Ankit Kansal: A Maestro Defining New-age Real Estate

Ankit Kansal: A Maestro Defining New-age Real Estate | The Enterprise World

Since the past few years, the attributes of leading a business have changed notably. Leadership has become more proactive. Multiple sectors like manufacturing, finance, education, real estate, etc. require leaders who can go the extra mile and have the vision to be successful in the long run. Amidst the talent out there, only some can bring something new to the table which will directly escalate the revenue figures. One such leader is Ankit Kansal, Founder and Managing Director of Axon Developers. He is one of the distinguished examples of an ideal leader in the real estate sector. 

The Illustrious Journey

Beginning with Indsource in 2001, Ankit Kansal stepped into the empire of buying agencies. Following that in 2005, he established Rosemoore, a brand devoted to home décor and lifestyle experiences. The year 2014 marked the foundation of 360 Realtors, a prominent realty advisory firm that has successfully facilitated transactions amounting to INR 35,000 Crores. 360 Realtors has a global presence with offices in 40 cities across 9 countries, becoming a comprehensive player in the real estate value chain. It embodies Primary Real Estate advisory & Transaction along with commercial leasing, strategic advisory, Land & Capital services, home finance and many more. 

In 2020, Ankit Kansal established Axon developers with an ambition to develop projects which will be renowned for distinctive design themes and are concept based Axon’s vision, not just create projects; its to craft experiences that stand out, disrupt norms, and leave an indelible mark. Every project of Axon has unique proposition that sets it apart. Since its inception, the company aimed to craft top-tier real estate projects that prioritized customer comfort, community living, and the holistic well-being of all stakeholders involved. “Axon isn’t only a developer, but also a curator of experiences and memories, a novel concept in the Indian real estate panorama,” mentions Ankit. 

A New-age Real Estate Development Company 

Axon is a new-age real estate development company that aims to create sustainable projects across residential, commercial and land developments and high-value land development projects. It develops this with the help of an end-to-end ecosystem comprising architectures, landscaping experts, design consultants, marketers, and much more. The company is present across the value chain from site selection and acquisition to design & development and operationalization of the project. 

Luxurious Products and Services

Axon Developers believes that real estate is a powerful force of change that touches and influences every aspect of people’s lives. With that belief, the company develops real estate projects that are masterfully crafted and are in sync with the buyers’ expectations. The development mainly focuses on segments like first-home, and second-home communities, holiday home projects, gated villa projects, farm stays, nature stays, high-value retail, and commercial projects, etc. It also specializes in industrial parks and high-end experiential retail projects. The company wants to incorporate rejuvenation, wellness, and overall comfort & well-being. 

Axon is committed to offering investors the chance to make elevated capital appreciation but at the same time, it wants to bring the spotlight on living a high-quality life. It is actively involved throughout the value chain from selecting a land parcel to imagining to final execution. The large-sized projects bring a lot of attention to the overall region, thereby attracting the interest of other investors, commercial entities, and industries. The company also invests in local infrastructure such as water sanitation, schools, roadways, etc.

Early Challenges

Like any other business, Axon went through challenges too. Its projects are designed in such a way that they focus on living close to nature and indulge in overall wellness and well-being. In a time when vertical growth is the norm, Axon is bringing the spotlight on large spaces, bigger recreational areas, and better living spaces. However, it is noteworthy that there is still limited awareness of such living. The good thing is people are now becoming aware and embracing the idea of living close to nature and giving more attention to recharging their mind and body. 

The company also faced other possible obstacles like finding the right land parcel, conducting due diligence, demand estimation, etc. Even if it is a profitable venture, it is not devoid of bottlenecks. Ankit Kansal asserts, “It is one thing to think differently and create something iconic, it is another to make a profit. Not always they concur, especially when you are the first mover. The first movers have to face more challenges.”

Keys to Perennial Success

The key reason behind Axon’s success is its clear vision, which has been backed by constant performance. At a strategic level, it is obvious about what it wishes to deliver. The company updates its strategies subject to market dynamics but does not switch from the core belief of what it aspires to deliver. Axon makes all the necessary efforts to develop world-class real estate projects with top-tier facilities and amenities. It gives people a sizable living, nurtures powerful communities, and enables each of the customers to curate their own unique experiences. 

A Patient Pathfinder

Ankit Kansal’s philosophy is rooted in the principles of collective empowerment and collaboration. He stresses recognizing and appreciating the skills, talents, loyalty, and contributions of each individual within the organization. By adopting a collective decision-making model, he fosters a cooperative environment where both the successes and setbacks of a task or project are shared among the entire team. It serves a dual purpose where employees feel a sense of upliftment and a strong team spirit.    

He adds,” I truly believe that responsibility and accountability have to go hand in glove”.

Balancing Profitability and Innovation

Ankit Kansal prefers to keep a balance between sustained profitability and innovation. He keeps multiple business aspects in mind like maintaining financial stability, operational efficiency in the short term, focus on top-line growth, bottom-line results, and efficient day-to-day expense management. To strategize well, he explores new opportunities while keeping in mind mid-level to long-term roadmaps. With research and development, the company carries out product innovations and gets hands-on market insights. This approach helps quarters function independently yet synergistically. 

The company believes in taking calculated risks without compromising present-day profitability. It acknowledges that sustainable growth arises from thinking beyond the ordinary and actively seeks to apply knowledge in ways that others overlook. This dual strategy marks the company for not only incremental progress in routine tasks but also exponential growth by staying attuned to emerging trends and being ready to capitalize on future possibilities. 

Leveraging Technology to Great Effect

Technology is integral in the entire customer journey from search to discovery to final transactions. Axon invests generously in technologies, analytics, powerful digital interfaces, CRM tools, payment gateways, etc. It has developed dedicated AR/VR-based tools through which customers can learn more about its properties, construction timelines, etc. without sometimes visiting the site. It has also invested heavily in analytics-based tools to map customer requirements so that it can offer projects exactly matching the needs. 

Axon developers spends much time and money to find the right piece of land. The selected location is such that it enhances the beauty of the project. It develops world-class top-tier amenities, facilities, and serviced living, to give a truly enriching experience. The company strives to give due attention to mathematics and always exerts to create a lifelong asset with attractive potential. 

3 Pillars of Mentorship    

  • Priority to right training: 

The company strongly emphasizes adopting the right training approach. It includes regularly sending the employees to prestigious institutes besides a dedicated training & development department in the organization. The training and development initiatives focus on multiple dimensions of training and grooming including subject matter knowledge, professional expertise, interpersonal skills, data-based information, etc.

  • Open Environment:

To be able to share ideas and knowledge, a healthy environment is encouraged for all employees to be enriched. Ankit Kansal thinks sharing ideas, facilitating the flow of genuine feedback, and meaningful discussions cutting across verticals, can further add a coating of growth and progress.

He adds, “I strongly believe formal training is the cornerstone of one’s personal and professional growth.” 

  • Autonomy:

Ankit Kansal believes in the idea of giving everyone their own space to grow, both horizontally and vertically. He further says freedom, encouragement, and autonomy can do wonders. 

Recent Wins and Risk Handling

Lately, Ankit Kansal has introduced a mega land project near Goa, in Sindhudurg district. This is one of the largest branded land projects in India. The mixed-use land projects comprise holiday homes, gated villas, serviced apartments, farm stays, etc. Likewise, it will also have innumerable amenities, wellness centers, spas, restaurants, and much more. The project called Origin Sasoli is a gem in the making and is attracting plenty of interest from numerous quarters. 

Risks are inevitable for any business and it is important to carefully investigate and manage them. Being a leader, Ankit Kansal keeps a pulse on the market and a vigilant eye on the new emerging trends. Any upcoming event is studied from multiple angles including political, social, economic, market-run, technological, and much more. He also has a dedicated market research and strategic intelligence team to keep up with the market trends. He, along with his subordinates, keeps discussing thought leaders, researchers, experts, etc as it helps in gaining a lot of actionable insights.   

Expansion Plans 

Axon will continue to build iconic projects throughout India, from pleasant and lesser-known beaches to tranquil foothills, from the flawless lands of Konkan to the Himalayan ranges. It has a devoted market research, feasibility, and land acquisition team that has been given the responsibility of identifying new project locations all over India. 

It yearns to become the mastermind of branded land developments, including second homes, gated villas, farm stays, nature resorts, etc. The company is seeking viable land projects all over India from the spellbinding valleys in Sahyadri to the pristine Himalayan foothills, from the secluded beaches in coastal India to the hilly terrains of North East. 

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