What Are the Best Cursive Fonts for an Elegant Signature?

What Are the Best Cursive Fonts for an Elegant Signature? | The Enterprise World

It doesn’t matter if you are an entrepreneur or a niche craft seller. There will come a time when you need to put your signature on something. It could be on headers, on business cards, or even as part of your personal branding. Signatures provide that extra touch of elegance that strikes a chord with the viewer.

Many believe that a signature is a personal expression that conveys your personality and style. With the amount of content creation and business done online today, it makes sense to invest in a good signature typeface. In this article, we will look at some of the best cursive fonts for your signature.

We will also look at what aspects you should keep in mind when making the decision. After all, it is unlikely that you will be changing your signature every now and then.

What to Keep In Mind When Picking the Best Signature Script Font?

Yes, you can simply pick the best cursive font that looks attractive to you and be done with it. However, it is worth putting some effort into it. Think about the kind of message you wish to convey with your signature. 

Do you want to come across as warm and friendly, or are you hoping to look more formal and reliable? Try to find and shortlist four to five cursive typography options and evaluate them each. There are so many font options out there today that you might feel overwhelmed initially.

What Are the Best Cursive Fonts for an Elegant Signature? | The Enterprise World

According to Creative Market, you can easily find everything from script-inspired to retro fonts online. It may be tempting to try something that looks unique and cool, but remember that legibility can be a concern. Sometimes, cursive font may look nice on a screen but end up being disappointing on paper.

Consider printing out different fonts so that you have a clear idea of how each font looks. Size and scaling will be aspects to verify before you finalize and make a purchase. You can also get some feedback from friends or family. While it is your signature, it helps to get an external opinion sometimes.

Also, before you start opening tabs and windows of script fonts, it can be worth reading up on some basics. A search for “lucida handwriting” or “15th-century Latin and English typefaces” can take you down a deep rabbit hole of handwriting fonts.

What Are the Best cursive font for Signature Fonts?

Now that we have looked at some considerations regarding font choice, let us look at a few options. Naturally, tastes will differ, so if you feel like none of these work for you, feel free to peruse other options.

What Are the Best Cursive Fonts for an Elegant Signature? | The Enterprise World

1. Andora Ardelion

Let’s start off with a font that instantly captures your attention. Andora Ardelion is a best cursive font that features free-flowing calligraphic strokes. It is swash-heavy, but if you are a fan of the style, it can be perfect for you. Based on the copperplate calligraphy font, it is a charming and playful script font. 

2. Lauren Hansley

This one cuts back on the stylistic swashes by a good amount. It closely resembles a hand-drawn script and is perfect if you wish your signature to have a more personal touch. While you may not want to sign off corporate emails with Lauren Hansley, it can be perfect for small business owners.

What Are the Best Cursive Fonts for an Elegant Signature? | The Enterprise World

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3. Hillmont

This font swaps homely and warm for a richer, more expensive aesthetic. This is the sort of font you might see being used around high-fashion and Italian suits. It exudes that calm confidence you might want to bring when signing off on major business deals. It may not have the same aesthetic as more conventional brush script fonts, but it’s a minimalistic style after all.

4. La Historia

If you are looking for a more neutral font style, La Historia may be what you want. It also happens to be versatile enough that you can use it for commercial use, wedding invitations, greeting cards, and more. La Historia is perfect if you wish to add a touch of elegance to your signatures.


While there’s nothing wrong with generic font options in Microsoft Word, taking the time to use a handwritten signature is always noticed. The best part about the internet these days is that you can find free fonts as well. Finding a signature style has never been easier, given how prevalent template websites are.

You don’t need to use Adobe Photoshop or worry about logo design these days. Handwritten font templates are here to make things easier. Remember, the best signature fonts are ones that speak to you. Elaborate ligatures may not be for everyone, and sometimes, a slightly stylized sans-serif font can work perfectly for some people.

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