7 Must-Have B2B Lead Generation Tools to Dominate

Best 7 Must Have B2B Lead Generation Tools to Dominate | The Enterprise World

­­Driving new leads are one of the most challenging tasks for every organization out there. Sometimes even the latest techniques don’t work. If you are looking for the must-have B2B lead generation tools to dominate, you have come to the right place.

Before moving further, it is important to know what lead generation is.

The process of increasing the revenue of your business by inducing the interest of individuals in your products and services is what is termed lead generation. Nowadays, companies are crafting marketing messages creatively according to the needs of the prospects. And many big brands are relying particularly on B2B lead generation companies to take the popularity and sales of their brand to another level. Furthermore, what makes the best B2B Lead Generation Tools to Dominate?

A strong lead generation campaign comes with two things – clear strategies and the correct tools to achieve your business goals. A good B2B lead generation tools to dominate is more user-friendly and makes the lead generation process hassle-free. See its integration, pricing, and benefits to choose the best tool within your marketing budget.

Here we have come up with seven Must-have B2B Lead Generation Tools to Dominate to take your company’s success a notch higher. Keep reading to satisfy your intellect.

1. Calendly

What is more annoying than scheduling back-to-back meetings with someone? Nothing. Calendly helps you get rid of this problem. Additionally, it simplifies the process of opening up your calendar to potential prospects, referral partners, and anyone who is valuable to your network. Set aside some time after office hours. Making the meeting link available will make it easy for your potential partners to book time with you, thereby generating leads. This tool drives more revenues, enhances your sales cycle, and makes your IT team feel secure and safe.

Best 7 Must Have B2B Lead Generation Tools to Dominate | The Enterprise World

2. Quora

Many people are of the notion that Quora is not a lead-generation tool. But it is. It gives a kick to your learning, where you can find more about B2B leads. This question-and-answer platform allows users to ask questions related to anything and everyone is free to answer them. Find out the type of questions your target market asks or respond directly to your target market. The tool is completely free.

Best 7 Must Have B2B Lead Generation Tools to Dominate | The Enterprise World

3. Ever Webinar

Conducting webinars is said to drive a lot of profits nowadays. This works especially well when you want to generate new leads for your business. Using the Ever Webinar tool, it becomes easy to automate the webinar footage and lead capturing. It gives you the opportunity to recreate the live experience. The tool helps assist the engagement levels. It uses countdown timers for attendance numbers and to boost engagement. It works seamlessly on all devices with HD quality. You can get its subscription annually. Want to save money? Save it by paying 799 US Dollars every two years.

4. Hunter.io

Hunter.io is the tool to help you find better B2B leads. All you have to do is – search for a company’s or a person’s name to get to know their email address. Now, see them as a possible lead and reach out to them. What’s more? You can find out the email addresses of everyone in a specific company. The tool provides you with 100 free requests per month, and after that, you can get access to 1000 requests by paying a certain amount according to their monthly plan.

5. ProProfs Chat

A live chat software, ProProfs chat lets your business interact with website visitors in real-time. Additionally, you can capture useful information to give a kick to your sales team for finalizing sales. You just need a couple of minutes to sign up and install the ProProfs Chat, and you are good to go. Besides, users can customize it as per their requirements, like customizing the chat widget. ProProfs Chat also allows integration with several platforms like the help desk, social media platforms, and CRM, to name a few.

Best 7 Must Have B2B Lead Generation Tools to Dominate | The Enterprise World

6. Lead Feeder

Lead generation campaigns get a boost when you gather data about prospects that drive decision-making. In addition to providing first-party information from prospective customers, Leadfeeder also gives you information on which companies pay a visit to your site. By gathering data about the potential new market that you can target, you can amplify your outreach efforts and give a boost to your ABM campaigns. Connect this tool with your Google Analytics account to get insights about industries and behavioral data. You can find the usefulness of this tool by signing up for the free version. And after that, upgrade it with a premium for the best results.

7. To make a long story short.  

You should use the above-mentioned B2B Lead Generation Tools to Dominate and reach great heights in your business. Achieving success in your lead-generation campaign requires you to adopt the right lead-generating tools. So, use the above list to find what suits your business the best and yield positive results.

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