Asian Meals: Meeting the Needs of Modern Lifestyles

Asian Meals: Meeting the Needs of Modern Lifestyles | The Enterprise World

The food and beverage industry is growing rapidly. This growth is driven by changing consumer preferences and behaviors, such as a desire for transparency, online shopping, and organic food options. Convenience plays a crucial role in consumers’ busy lifestyles, leading to the popularity of instant noodles and pre-made sauces for quick and easy meals. 

However, it can be challenging for manufacturers to make a balance between taste and nutritional value in these products. Despite this challenge, industry leaders are actively working towards creating new and convenient options that satisfy the different tastes of consumers worldwide.

Asian Meals is a leading manufacturer in the food and beverage industry. It specializes in the production of instant food and sauces that offer convenience without compromising on quality or flavor.

Building a Brand

“The company was incorporated after at least two years of Research and Development for us to gain confidence that the parameters of which we would like to have our products defined are met.”

Mickey Quah

After working for over 16 years with Exxon and Sime Plantations, Mickey Quah started his own company—Care Food Industries Private Limited, Malaysia’s largest condiment manufacturer and exporter. Based in Kuala Lumpur, the company operates from a modern manufacturing facility spanning 16,000 square feet. Care Food Industries specializes in crafting a diverse array of sauces, instant noodles, pre-packaged soups, and pre-mixed paste under the renowned brand, “Asian Meals”. 

Offering a wide range of over 400 Asian sauce varieties, Asian Meals includes Malay, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, and Indonesian options to satisfy diverse culinary preferences. The company serves Retail Consumers, Food Service (HORECA), Private Labels, OEM, and Institutional accounts. The company shows a commitment to quality by using products that are minimally processed and not retorted. This ensures that restaurant clients can enjoy the same level of quality as freshly prepared alternatives. 

The growth of Asian Meals was driven by the following factors: 

  • Introduction of products in retail chains like Costco
  • Addition of new products to the product line
  • Partnerships with other manufacturers and food businesses
  • Utilization of social media for marketing purposes
  • Expansion of the company’s market presence

Quality Collaboration

Asian Meals is certified with the highest International quality standards like the HACCP, GMP, FSSC 22000, ISO 9001, ISO 22000, FDA, and HALAL. It has been collaborating with a top Japanese sauce manufacturer for over a decade to produce Halal Japanese sauces. This collaboration showcases Asian Meals’ dedication to quality and commitment to meeting the high standards set by the Japanese food industry.

The IR 4.0 digitalization program, covering all aspects of production and administration processes, has recently been implemented by Asian Meals. It also prioritizes automation to minimize potential contamination risks and improve food safety. This proactive approach demonstrates the company’s commitment to implementing technological advancements and ensuring the reliability of the products.

From Packet to Plate

  • Instant Noodles: The company offers a variety of instant noodles with different flavors, allowing customers to enjoy the taste of Asian cuisine in the comfort of their homes. Flavors include garlic sesame, curry laksa, TomYam and Kim Chi soup bases providing a range of choices to suit different preferences. Additionally, it offers noodles suitable for those who prioritize their health or follow a vegetarian diet. 
  • Pre-mix Sauces: Asian Meals simplifies home cooking with flavorful sauce packets. These convenient packets offer a variety of classic Asian flavors, from Chinese stir-fry sauce to spicy curry  sauce to dips, marinades and pour overs.. With easy-to-follow instructions, anyone can prepare a delicious meal in no time. These sauces can be paired with any dish and promote home-cooked meals. Asian Meals’ sauce packets simplify cooking for individuals, whether they are busy parents, students, or professionals, making it simple, flexible, and delicious.
  • HORECA Sauces: Over 400 sauce options are offered by Asian Meals, from Western-style pasta sauces to traditional Asian-style dipping and stir-fry sauces, catering to diverse kitchen needs. The sauces, crafted by experienced chefs, are free from additives, preservatives, trans fats, or artificial flavors, offering both delicious taste and healthier options. Customized sauce services tailored to local preferences help food service operators innovate and maintain consistency on the menus, enhancing brand reputation and satisfying customers’ palates.

Preserving Asian Culinary Traditions

Asian Meals’ vision was to create convenient cooking sauces that were authentic and easy to use, making it accessible for everyone to cook Asian dishes without the need for complex recipes. Through extensive research and development, it ensured that the company’s products met high standards. Additionally, it wanted to address the challenges of sourcing unfamiliar ingredients and safeguard traditional recipes that were at risk of being forgotten. 

The firm has encountered a significant hurdle when trying to develop a shelf-stable product that could match the taste and quality of freshly cooked meals, all while avoiding the use of preservatives or artificial coloring. Despite lacking formal food technology training, it approached this challenge with determination. Seeking guidance from experts and government institutions proved to be a helpful resource in the company’s journey. 

Although Asian Meals encountered setbacks and had to discard several products initially , it remained determined and has graduated  to overcome obstacles and gain knowledge to direct through future challenges. The company stays up to date with the latest food trends. It adjusts the products and presentations to cater to changing taste preferences. With expertise in sauces, Asian Meals provides solutions that make cooking easier and more efficient. It is known for culinary innovation and is ready to meet the needs of consumers.

Recognition of Excellence

Asian Meals: Meeting the Needs of Modern Lifestyles | The Enterprise World

Recognized with prestigious awards, Asian Meals showcases exceptional food craftsmanship and an innovative spirit. Through collaborative teamwork, the company achieves significant milestones, establishing itself as an industry leader.

Rowing in the same boat

Under the leadership of Mickey, Asian Meals values the company’s long-term employees and considers them essential team members. Many employees have been with the company for over 25 years, representing unity and teamwork. Asian Meals’ leadership highlights collective effort and collaboration to overcome challenges and achieve ongoing success. Employees are treated with respect and care, nurturing a work culture based on loyalty and trust, resulting in a strong customer base.

Customer testimonials:  

  1. “Authentic, premium recipes, Asian Meals is my top choice.”—Helmut F.J Holzer (Certified Chef from the American cooking reality show “MasterChef”)
  1. “These delicious, healthy, and all-natural Asian cuisine sauces are a must-have for every household.” —Barb Lance (Housewife, United States)
  1. “I’m thrilled to introduce Asian Meals’ premium Asian sauces to the American public! They’ve truly won over the hearts of Americans!”—Nick Johnson (CEO of Asian Etc LLC in Atlanta, USA)
  1. “This is the most delicious curry laksa instant noodles I’ve ever tasted.”—Christine Wong (Student, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
  1. “Asian Meals is an excellent representation of Malaysian cuisine.” Dorene Internicola (Reuters journalist, United States)
  1. “I can’t believe the black pepper sauce I tasted was from a pre-packaged sauce mix.”Stephanie Genkin (CNN journalist, United States)


Asian Meals: Meeting the Needs of Modern Lifestyles | The Enterprise World
IndustryFood and Beverage Services
Company size11-50 employees
SpecialtiesHalal sauce, instant noodles, meal kits, vegetarian sauce, curry paste, marinades, soup bases, pasta sauce, Asian sauces, salad dressings, dipping sauce, chili sauce, and OEM

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