Carrera Lee Enterprises, Inc., A Company Leveraging Technology To Revolutionize Human Resources.  

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Human capital management (HCM) is a process deployed to attract talent and encourage employees to perform to their best potential. With the ever-growing list of HR processes, and the number of organizations dealing with it, implementing HCM has become a necessary element. HCM also gives organizations a competitive edge, giving them an efficient management system to work on. For employee productivity, they must focus on some value-adding work rather than doing repetitive tasks, making work even more time-consuming.  

Featuring for The Enterprise World’s issue of The Most Trusted HRMS Solution Providers, is Carrera Lee Enterprises, Inc., a company leveraging technology to revolutionize human resources.  

The Company -Carrera Lee Enterprises

Carrera Lee Enterprises is a boutique firm that started its HR Tech consultancy with high-performance leadership training and a state-of-the-art LMS offering. While that was a great start, Mona Golden-Brown, Founder and CEO, was constantly thinking, “wouldn’t it be great if we could just…” – fill in the blank with her latest and greatest idea.  

These inspirations drove the company’s mission to provide a complete full suite of HR and workforce management solutions. Carrera Lee Enterprises has since acquired the technical capabilities of one of the largest most powerful SaasSHR platforms from its strategic partner UKG.  

As a result of the partnership with this HRMS powerhouse combined with the inspiration provided by the time-tested research of Gallup and its findings around employee engagement and strengths-based leadership, Harmony Roze Saas HR was born.  

Overcoming the Challenges

Resources were the only challenge at the start. When the company started, the team was beaming with ideas but the only thing missing was the right kind of resources like money, time, or even people.  

At the time, the name of the game was “Minimum Viable Product”, and to carry this out, Mona Golden also had to sacrifice some of her most brilliant ideas to get to the market.

As for how people resources went, her idea was to find the best, and most experienced people; the lifers that would hang in there with her through thick and thin. And it worked out very well.

The Growth Quotient

Overcoming the different challenges, what helped the company to get on the right track was the channel partner program. Once the team solidified their fertile garden of win-win greenery and then locked in the sales enablement program, things started to take off.  

“In summary, year over year, revenue has steadily been increasing around 35% during COVID, and we increased our staff by about 300% over the last 3 years.”

The organization takes care of its people–all of them. The team members, the partners, the vendors, the clients, and their people. Take care of others and it will come back 10-fold. Carrera Lee Enterprises keeps the client at the center of their story and makes them the hero.  

They marry high tech with a heavy concentration on high touch. The solution is designed to be a guide for the client to fight through the complexities of HR. Harmony Roze is intended to help clients through their difficulties and to win the day, every day.

They do this by helping them provide for the basic needs of their employees first, then as those lower-level needs are satisfied, progressing up the hierarchy through the need to feel that they belong, through development, and self-actualization. For example, making sure that employees always know what is expected of them at work, and that they can request access to tools they need to complete their jobs.  

According to Gallup, which has been studying human nature and performance for over 75 years, addressing the fulfillment of these required needs can lead to a 22% reduction in turnover, and up to a 35% reduction in safety incidents.  

“By reducing the number of everyday stresses that the HR team is tasked with managing, we believe that we are helping to tame the overall complexities of their daily activities.”

Their Suite of Products and Services 

Harmony Roze is comprised of an HR & talent management suite, a workforce management suite, and a benefits & payroll suite. Clients can implement basic and advanced features available in one or more of the suites as they are ready. 

Core HR  

The core HR employee profile comes standard on all implementations. It stores and tracks all employee information and functions through automated workflows, configurable forms and reports, and real-time access to accurate and consistent employee information which helps reduce administrative workload and minimize compliance risk.  

The Advanced HR & Talent Management solution  

Talent Acquisition – Provides a seamless applicant experience that can be embedded into the company website with your branding organizational culture. There is process automation through notifications and clear applicant tracking steps. There are targeted analytics on applicants like geography, abandonment rates, etc. And Harmony Roze is integrated with the top job sites which means posting a new opening is just the click of a button. And, of course, there is the ability to measure the effectiveness of those job sites with tracking.  

“They’ve been here helping me stay on a steady path, all the while I’m experimenting

with new ideas, but still moving the team forward with a solid product.”

Employee Onboarding –

Automated data transfer from recruiting to the core HR employee profile with automated forms and real-time status reports of where new hires are in the onboarding process. The new hires have access to complete their assigned onboarding tasks within a responsive employee self-service interface available on any device.

Talent Management –

The talent management module helps eliminate complex, paper-based forms, streamline the performance review process, and support employee development. Our clients can track goals and competencies, manage annual or more frequent reviews, establish frequent check-ins and track feedback, align performance with workforce management data, request and track peer feedback, use analytics to inform succession plans, build talent pools and succession slates, as well as identify skills gaps and development opportunities.  

Compensation –

Harmony Roze compensation automates and streamlines the entire compensation management process, from defining programs and guidelines through budgeting and modeling to routing proposals for approval. Clients can manage salary and bonus pay and incentives, support annual, non-annual, cycle-based, and off-cycle increases, plan, budget, and model compensation cycles, reinforce compensation guidelines and strategy through embedded video, and automatically update payroll with approved compensation rates.  

Learning Administration –

Our clients can manage the delivery of employee training, from administration and registration to content delivery and tracking to enhance employee development and maintain productivity. Harmony Roze learning features include management of required certifications and training, tracking course registration and enrollment, the scheduling and build-out of learning checklists, and tracking and analyzing outcomes. And this is not to mention the full-scale integrated LMS that is part of the learning administration solution.  

The Workforce Management Suite

Time Keeping & Attendance –

Harmony Roze provides the data and tools to streamline time tracking with an automated collection of time and attendance information and enforce your pay and work rules by knowing who is doing what, when, and why. Clients can track and manage labor costs, enforce attendance and leave policies, capture labor data and identify labor trends, and approve, modify, or reject time data.

Absence & Leave –

enables organizations to automate the administration and tracking of paid and unpaid federal, state, and employer-specific leave policies to maintain balances, reduce errors caused by manual processes, and control absence costs. Clients can track and manage leave eligibility, type, and duration, enforce leave policies and comply with federal, state, and local leave regulations, approve, modify, or reject leave requests, and view leaves data and trends.  

Advanced Scheduling –

clients can automatically generate best-fit schedules based on your organization’s unique requirements to help control labor costs, minimize compliance risk, improve productivity, and drive employee engagement. Harmony Roze Scheduler allows users to create schedules based on availability, skills, and business demand, fill open shifts with the right person at the right cost, enforce scheduling policies, labor laws, union rules, and budget restrictions, and calculate predicted demand.  

ACA Manager –

provides proactive management of our clients’ ACA compliance strategy across the entire workforce. Harmony Roze provides the tools to effectively manage regular and variable hour employees’ benefit compliance, along with applicable reporting. So, the clients can calculate and track ACA eligibility, enforce ACA policies, notify eligible employees, view ACA data and trends, as well as generate and populate required IRS forms.

Accruals –

automatically calculate and tracks each employee’s accrued time off based on your organization’s specific rules, policies, and regulations to eliminate manual errors and support fair, consistent policy enforcement. Clients can calculate and track accrued time off, enforce time off policies, approve, modify, and reject time off requests, and view accrual data and trends.  

Attestation –

connects to existing data collection source – InTouch punch clock/terminal or web entry – and delivers configurable workflows that capture accurate employee attestation responses in real time. This enables managers to be able to monitor employee attestation status, run reports to identify trends, and simplify compliance. With Harmony Roze Attestation, clients may collect attestation data through existing data collection sources, monitor employee attestation status, and view attestation reports and trends  

“Our mission is to offer a complete range of technology solutions for developing, managing, and protecting the most important resources in the world, the Human Resource.”

The Benefits & Payroll Suite  

Benefits Administration –

Harmony Roze Saas HR enables you to set up, configure, modify, and manage multiple benefit plan types – quickly and easily – with on-demand visibility into eligibility, enrolment status, and costs across the employee base. Features include benefits enrolment, life event changes, eligibility management, carrier connections, employee/  


HRZ Payroll Services – Harmony Roze Payroll Services include:  

  • New hire reporting  
  • Tax filing and payment services  
  • Year-end filing and W2-C service 
  • Check printing/distribution and direct deposits  
  • ACH Funding  

Analytics & Artificial Intelligence –

In addition to these foundational features, Harmony Roze is embedded with 15 machine learning algorithms that run across all suites and is powered by UKG’s award-winning artificial intelligence engine AIMEE which provides proactive predictive insights into emerging workforce trends like a flight risk.  

Integrations –

Just like Core HR, Harmony Roze Integrations come standard with all implementations. Harmony Roze has multiple tools to extract and import data, including WFR Middleware, Dell Boomi, and open APIs, along with pre-configured connections to third-party vendors such as (but not limited to):  

  • SAP 
  • Sage  
  • Salesforce  
  • QuickBooks  
  • Hot Schedules  
  • Microsoft Dynamics  

Security –

Harmony Roze lives in a true multi-tenant architecture that has built-in redundancy and complies with the highest level of global security and data protection regulations. Our clients can rely on secure, continuous access to the automated tools and high-quality information needed for effective HCM that drives competitive advantage and bottom-line results.  

Mobile App –

Last but not least, the mobile app puts engagement power in the hands of every Harmony Roze user. With the mobile app, everyone gets easy, instant access to and manages personal information, including life changes.  

They can easily complete HR forms from any device, share their experiences, sentiments, and needs through anonymous surveys, and grow their careers with access to training, feedback, and internal opportunities. They are always up-to-date on important organizational information through push, email, or SMS notifications when they use the mobile app.

The Next Big Thing

“Finding the Win-Win-Win.”

First and Foremost – Their commitment to providing excellent services, and to always finding new ways to bring value to the clients that are relevant to each client. The team always wants the clients to be able to very easily list what they would miss if they were not doing business with Carrera Lee Enterprises.  

Secondly – The partnerships are very strong. They have a very close relationship with them and interact with them on a frequent and regular basis.  

Lastly – Their pledge to provide good soil in which their clients may root their employees, nurture them with compassion, enrich them with great experiences, and grow them  

knowledge and accountability.  

When all of this is in place and firing on all cylinders, it’s a no-brainer. If it’s good for everybody, it’s a good thing. Fast forward. 

“When our clients succeed, we succeed.”

Mona Golden-Brown – Leading the Way 


This entrepreneurial thing is not for everyone. It is for the ones that stay inspired, stay focused, and that move forward. 

“I think the responsibilities of an entrepreneur are to stay inspired, stay focused, and move forward.”

Mona Golden has completed a BS in computer science and a business administration minor. She started as an IT manager at Viking Office Products. She has worked as a technology consultant across a variety of industries, from non-profit, to entertainment, and higher education. 

With her varied experience in the field, Mona Golden went on to start her own venture, Carrera Chic clothing company as the Founder/CEO. After the sale of Carrera Chic, Mona Golden then earned an MBA with an emphasis in enterprise technology management, followed by a Master of Science in Information Systems from the University of Colorado, Denver with honors. She went on to launch Carrera Lee Enterprises, Inc. as Founder and CEO.  

Harmony Roze, SaaS HR is her latest creation.

Mona Golden’s Take on the Competition

“Well, to me the word ‘vigilance’ has a connotation that is antithetical to my personal outlook.” According to the Oxford dictionary, vigilant means “keeping careful watch for possible danger or difficulties. “I would say that I keep careful watch for opportunities to secure more success for those in my tribe. This is my strategy.”

“I’m not interested in the rat race because I don’t want to be one of the rats! You have to see yourself as a giant in a land of grasshoppers and have a positive, inspired outlook toward success. To keep this positive outlook, I insist on starting every day with the right mindset. I naturally wake up 3:30 – 4:00 (no alarm clock), get a little exercise in along with, meditation/journaling, a delicious cup of coffee, and planning for the day. Then I stick to it. No time for rats!” 

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