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Logistics and supply chain have evolved over the years. New technologies and developments are disrupting the industry in multiple ways and companies have to be farsighted to survive the constantly-increasing competition. Excelling in the competition, Behag Overseas is a new generation Logistics company with young and dynamic people, who are not only experienced but dedicated to customer service 24×7. The company is approved by the GOVT of India as CUSTOMS HOUSE AGENT. It operates from Kolkata and has its branches at all land customs ports in West Bengal with associates all over India and abroad. 

Initial Blockades along the Way

Behag Overseas has a unique perspective on the hurdles it faced, it does not feel that those hurdles were challenges, but “enjoyment” instead. The company feels unless it enjoys its own work, it will not be able to sustain the business. Logistics, especially dealing with international logistics is a very big playground. Since its inception, Behag Overseas has recognized that even though a small player, it is stronger than the big ones. This is the reason it is able to sustain the market for the last ten-fifteen years. 

The Turning Point-Behag Overseas

Behag Overseas provided feedback to its valued customers even on government holidays. 

When the entire world was under COVID for the last two years, the company did not take a single day as rest or holiday. These are some of the reasons that helped it achieve unrivaled growth. 

Continuous Growth

The journey of 10 years has been a long one, where Behag Overseas faced many difficulties and successes along the way. In a short amount of time, the company was able to bag huge customers like Coca-Cola, and Adani PoTheyr. The hurdles never held the company back. Every time Behag Overseas faced a difficulty, it kept the motivation high which helped in overcoming many challenges.

Behag Overseas started with a table space office in Kolkata and in 2022, it developed its own office not only in Kolkata but also 6 six land customs stations all over West Bengal. It added 7 trucks to the team. Behag Overseas also started to make a 4000 sq. feet modern warehouse of its own with a 3000 sq. foot open place at Bangoan and Bashirhat. Consistent focus on providing high-quality service has been one of the most preeminent reasons behind the long-standing success of Behag Overseas. 

Bouquet of Services and Solutions

Along with Total logistics, in-house CB, Own transportation & own warehousing, Behag Overseas also provides Import and Export Services. Here are the services offered by the company. 

Import Services:

  • Behag Overseas plans the imports and gives suggestions from time to time.
  • The company arranges for the registration of its clients under the EDI System at Calcutta Customs Air Port & all Land Customs station, if not already done.
  • It scrutinizes the shipment details and informs the clients about the requirement of further information/ clarification/explanation that may be required for processing the documents at Customs.
  • Behag Overseas follows up with Steamer Agents for information about the Feeder Vessel and the expected date of arrival of the consignment at Calcutta port and keeps the clients posted about the same.
  • The company prepares and submits the Declaration for Bill of Entry under EDI System on the basis of the Documents and gets the checklist issued even before the arrival of the vessel. Moreover, it scrutinizes the checklist and keeps it ready for resubmission immediately after the arrival of the vessel is confirmed.
  • The client will arrange to provide Behag Overseas with Catalogues, Literature, and Technical Write-ups for machinery, equipment & Spare Parts. For Chemical items, the company shall require Literature showing the composition & theme of the items, Manufacturer’s Test Certificates, and a Material Safety Data Sheet to arrange smooth & trouble-free clearance.
  • Behag Overseas advises the clients on the amount of Duty Payable and the Funds required to clear each consignment in advance so that they can arrange the funds in time.
  • The client has to send Behag Overseas the Original Set of Documents including a Bill of Lading duly endorsed by their Bank at least two working days ahead of the arrival of the Vessel to enable them to arrange Rent-free clearance.
  • The company collects Delivery Orders from Steamer Agents and observes all CPT & Sales Tax Formalities for taking physical delivery of the goods. In the case of Air Consignments, it collects the Delivery Order from Airlines/ Freight Forwarders and observes all the formalities for clearance from Air Port Authority.
  • Behag gets the goods physically examined and obtains Release Order from Customs Officials at Dock/ Airport. 
  • It organizes the placement of Trucks/ Trailers, loads the cargo, and dispatches the same to the client’s nominated place of delivery.
  • In cases where the goods are taken delivery in Containers, Behag arranges de-stuffing of the Containers if so required. For this purpose, it takes the Container to its Godown, de-stuffs the cargo with Crane/ Fork Lift, loads them on Trucks/ Trailers for onward dispatch to the client’s destination, and returns the empty container to the Parking Slot. 
  • The clients have to arrange the unloading of goods at their destination.
  • The company extends any other service related to Customs clearance of consignments.
  • It also provides consultancy services for any Refund Claim, Project Registration & Reconciliation, and any other Customs Matter.

Export Services:

  • Behag Overseas participates in the planning of the client’s Exports and prepares Invoices, Packing lists, and any other documents if so required.
  • Once the client advises it about their program of Export, the company prepares the documents including the Shipping Bill or Bill of Export for submission to Customs.
  • It cooperates with Steamer Agent for ascertaining the earliest vessel availability.
  • Depending on the vessel availability, Behag picks up the Container from the slot and takes the same to the client’s Factory / Godown for stuffing and re-transports the stuffed Container to Dock.
  • In the case of LCL Cargo, it sends a truck to the client’s Factory / Godown for picking up the Cargo and brings the same to Dock for stuffing.
  • Behag arranges an examination of the goods at Dock by Shed Customs and obtains an Order for Loading / Stuffing.
  • It prepares a draft Bill of Lading and collects the Final Bill of Lading from the Steamer Agent duly signed by it.
  • If required, it may arrange stuffing of goods in container/loading of same on Trucks/trailers. 
  • Behag observes the required C.P.T. formalities for the Export Cargo.
  • The company extends any other service related to Customs clearance of the Export Cargo.

Plans for the Future

Almost no company in the logistics and supply chain industry has been able to survive by working in traditional ways. Being aware of this fact, Behag has a very simple and clear approach when it comes to taking further steps in the department of Products & services. It says that it has to work hard and communicate about its zeal to work and one window facility for work.

Behag Overseas is the only CHA/CB in Kolkata that has its own office in Kolkata and also has offices in all of Bangladesh and Bhutan Land customs station. To make the services efficient and less expensive, Behag has its own fleet and warehouse for customers who are executing export or import. It does not have any place to move for any sort of service regarding export or import logistics.


“Behag Overseas is a new generation logistics company with all the young and dynamic persons who are not only experienced but dedicated to customer service 24×7.”

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