4 Successful App Categories That Will Flourish Post COVID19

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App ideas after COVID19

COVID19 is no less than a horror story. While we all thought 2020 was the worst year, the year 2021 came out to be even worse. The impact of COVID19 has been on several business industries and it’s high time we all admit to the fact that covid is here to stay for a while now. While there are industries like – travel, hospitality, and retails that will take some time to get back to normal, other sectors like – gaming, video streaming, e-commerce are expected to flourish more in the coming years.

Considering the rise in online businesses, mobile apps have become an important part of everyone’s life. It has also become a profitable and popular business investment. In today’s tech age, living without mobile apps is not possible, so to accommodate the changing needs of the customers,  businesses need to focus on app categories that can help them enjoy lucrative results.

Here is the list of the top 4 app categories that will flourish post COVID19 and will surely change the business scenario. Let’s explore App ideas after COVID19.

1. Healthcare Apps

Well, there are points for guessing, but healthcare apps are in top demand these days. In the tough pandemic times, healthcare apps have come out as a savior. Ever since coronavirus has exploded globally, people have been stuck in their homes, and since there have been no physical movements,  healthcare apps like – medical care apps,  fitness apps, mental health apps, have come out handy.

Such interactive healthcare apps gave rise to online fitness programs, where the users are instructed on their diets, medications, basic yoga, and more to keep them healthy at home without even stepping out from their homes. Today, there are several on-demand apps where you can directly consult with the doctor online, get consultations, digital prescriptions, and delivery as well. Not just that, through healthcare apps, one can even get body checkups and tests done at the ease of your home. Definitely a blessing for all! Healthcare apps are the best App ideas after COVID19.

2. Grocery Apps

Groceries are our everyday essentials and it is obvious one cannot survive without them. Grocery apps are another popular app category that is not a shining star nowadays but is expected to garner more popularity post the covid scenario. The deadly covid wave filled people with the terror of getting the virus and with this fear, nobody wanted to step out for basic grocery shopping. Thanks to grocery apps, one can easily get grocery demands fulfilled while sitting at the convenience of their home. Grocery Apps are the best App ideas after COVID19.

Grocery apps like – Amazon Pantry, Walmart, and more have been in high demand in the covid times and will surely see a rise post that. Such apps help to cater to the rising demand for supplies and fulfill them with secure delivery options. Grocery applications have gone through huge transformations over the years and have actively acted as a superhero during the pandemic. So, investment in these apps will help you make more profits in the coming years.

3. Entertainment Apps

Entertainment apps are everyone’s favorite. No matter which age group you are, these apps come in handy to entertain all age categories. Apps like – Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, and more have been quite popular when it comes to combating boredom. Such apps keep the users engaged and help them learn and explore new things online.

For kids, there are numerous gaming apps on Google Play Stores and App Stores that help them keep entertained. For adults, there is several information as well as interactive apps that help them stay updated with the worldwide happenings. For example – new apps help people stay well-informed about the things going around the world and also educate them to make the best of times. Entertainment Apps are the best App ideas after COVID19.

4. e-Learning Apps

The sector that hit the worst is the educational sector. Due to lockdown, several students were left strangled with online classes. Yes, online education is the only way students are able to cope up with their studies. E-learning apps like – Duolingo which is a famous language app experienced a rise in 14% download in 2020. It clearly shows that e-learning apps are a great way to explore and learn new skills. e-Learning Apps are the best App ideas after COVID19.

It is expected that there will be a rise in e-learning apps even if everything gets back to normal due to its ease and low cost that allow people to pursue their hobbies. Users are now investing more time in learning new and useful things that range from arts to technologies. So, these e-learning apps are likely to see a huge rise in the coming years as well.

Final Words

From exploring new things to ordering useful essential items, mobile apps are the need of the hour and will be in the future. So, if you are planning to invest in app development, then try these ideas to attract more profits. Also, these are App ideas after COVID19. All the best!

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