing is clear: Nomad Capitalist is a legitimate and successful business and the leading consultant in the industry.

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