Attitude Vs Intelligence

Attitude vs intelligence

Attitude vs Intelligence

People whose intelligence quotient is more, always get appreciation.  After common sense, intelligence is the most vital thing. But, most people believe that if you do not have the right attitude i.e. your behavioral skills, then your intelligence does not work. Therefore, when success is standing in front of you, then your attitude is more important than your intelligence.

Based on research, there are two types of the mindset of humans –

1. Fixed Attitude

2. Growth Attitude

The attitude of people with a predetermined mindset keeps them tied to one thing. They are sure about their ability, efficiency, identity, purpose, and stability to perform any task. They do not challenge you. In contrast, other types of people have a developing mindset. These are often opportunistic. It is seen that people with relatively low IQ (IQ) perform well due to their correct Attitude. Such Attitude becomes a reason for success, open mind, and cashing in on the opportunity.

Attitude vs Intelligence

It is believed that some people are born winners, but if you look at the reality, then you will know that it is their Attitude that takes them forward on the path of success. There is no guarantee that more intelligent people can succeed; In the same way, those with less intelligence will fail, who can say that? Success depends on how you look at the goal and how much you strive for it?

No one is born with a wrong or right attitude. All in this world become efficient in their behavior according to their environment. If Attitude is good, it does not take long to get success and if you are not tactful then nothing comes apart from failure. So do work on these points –

1. Learn from your failures.

2. Be positive and cheerful.

3. Even after getting success, keep learning.

4. Compete but also appreciate others.

5. Encourage others and inspire yourself.

6. Make a strategy and use that as well.

7. Do not underestimate yourself.

8. Self-confidence is necessary but not over-confident

Intelligence comes when you have the opportunity to use the knowledge learned and the right Attitude that shapes your beliefs and beliefs, influenced by internal and external factors. For the fulfillment of an objective, there should be a balance between the two things in you. Success cannot be ensured only by

Success can be ensured by making the right Attitude the instrument.

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