Best 50 Leading CRM Software Companies

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) has proved itself to be one of the leading and highly important technologies for managing a company’s relationships. CRM is software that ensures an open and constant interaction with current and potential customers.
The software enables companies to enhance business relationships, streamline processes, and grow profitability. People often refer to a CRM as a CRM system, which is a tool that manages a lot of functions such as sales management, productivity, contact management, and much more.
CRM solutions help your company to focus on managing and maintaining an organization’s relationships. The system helps deal with suppliers, service users, customers, etc. right down to an individual level. Thus, increasing the CX (Customer Experience) of the company, generating trust and reputation in the market.
CRM solutions have become a crucial need for the everyday functioning and well-being of a company. The system also enables companies to find new customers, engage in promoting businesses, and additional services.
All in all, CRM provides a complete one-stop solution to companies for enhancing their business, its reach, and most importantly customer engagement and support. The system also helps in managing a lot of other functions, proving to be a vital tool for growing and developing a company.

Here are some of the leading CRM software companies:

ZohoCRM Logo


Zoho CRM is one of the leading names in the CRM space. The organization enables the sales force to work effectively and close more deals at a faster pace. Their solution provides a lot of services to their clients.
Lead management, marketing automation, contact management, multichannel forecasting, territory management, and a lot more other capabilities are provided by ZohoCRM. Their services are integrated with conversational AI, which supports users by predicting lead and deal success, offering a voice assistant, and suggesting activities to automate based on behavior analysis.
Now, with their latest and advanced services, users enjoy workflow automation to streamline manual tasks and stay on top of performance with real-time reporting and analytics.

Salesforce Sales Cloud Logo

Salesforce Sales Cloud

Salesforce Sales is a leading company providing exemplary solutions which are suitable for companies of any size. Salesforce Sales Cloud delivers sales and customer service capabilities for both the B2B and B2C domains.
It helps businesses work more efficiently, easily surface key metrics and share business data via integration. The capabilities offered by Sales Cloud include real-time tracking, visual workflows, forecasting, marketing tools, and reports.
Their services also come equipped with a mobile app for iOS and Android devices and are deployed in the cloud. The cloud capability offers a lot of options to the clients such as enabling unrestricted access so users can work from anywhere.

SimpleCRM Logo


SimpleCRM is an ISO 27001:2013 certified company that provides CRM and AI-Based solutions for mid and large-sized enterprises. They started their journey in 2014, and are headquartered in Singapore.
Their Indian subsidiary is based in Nagpur and they have Development Centers in Nagpur, Bangalore & Hyderabad. Also, there is Sales & Support presence in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi/NCR, Manila & Colombo. Their platform is a flagship CRM & Intelligent Automation low-code / no-code platform.
Their platform offers exceptional value and helps organizations build stronger relationships with their customers. The platform caters to the entire customer lifecycle journey through an automated and dynamic customer engagement and retention framework.

HubSpot Sales Hub Logo

HubSpot Sales Hub

HubSpot Sales is a customizable, cloud-based system that helps increase sales and automate sales processes. This enables clients to save a lot of time at every stage of development. This, in turn, allows the clients to have customer and prospect nurturing, which improves lead conversion rates and facilitates efficient pipeline management.
The company provides a platform that is code-free and comes with a simple interface, making it easy to use for users without technical expertise. Their service comes with unique features and capabilities which include quote generation, communication management, automated reminders and follow-ups, standardized email templates, effective metrics, dynamic dashboards, etc.
Also, their service supports all devices and is available on mobile devices, and caters to businesses of all sizes.

Creatio Logo


Creatio (formerly BPM Online) is a low-code suite that simplifies marketing, sales, and service efforts, streamlining business functions and providing a seamless experience to the clients. With their services, users can engage in customer service management and take consultation with leading experts in the industry.
It unifies a BPM engine and CRM functionalities to power operational tasks. Their services are highly advanced and are made by industry experts which bring highly advanced solutions. The key features of their services include contact and lead management, email marketing, pipelines, dashboards, project management, SLAs, and a contact center.
Their services offer mobile access for Android and iOS devices which can be used for updating and adding contact, account, and opportunity information, making calls, and sending SMS messages. An API supports customization, which allows users to build complex integrations, custom modules, and apps. Their suite of services also offers SaaS and self-hosting.

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