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The COVID pandemic has surely elevated the overall teaching process around the world. One that was pretty traditional rapidly shifted to the new technological one with varying reforms. This online mode of teaching has diversified everyone’s roles in the classroom. One that went with a monologue has changed to a discussion in a group. Students are now given very practical problems to brainstorm and find a solution to. 

The Enterprise World is proud to feature Canterbury Institute of Management in this issue of The Most Admired Universities and Colleges To Watch in 2022 as a university providing practical and engaging modules of education. 

Canterbury Institute of Management- The Campus of Dreams 

Canterbury Institute of Management (CIM) offers excellent on campus working conditions at all of its 3 accredited campuses. Every college campus takes all the necessary measure to ensure their student safety and an overall great studying environment. This is where CIM differentiates from others, by being a step ahead in providing students with the absolute best. 

Canterbury Institute of Management(CIM) emphasizes on following strict and rigorous policies to provide students with a safe working and study environment for their students. Their International students are taken special care of, where the students are insured via the Medibank Private. This policy ensures that in the event of any kind of unwanted incident-illness, all the students are fully covered. 

All three of CIM’s campuses boast of state-of-the-art facilities and are strategically and centrally located on the Ground Floor in major hubs as opposed to being scattered over multiple floors of a multi-storey building. Every campus is equipped with Hi Tech labs, Zoom Rooms facilities, meeting rooms and a special feature of “chill spaces” for students. All campuses are very close to public transport, community libraries and sporting facilities.

Canterbury Institute of Management(CIM) currently offers Undergraduate Programs and is awaiting approval to start Postgraduate Programs.

“We are committed to wellbeing of our staff and students.”

Canterbury Institute of Management(CIM) has First Aid Officers and Floor Wardens to address any emergencies or difficult situations. The institute has developed important safety policies which are followed by all staff and students i.e.

  • Occupational Health and Safety Policy
  • Critical Incident and Emergency Planning

CIM recognises that critical incidents and emergencies may occur at any time. Therefore, the key policies and plans detail the arrangements regarding critical incidents and emergencies.

Canterbury Institute of Management(CIM) Campuses-

SYDNEY-1: 41 McLaren Street, NORTH SYDNEY NSW 2060

Sydney is the capital of New South Wales. Sydney is a harbour city that is known for one of the best water ways and high skyscrapers in the world. The North Sydney Campus is located on the Northern side of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and is within walking distance to major transport, education, sports, government and tourist facilities.

SYDNEY-2: 21 Regent Street, Redfern NSW 2016

Redfern is an inner-city suburb of Sydney and is part of the local government area of the City of Sydney. CIM campus is located about 100 meters from Redfern train station and about 700 meters from Sydney Central Station.

Campus is conveniently located within walking distance to the University of Sydney/UTS/ Café and shopping centre. Redfern Park has always been a significant social, cultural, political and historical site for Aboriginal people both as a sporting venue and place of reflection for the community.

DARWIN: 2 Printers Place, DARWIN CITY NT 0800

Darwin is the capital of Australia’s Northern Territory. It is also a gateway to the famous Kakadu National Park. Its popular waterfront area has several beaches and green areas including Bicentennial Park. The CIM Darwin Campus is close to public transport, education, sports, government and tourist facilities.

Darwin is a regional area and student can apply for up to 4 years Graduate Skills Visa. Darwin is a few hours flights from Indonesia and the Philippines. It is closer to South India then Sydney.

Unity in Diversity-

“A key principle at CIM is that ALL stakeholders foster diversity and inclusivity at all levels and all sections of the Institute.”

The Institute is committed to providing equal opportunity and freedom from discrimination, harassment and criticism for staff and students of the Institute, and to creating an environment which reflects and values the social and cultural diversity within the Institute and the communities it serves.

CIM has a well thought through and important Diversity and Equity Policy” which is made available to all staff and students.

There are multiple other policies endorsed by (CIM) Governing Council and Academic Board which foster diversity and inclusivity at CIM. Some of them are:

  • Stakeholder Feedback Policy
  • Human Resources Management Policy
  • Ethical Clearance Policy
  • Staff Code of Conduct
  • Strategic Plan
  • Student Code of Conduct
  • Student Grievance Management Policy
  • Mental Health Strategy and Implementation Plan

“The Institute aims to ensure that our students are happy and healthy in all aspects of their lives. We understand that students need to have a balance between study, work, and leisure. It is also essential that students form strong social connections.”

The Institute’s student association coordinates social activities and disseminates well-being related information to students. They regularly inform students of free community events that promote community connection, including festivals and public holiday activities.

All staff and students are encouraged to be alert to, reject, and speak up to prevent sexual harassment.

Canterbury Institute of Management(CIM)’s ongoing commitment to mental well-being is demonstrated through provision of support and innovations in services related to student and staff mental wellbeing. 

Setting a Benchmark-

“CIM’s Academic and Marketing Teams have worked hard together to create a welcoming and nurturing experience for ALL students.”

This dedication towards better education is what has made CIM one of the Top 10 Universities- Higher Education Providers in Australia by The Academic Insights Magazine. 

With their quality, custom-built learning and teaching facilities, Canterbury Institute of Management(CIM) truly makes one of the best institutes for higher education for students and staff across all its campuses. 

“Every feature of the university was built in a way that will encourage creativity and support better learning.”

Canterbury Institute of Management(CIM) has been at the forefront of incorporating technological aspects in their teaching process, making the entire module a student-focused one with avant-garde facilities that include eLearning platform (Customised Module), on-campus computer labs and Wi-Fi enabled campus buildings. 

The CIM Executive Management Team continuously reviews the efficacy of facilities and resources in their areas of responsibility through the following process:

Each member of the Executive Management Team is required to report at each meeting on any issues related to facilities and resources. 

Where improvements to CIM facilities and resources need to be addressed, any actions required are decided upon by the Executive Management Team and are allocated to a responsible person for completion within the approved timeframe.

The following IT facilities are offerings to students:

  • Dedicated student office 365 Microsoft exchange email accounts;
  • Microsoft Office license for students;
  • High tech IT labs;
  • Fast internet on campus for personal devices;
  • Libraries with digital newspapers and online journals and books; 
  • Virtual EPBAX Systems between campuses with direct communication of students in Sydney and Darwin; 
  • Zoom enabled classroom facilities;
  • Classrooms with projectors screens with speakers/ microphones for remote learning zoom classes.

“CIM provides strong academic and pastoral care. Our team of academics consists of learned scholars and experienced educators with sound industry links. Our student services’ staff takes great pride in providing quality support and mentorship.”

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