Take Your Career to New Heights with Certbolt Amazon AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Certification

Amazon AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Certification

While most of the businesses were already planning on migrating to the cloud to keep themselves relevant, the global pandemic further accelerated this migration. Moreover, according to the research posted on Datacenter Dynamics, total expenditure on cloud infrastructure by companies rose to a whopping $29 billion. This is 37% more than 2019. This rise in businesses opting for cloud infrastructures was especially beneficial for Amazon, which holds 32% of the total market share.

And while companies are going full speed on getting the max out from the cloud technologies, they are hiring cloud specialists at a rapid pace. And since Amazon controls the major portion of the market, earning its certification will guaranty a successful career in IT. In other words, the Certbolt AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification is the best way to get started.

Why is the Amazon AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Certification the Winning Ticket?

As mentioned above, Amazon controls 32 percent of the cloud services market share and is used by some of the biggest companies including Facebook and Netflix. This should be enough to ensure that getting started with Certbolt AWS is an excellent decision. At the same time, having the AWS certificate would not only help you earn a good salary, but also get you a step closer to working on the aforementioned IT giants. Alternatively, there are tons of great companies that have already migrated to the cloud or are on a verge of migrating, so you don’t really have to worry visit and view more .

Therefore, to get started, the Certbolt AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner evaluation by code CLF-C01 is the way to go. In the course of preparation, it not only equips you with the basic skills in AWS services and products, your understanding of the cloud as a whole also gets broadened. This qualification is especially helpful for those with no technical background who wants to understand cloud concepts and plan to start a successful career in the near future. All this is because the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner is an entry-level certification.

What About the Salary?

So, you worked hard to get your AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certificate. You went through sleepless nights just to study for the certification exam. And now that you’ve earned it, you’re asking yourself if it was worth it? Of course, it was well worth it as apart from kick-starting your professional path in cloud services, the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner designation comes with a pretty decent annual salary.

In more detail, according to ZipRecruiter, the average salary of this certification’s holder is $89,643 per year. Moreover, your career prospects include such job roles as AWS Cloud Engineering Manager, AWS Cloud Engineer, Certbolt AWS Cloud Developer, and AWS Solutions Architect among various other job roles.

As you сan see, it is worth it not only in terms of wage but also in terms of acting as a gateway to more challenging technical jobs with more interesting and responsible tasks. So, go ahead and earn your Amazon AWS Exam accreditation as soon as possible.

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