Builders Protection Group, LLC: Safeguarding Construction Companies through Strategic Risk Management Planning and Execution

Builders Protection Group: Safeguarding Construction Companies | The Enterprise World

The Enterprise World’s issue of Most Trusted Risk Management Solution Companies in 2023 is the story of Builder’s Protection Group a company adept at risk mitigation and strategic planning and execution.

The construction industry over the last 20 years has been expanding and at several times, volatile. With the rapid growth in the industry comes risks and new challenges unseen in previous market cycles. Navigating their way through this, companies need to find strategic alliances to survive.

With their expertise towards successful and timely completion of a project, consultants help companies stay ahead of the curve.

Builders Protection Group, LLC (BPG) is a Small Business Enterprise (SBE) specializing in strategic risk management and construction services providing risk mitigation and construction consultation services since 2003.  Traditionally, strategic risk management is the process of analysing, identifying, quantifying, and mitigating any risk that may occur or is built-in in a company’s current business strategy, objectives, and execution. 

Builders Protection Group, LLC (BPG) is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. Its long-standing success is a measure of its extensive solutions for the modern construction sector. The company’s team undertakes work in over 24 states and serves both public and private sector clients. The company’s primary objective is to facilitate the construction of safer and more cost-effective homes and buildings. Administrators and inspectors work together to help clients make better products so they can reach their desired goals.

All-Inclusive Service Offerings

Builders Protection Group takes pride in offering full-spectrum solutions for today’s building industry. It works hard to cultivate long-term relationships with its clients as it believes in building lasting relationships that will stand the test of time. This includes offering competitive fees, helping a new client that is unfamiliar with its services successfully navigate the process, and always being available to assist in any way possible. A large piece of BPG’s success comes from the company culture and the retention of experienced staff through good times and bad. 

As an integral piece of the construction industry, engineering and inspection oversite are some of the main services BPG offers. Many utilize BPG’s administration services as a compliment to General Contractors’ internal workings. Both these main products are tailored to the needs of the individual project or client. 

The main difference between BPG and some of its competing firms is the ability to offer services in both public and private spheres. This allows for a better complement of professionals in the ranks, which in turn, allows for a wealth of knowledge and experience available for all BPG’s clients.

Builders Protection Group adheres to the proverb “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” which applies to the building industry too. By advising builders and contractors in the early stages of a project, BPG can guide its clients away from several difficulties that frequently end in lawsuits. The Site Safety Inspection is a significant service for the company’s clients. This service addresses numerous subjects that are occasionally overlooked on construction sites, such as worker injuries, and investigates their causes. As a result of BPG’s work to make construction sites safer, most projects are finished faster and for less money in the long run.

Surpassing the Struggles

Over the past 20 years, just about every company in the construction industry has had to face and overcome a myriad of challenges to survive. Some of them include, housing booms, housing bubbles, supply chain shortages, recession, Covid-19, interest rate hikes and a huge swing in population shifts around the United States have kept the industry pivoting like never before. 

Growing Exponentially

The main expansion of Builders Protection Group has occurred in the last five years with the new management team that has come up through the ranks of the company. The company has been at the forefront of market innovation.

The growth has been fuelled by the growth of the government division fulfilling municipal contracts as well as expanding BPG’s traditional business services from coast to coast. Originally, BPG was founded to service a select group of builders in the Southern California market. 

New technologies and interactive apps/software provide clients with real-time access to required information. These, combined with a team of seasoned specialists, provide a blend of expertise and professionalism with modern technology. This has helped BPG become a national construction powerhouse and industry leader. It has grown now to servicing public and private clients actively in 25 states.

An Outline of the BPG Working Process

Generally, BPG is hired immediately before the commencement of construction projects. Beginning with an initial meeting to review the Wrap Administration process, BPG will provide as much assistance as the client requires. Whether the client is new to the world of CIPs or a seasoned builder, the company guides them through each step of the process and follows up as needed to ensure a successful project.

The inspectors and engineers conduct on-site inspections to ensure plan compliance and prevent problems before they emerge. They make sure that this process is done repeatedly until the project is executed. The staff and management of BPG frequently confer with other specialists from throughout the country. This, along with BPG’s attendance at conferences and symposia, helps the company keep up with the constantly changing needs and problems of the industry.

Dealing with over 1000 developments each year, BPG works with major worldwide insurance companies, banks, municipal entities, cities, and government projects. As one of the business models, Builders Protection Group offers developer-specific services where all its projects will be administered with proven risk management strategies and specialized site inspection/quality control services. The enterprise also provides services for risk transference. As a part of risk management, Builders Protection Group provides insurance services, including an all-encompassing wrap liability policy. 

Keeping up with the Pace

The stock and housing markets traditionally set the pace for how BPG’s leadership anticipates new or revamping services. Either in up or down markets, there are always needs from both the public and private sectors that need to be fulfilled. The complicated part is finding and satisfying those needs before the market gets saturated with startup competing firms that inevitably jump into every up market. 

Meet the Driving Force behind BPG

An extraordinary leader, a risk-taker, and a successful business development associate, Adam Shaw is the Chief Executive Officer at BPG. As the CEO, Adam has spearheaded BPG to new heights streamlining smooth sailing processes and overall growth. Being an experienced leader, he is at par with the company’s mission, vision, and core values ensuring the team and its day-to-day operations align with it. 

Adam attended Pepperdine University where he received a Bachelor of Arts (BA) and Political Science and Government (2000-2004). In 2010, Adam joined Builders Protection Group and climbed the ladder of success escalating to an executive role and becoming the CEO in 2017. Since then, he has been a driving force behind BPG’s success and continues to expand the company year after year.  

A few Insights about Adam’s Interests include Adam’s Favourite Book: Count of Monte Cristo. The original version is one of the most complete books he has ever read. He reckons this as the best story written encompassing success, financial ruin, redemption, and revenge!

Adam admires his parents the most as they are the quintessential hard-working example of the American Dream. Out of college as school teachers, they founded many businesses and made their dreams come true. He truly admires everything they accomplished and used their work ethic to become the CEO and lead Builders Protection Group. 

His most inspiring quote is, “I have a plaque on my desk that has this saying in both English and Latin, Victory loves Preparation”. 

Customer-Centric to the Core

Adam states, “Our core value is to make people’s homes better, safer, and less expensive.

As a niche player in the industry, Builders Protection Group believes in building long-term relationships with its business partners that will stand the test of time. The company offers competitive fees, helping a new client that is unfamiliar with CIPs successfully navigate the process, and always being available to assist in any way possible. The company’s culture heavily contributes to BPG’s standing out in a crowded and often changing marketplace.

Building a Concrete Future

Technology is constantly upgrading, enabling new ways to integrate its benefits into our offerings. In the construction field, companies and leaders are leveraging its power and adapting it for efficient processes and user-friendly systems. It is here that BPG attempts to stay at the forefront. “Our strength lies in the quality of our staff and the ability to change with the times. We are always bringing on new technology to help build a value-add to our clients and give the best possible customer service.

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