Anyware Solutions: Defining the Future of Digital Eldercare with Smart Home Services and Care Monitoring 

Anyware Solutions: Defining the Future of Digital Eldercare | The Enterprise World

Internet of Things (IoT) service providers are at the forefront of digital platforms in 2024. With a focus on delivering seamless experiences and driving transformative outcomes, many companies continue to set new standards for innovation in the ever-evolving landscape of IoT services. As a beacon of technological advancement and excellence, Anyware Solutions stands out for its pioneering approach to IoT services, offering cutting-edge solutions that redefine connectivity and functionality. It offers care monitoring and smart home services to both individual and corporate clients, leveraging its patented and acclaimed IoT-as-a-service technology platform.

Morten Bremild, the CEO and Founder of Anyware Solutions is dedicated to revolutionizing the healthcare sector through the utilization of remote monitoring technology. His goal is to provide older individuals and not least their informal caregivers (family and friends) with peace of mind and enhance their quality of life. His proficiency in this field is exemplified by his recognition as CEO of the Year in the Remote Care Services Industry at the European CEO’s 2023 Awards.

From Sick Care to Smart Care

The healthcare systems are perceived as ineffective, operating primarily as reactive ‘sick-care’ setups that struggle to adopt digital solutions due to entrenched systemic issues. Concerning eldercare, the institutional framework is seen as flawed or, at best, accessible only to a fortunate few seniors who require care due to hospitalization or illness diagnosis. However, a significant portion of seniors, including those in good health and active lifestyles, harbor concerns about living independently, as there is no assurance that assistance would be readily available if needed.

As a global society, there is a pressing need to reassess the approach to ‘eldercare’ and the implementation of ‘digital solutions’, particularly in terms of access (or lack thereof) to digital smart care tools for elderly and/or their relatives when the older adult is not a ‘patient’.

Few or no healthtech solutions are accessible to non-patients as opposed to smart home technology, but the healthcare systems do not really embrace available digital solutions. However, persisting with the reliance on medical devices to address all challenges, including resource shortages and accident prevention, is destined to result in continued failure, especially in the realm of ethics and dignity preservation for those being monitored.

Bringing Peace of Mind to Families 

Since 2022, Anyware Solutions has been at the forefront of a European Union AAL (Active & Assisted Living) research and innovation project. In 2024, the company is set to unveil its latest care monitoring solution based on this research and innovation tailored for family members of independent older adults who, while not yet under the care of the healthcare system, express concerns about their safety living alone.

Personalized IoT Experiences with Anyware Solutions

Anyware Solutions offers a convenient IoT service for home monitoring, building analytics, and care monitoring, catering to both individuals and businesses. Its technology is based on a patented IoT platform, making it easy to use with plug-and-play products, and the solution enables new and unique business models for partners like insurers, real estate owners, and care providers. 

Anyware Solutions is now expanding on several trajectories. Across regions such as India, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia, expansion efforts extend from unique sensor monitoring to traditional ‘automation’ devices, all within the framework of the current end-to-end IoT-as-a-Service platform. Consequently, Anyware launches its new Anyware Control™ offer in India and Middle East in 2024, aiming to enable builders and property developers to build with Danish Design and European ‘Smarter Home’ technology.

What makes Anyware Solutions stand out is its algorithms, which utilize data from its devices. Additionally, the platform is designed to enhance customer interaction and retention for partners such as insurers and energy providers by offering bundled IoT services. It can also customize the user experience in its app based on product codes and subscription upgrades. 

Customizable Alerts for Smarter Homes

Anyware Solutions’ patented and award-winning end-to-end technology platform presents a distinctive combined value proposition for partners and their clientele. All products offered by Anyware Solutions are seamlessly integrated into its platform, eliminating the need for additional gateways or control boxes. The company provides distinctive features including:

  • Data insights and real-time sensor data alerts
  • Algorithm-based preventive home and care services
  • Ready-to-use automation within the Anyware App™
  • Ready-to-use visualization through the Anyware Dashboard™
  • API data exchange capabilities for partners

Users have the flexibility to configure personalized alerts for various parameters such as CO2 levels in classrooms or meeting rooms, humidity levels in apartment buildings, or detecting lack of mobility or other ‘anomalies’ in care homes. With Anyware, users gain access to a comprehensive and seamless solution for monitoring and analyzing data from plug-and-play retrofit IoT sensor devices, both for their use and for their customers.

The Brains Behind Anyware’s Success

The central team of Anyware Solutions comprises CEO & Founder Morten Bremild, based in Switzerland,and CSO Mohammed Ajhas, who is located in India. Morten brings over 20 years of international expertise in IoT, smart home, and smart energy, gained from various roles in both large corporations and startups. He holds an Executive MBA and a Graduate Diploma in Economics and International Business.

Ajhas, on the other hand, is a seasoned sales executive with a background that includes positions at Legrand, and Honeywell, among others. According to Morten, the responsibilities of an entrepreneur are to define and insist on the purpose and strategic vision of the company. Moreover, it is important to recruit the right people and motivate and orchestrate the team to learn along the journey.

Anyware’s Smarter Living Concept

The value proposition offered by Anyware is crafted to empower partners in establishing tailored customer touchpoints and enhancing retention through smart home-based personalized value-added service packages. Partners frequently encounter the obstacle of low customer engagement with their core offerings, particularly evident in sectors such as insurance, energy, real estate, and related services. For those who find themselves resorting to conventional customer acquisition incentives like two bottles of wine or Amazon vouchers, Anyware encourages them to reach out and explore a strategic, customer-centric, revenue-generating alternative. 

With Anyware, the provision of value-added services to customers results in increased ‘switching costs,’ making it more challenging for them to switch providers without forfeiting these added benefits, thereby boosting customer retention. Through a monthly or annual subscription model, partners benefit from exclusive retention advantages by covering the subscription cost of Anyware Services™ for their customers as long as they remain with the partner.

Anyware introduces a unique product code system, enabling partners to offer Anyware’s value-added services to customers at no additional charge, with the partner covering the expense. This approach fosters positive customer interactions, particularly when the Anyware Services subscription expires, providing an incentive for loyal customers to continue subscriptions.

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