How to Make Your San Diego Billboards Stand Out

Billboards in San Diego - How To Make Them Stand Out?

When customers are speeding by, it’s tough to get your marketing noticed. Conversely, if there’s a traffic jam on the Montgomery Freeway, you’ll find no better advertising than billboards in San Diego! Getting your ads some extra attention takes more than being in the right place at the right time. Here are some tips to help you take advantage of some of the biggest ad spots on the California coast.

Clear and Concise

The average driver only has eyes on a single billboard for between three and five seconds. That’s not a lot of time to read a summary of your business’s history and mission statement. It does give you a great opportunity to make a powerful first impression. You’ll need to have a message that can be read quickly and easily understood. Try to make drivers curious about your business with a big idea that makes them want to learn more.

Use simple fonts that are printed large enough to be read at a distance. Avoid too much clutter by keeping complex images to a minimum. Some billboards in San Diego forego graphics entirely and keep their content entirely text-based. A series of billboards can work in tandem to create a “story” that unfolds as drivers travel down the road, creating even more of a long-lasting and impactful presentation.

Visual Appeal

Sometimes text is all you need, but a great graphic can really catch a driver’s eye, especially when careening down the road at 75 mph. Choose an image that works with your brand but doesn’t distract from the message you’re trying to present. Some of the best billboards in San Diego follow the age-old adage to show and not tell, providing engaging messaging with a simple picture or design.

Don’t be afraid to draw outside of the lines, either. California outdoor advertising laws allow for oddly-shaped billboards that let the ad really stand out against the competition. Another way to gain more aesthetic allure is to incorporate the billboard’s natural surroundings. A sign surrounded by trees might make a great spot for Greenhouse advertising, or a billboard featuring indoor rock climbing would be a great contrast to the modern cityscape.

Go Digital

If you’re looking for even more flair, digital billboards in San Diego can make quite an impact. This technology introduces a wealth of versatility to small advertising spaces, allowing businesses to tailor their message to the time of day, weather conditions, or even local news and sports! Some of the dynamic messaging you can use with your billboard include:

  • Social Media: Connect with your customers in real time via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Game Scores: Perfect for sports-oriented businesses, customers can stay up-to-date with the game while keeping their eyes on the road.
  • Menu Items: Listing today’s specials can really draw in those hungry customers.
  • Countdowns: With a big sale coming up, a timer will help build anticipation for the event.
  • Traffic: Try suggesting an alternate route that just happens to go by your restaurant.

When having dynamic messaging, remember that drivers only have a few seconds to read those highway-side signs, so minimize updates to maximize effectiveness. Advertising with a digital billboard gives you a lot more freedom when it comes to colors and images as well. Stick to darker backgrounds instead of white or the extra light will wash out your picture and text. It’s also a good idea to stay with simple font options to help keep things readable.

Location, Location, Etc.

There’s a lot to consider when deciding on where to put your billboard. Using roadside signs is still an effective marketing strategy, but it won’t matter if your billboard isn’t seen by the target audience. Drive by the area yourself to see how it looks at various points throughout the day. It may be in shadow during some parts, or it could be located in a heavy traffic area that will get noticed during the afternoon gridlock.

Alternately, many billboards in San Diego use the opportunity to pinpoint the business’s location as well. Acting as a call to action, simply stating “10 Miles, Next Exit” and an image of a restaurant is enough to let a hungry driver know that a great dining experience is close at hand. Some billboards don’t even have a fixed location. Consider using the side of public transit buses and let your billboard advertise for you all over town!

Eye-Catching Billboards in San Diego

Any business can throw up a sign and call it a day, but it takes some crafting to create a really effective billboard. Keep your messaging simple and remember to take advantage of the sign’s location. As long as your story can be read in the precious few seconds drivers have to see it, you’ll have the opportunity to make a first impression that customers will remember all the way to your front door.

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