Andrey Berezin: Biography of the Founder of Euroinvest (Berezin Andrey Valeryevich)

Andrey Berezin: Biography of the Founder of Euroinvest | The Enterprise World

Berezin Andrey Valeryevich is a prominent regional entrepreneur with a wealth of experience in building successful businesses in various economic sectors. The principal asset under the care of Berezin Andrey – Euroinvest Development – is a key participant in the construction market of Saint Petersburg and the Leningrad Region. The investor is also systematically engaged in charity work. 


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Berezin Andrey: Educational Background in Engineering 

Berezin Andrey, a St. Petersburg native, was born in 1967. His parents were engineers in the industrial sector. They met as students. 

The future businessman was interested in mathematics and attended a specialized math school. He also enjoyed reading and played several sports. However, Berezin Andrey was not interested in becoming a professional athlete. 

The school he attended had a close partnership with the Leningrad Mechanical Institute (now known as the Baltic State Technical University), and it was there that Berezin Andrey Valeryevich went to study in 1985. Following in the footsteps of his mother and father, he decided to specialize in engineering. In 1990, he entered graduate school, and the Berezin Andrey biography of that time includes the authorship of papers on the topic of responding to changes in management systems. His life was entirely connected with science at that time. 

Andrey Berezin: Career Start 

The Berezin Andrey biography began to turn towards entrepreneurship even during his days at the institute. But initially, he worked as a janitor at an enterprise in the Northern Capital. 

With his entrepreneurial spirit, Andrey Berezin entered the burgeoning field of information technology where, alongside a group of like-minded individuals, he formed a scientific collective, a precursor to the modern IT startup. This group was focused on developing specialized software tailored for a range of business enterprises. In an era characterized by the transformative changes of perestroika, Berezin Andrey and his associates successfully navigated the new economic landscape, earning income that was noteworthy for the time. With his initial profits, the businessman made a significant personal investment — the purchase of a car, symbolizing both his personal success and the financial potential of entrepreneurial ventures in the IT sector. 

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Andrey Berezin: Biography of the Founder of Euroinvest | The Enterprise World
Berezin Andrey 

Berezin Andrey: Biography in Big Business 

In the early 1990s, Berezin Andrey turned his entrepreneurial gaze towards the importation of scarce commodities, an industry booming due to the high demand for various products in the emerging market. In pursuit of this venture, he secured a substantial loan of $6 million, a bold move that facilitated the initial stages of his import business. However, Berezin Andrey later adopted a firm policy against relying on external financing, preferring to bootstrap his operations through internally generated funds. 

His foray into the import business proved lucrative, and with the accumulated profits, Berezin Andrey Valeryevich ventured into the fishing industry. In 1993, he, along with a consortium of business partners, founded OLMА. The company has since established itself as a prominent entity in the sector, enduring through the economic shifts of the past decades. His tenure with OLMА was a foundational period in his business career, but by 1995, he made the strategic decision to exit the company, redirecting his focus and resources towards the inception of new entrepreneurial activities. 

Berezin Andrey: Euroinvest Development 

Berezin Andrey co-founded an investment company specializing in securities transactions in the mid-1990s. The asset portfolio later significantly expanded, forming a diversified holding. 

One of its main activities is construction, and in 2017, Berezin Andrey Valeryevich founded Euroinvest Development. The company constructs residential and commercial spaces, and is one of the largest developers in the Leningrad Region. It participated in the development of the rapidly developing town of Murino. In 2010, it had 5,000 inhabitants; nine years later, it was formally recognized as a city. Today, the population of Murino stands at 105,000. Another rapidly growing suburb of Saint Petersburg where Berezin Andrey-Euroinvest Development operates is Kudrovo. In the 2000s, it was a village with less than 100 residents. Today, the population has reached 65,000. The construction company has projects in other locations as well, including in the Northern Capital itself. 

In 2022, the development structure erected 200,000 square meters of housing. In addition, projects totaling about half a million square meters are currently at various stages of implementation. However, Andrey Berezin strives to maintain a balance of supply and demand – he is not the kind to try to increase construction volume at any cost. 

Moreover, the construction company founded by Berezin Andrey actively develops essential infrastructure more than many other industry representatives. For example, in 2022, a children’s preschool for 200 children was opened ahead of schedule on the territory of the iD Kudrovo residential complex being built by Euroinvest Development. The building, like the entire block, was built in the Scandinavian style. Inside, there are halls for music and sports, doctors’ offices, locker rooms, and other necessary facilities. The residential complex will have three such kindergartens and a large school altogether. iD Kudrovo will also have playgrounds and sports fields, bike paths, and other infrastructure. 

It is also worth noting that the developer assists the clients of competitors. For example, in 2019, under a contract with regional authorities, the company completed the construction of two residential complexes whose developer had gone bankrupt. 

The company founded by Berezin Andrey Valeryevich also has an asset for housing maintenance – the Murino management company, which specializes in the design, installation, and operation of water supply and sewage networks in the territory of its namesake city. The management company works not only with residential complexes built by the company under Berezin Andrey, but also with other residential and commercial buildings. The enterprise has been successfully operating for more than ten years. 

Andrey Berezin: Biography of the Founder of Euroinvest | The Enterprise World
Berezin Andrey 

Berezin Andrey: Other Assets 

The Berezin Andrey biography also includes the development of the agricultural industry. In 2010, an agricultural enterprise was established within the framework of the investment holding in the Pskov Region. The company, Krasnoe Znamya, specializes in the production of milk and feed. The latter is intended both for animals owned by the enterprise and for sale. In particular, Krasnoe Znamya’s products are purchased by the Leningrad Zoo – one of the largest and oldest in the country. 

The enterprise is undergoing active modernization, and the agro-holding adheres to the principles of sustainable development. Over the course of its existence, the company has restored several thousand hectares of agricultural lands that were previously abandoned. 

Furthermore, Berezin Andrey, biography of whom was associated with computer technologies in the 1980s, organized the Euroventure fund in 2017 to support promising innovations. Both projects in the early stages of development and already operating companies can receive funding. The fund has almost a billion rubles at its disposal. 

In particular, Euroventure has funded Onco-Robot, a device developed by Saint Petersburg doctors and scientists to combat cancerous tumors. It can be used to determine the optimal points for applying X-ray radiation, as well as to calculate its necessary power and duration. Before the creation of the Onco-Robot, a similar device existed only in the United States. However, the St. Petersburg development is significantly cheaper. Today, the invention is already undergoing preclinical testing in several medical institutions. Last year, the Petersburg Business publication named the Onco-Robot the best project in the medical industry. 

The venture fund created by Berezin Andrey also finances other high-tech initiatives, both in healthcare and beyond. The organization’s interests include robotics, green technologies, instrumentation, complex electronics, etc. Developers of promising solutions can expect investments ranging from 1 to 50 million rubles, and in some cases, even more. 

In July 2023, the fund organized by Andrey Berezin was a partner of the venture festival at the St. Petersburg Lenpoligrafmash technopark. During this event, startup entrepreneurs presented their projects to potential investors in various fields, ranging from the gamification of books to the recycling of automobile tires. Following the event, Euroventure agreed to provide expert support to residents of the business incubator. 

Andrey Valeryevich Berezin: Charitable Initiatives 

Berezin Andrey-Euroinvest Development put significant efforts into humanitarian projects. In particular, the holding and the its founder regularly support the Place Under the Sun charitable organization, which helps disabled orphans being treated in Leningrad Region hospitals. Moreover, the charity prepares young people with special health needs for adult life, facilitates their self-realization, and helps with employment. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Andrey Berezin and his company supplied computers to schoolchildren who had switched to online learning. The business structure also supported medical professionals fighting the coronavirus infection. 

Berezin Andrey-Euroinvest Development is also helping to build a school for gifted students near St. Petersburg. The developer is responsible for the architectural plan of the educational institution and the recruitment of teaching staff. 

Andrey Berezin is also a patron of the World Club of Petersburgers. This organization, founded in 1991, is dedicated to preserving the cultural heritage of the Northern Capital. The investor and his business structure also support the club’s Prometheus Star award. 

Teenagers aged 14 to 17 who have shown good results in national and international competitions, Olympiads, and sports championships can qualify for this award, given in five categories. The history of the Prometheus Star spans over a quarter of a century. 

Berezin Andrey is also in charge of a committee of the Leningrad Region Chamber of Commerce and Industry that facilitates entrepreneur involvement in social projects, for example, in the field of ESG and corporate volunteering. 

Berezin Andrey Valeryevich: Profile of Family Life, Hobbies 

Andrey Berezin is not only a successful entrepreneur but also a dedicated family man, proudly raising three children. His eldest daughter, demonstrating the entrepreneurial spirit that runs in the family, has taken the reins of her own business, navigating the complexities of entrepreneurship with the acumen she may well have inherited from her father. His second daughter is currently immersed in the world of academia, diligently pursuing higher education at college, preparing to make her own mark on the world. The youngest, a son, is at the formative stage of his educational journey, attending school and laying the groundwork for his future endeavors. 

Parallel to his business commitments, Berezin Andrey Valeryevich maintains an active lifestyle reminiscent of his youthful vigor. He regularly carves out time for physical activities that not only challenge the body but also provide a respite from the rigors of business management. Whether it’s the adrenaline rush of skiing down snowy slopes, the strategic play of tennis, or the exhilarating freedom of air sports, Berezin Andrey continues to embrace a life that balances professional dedication with personal well-being and hobbies that keep him grounded and connected to the joys of life beyond the boardroom. 

The Integrated Impact of Andrey Berezin 

Andrey Berezin, a seasoned entrepreneur from the Leningrad region, has created a notable footprint in both the business and social sectors. Through Euroinvest Development, he has played a pivotal role in the significant growth and urbanization of areas like Murino and Kudrovo, driving them from small settlements to thriving urban communities. His company’s contributions have not been limited to construction alone; they have also extended to developing vital social infrastructure such as educational institutions, with Euroinvest Development being notably proactive in building kindergartens and schools. 

In parallel with his developmental initiatives, Berezin Andrey has made considerable investments in the fishing industry and has actively participated in modernizing agricultural practices within the investment holding’s agricultural enterprise, leading to the rehabilitation of previously abandoned land and contributing to regional food security. 

The technological and innovative foresight of Andrey Valeryevich Berezin, which took root during his early fascination with computer technologies, continues to thrive through the Euroventure fund. The fund is a robust platform for emerging high-tech initiatives, including noteworthy projects like Onco-Robot that demonstrate significant potential in improving healthcare. 

His charitable endeavors, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, reflect a commitment to social welfare, providing essential support to both the medical community and the education sector by aiding schoolchildren with necessary resources for remote learning. 

Leading a committee within the Leningrad Region Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Berezin Andrey furthers his influence by encouraging local entrepreneurs to engage in meaningful social and environmental projects, emphasizing the importance of corporate responsibility. 

Overall, the comprehensive approach to entrepreneurship, social responsibility, innovation, and family of Berezin Andrey Valeryevich reflects a multidimensional impact that transcends beyond the mere expansion of his businesses, enriching the economic, social, and cultural fabric of the Leningrad region.  

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