Biden’s Administration is All Set to Roll Out New and Strict Asylum Restriction at the Border

Biden Administration is All Set to Roll Out New and Strict Asylum Restriction at the Border

The Biden Administration has proposed new asylum restrictions that could significantly impact the number of people allowed to seek refuge in the United States. The proposed changes would make it more difficult for people to apply for asylum at the border, as the administration seeks to limit the number of migrants arriving at the southern border.

What are the changes proposed?

The proposed changes include a new rule that would require migrants to apply for asylum in the first safe country they enter, rather than at the US border. This would effectively prevent many migrants from seeking asylum in the US, as they would have to apply in countries like Mexico or Guatemala, where conditions are often dangerous and unstable.

In addition, the proposed changes would limit the eligibility of asylum-seekers who have been convicted of certain crimes, including gang-related offenses and drug trafficking. This would make it much more difficult for people who have been targeted by gangs or other violent groups to seek refuge in the US.

The Biden Administration has defended the proposed changes, arguing that they are necessary to address the growing number of migrants arriving at the southern border. Officials have pointed to the strain that the influx of migrants has put on resources and infrastructure, and have argued that stricter asylum restrictions are needed to prevent further strain on the system.

Biden administration formally proposes restrictions to asylum seekers

What do the critics have to say?

Critics, however, argue that the proposed changes are overly restrictive and could violate international human rights law. They argue that many migrants who are fleeing persecution or violence in their home countries may not have the opportunity to apply for asylum in a safe country before arriving at the US border, and that the new restrictions could effectively close off the US asylum system to many of the world’s most vulnerable people.

The proposed changes have already drawn criticism from advocacy groups and human rights organizations. Amnesty International, for example, has argued that the new restrictions would “turn its back on some of the most vulnerable people in the world.” Similarly, the American Civil Liberties Union has called the proposed changes “a cruel attempt to further restrict access to asylum.”

The Biden Administration has said that it will continue to work with Congress and other stakeholders to address the ongoing migration crisis at the southern border. However, it remains to be seen whether the proposed changes to the asylum system will be implemented, and whether they will ultimately be effective in addressing the challenges posed by the current situation.

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