Casimiro Da Silva Santos (Coach Cas): A Trailblazer Promoting Excellence in the Coaching Industry

Casimiro Da Silva Santos: Promoting Excellence in the Coaching Industry | The Enterprise World

The Professional Training and Coaching industry is essential for helping people and businesses grow and succeed. Training programs give people the specific knowledge and skills they need to stay competitive and adapt to changes in their industries. Coaches work closely with individuals to help them reach their full potential, providing support and guidance. Leaders in this industry drive innovation and promote a culture of continuous learning within organizations, motivating teams to excel and overcome challenges. 

Casimiro Da Silva Santos, CEO and Founder of Bring The Best, is a well-known leader in this industry. Also known as Coach Cas, he effectively manages outsourcing tasks such as accounting and marketing, which are essential for the company’s success. This strategy assists him in addressing the challenges of running a business solo as Bring The Best expands and establishes itself in the market.

Journey to Leadership

During his 25-year career in the corporate world, Casimiro held various positions in sales and marketing. Throughout this time, he documented his thoughts and insights on leadership in a series of notes titled Bring The Best. However, due to constant travel, a busy lifestyle, and the challenges of managing budgets and meeting deadlines, Casimiro Da Silva Santos noticed that he was not fully present for his growing child. This realization sparked a desire to inspire individuals to reach their full potential and transition to a life of abundance. He understood that achieving this goal would be challenging within his executive and corporate roles.

Executive Excellence

3Casimiro Da Silva Santos offers coaching in business, leadership, executive roles, and team performance through Bring The Best. The company began in 2022, with franchising for the ActionCOACH brand starting nine months ago. Bring the Best helps individuals achieve their envisioned lives and dreams, with a focus on supporting the LGBTQIA+ community. Casimiro differentiates himself from competitors with his empathetic and authentic coaching style. His accreditations from ICF and EMCC allow him to deliver superior services. This sets him apart from untrained business coaches who may tend to lean towards consulting rather than coaching. Casimiro views himself as a connection between coaching, mentoring, and consulting domains.

From Father to Founder

“The most important achievement of my life is being a dad. The proudest moment of my career, and the source of immense joy for me, is coming out at work. Being unafraid to show who I truly am, and being proud of it, is perhaps the greatest achievement of my career.”

quotes Casimiro.

Starting a company in South Africa is one of the key accomplishments in Casimiro Da Silva Santos’s professional career. Within five years, the company achieved a turnover of 30 million with a team of 100 employees reporting to him. Additionally, he successfully improved a division, increasing its EBIT from 1% to 11%. Casimiro prioritized organic growth over restructuring as the primary method for enhancing profitability. 

Lessons in Insufficiency 

“Sometimes you are not big enough to wear the shoes you want to wear.”

quotes Casimiro Da Silva Santos

As an entrepreneur, Casimiro has faced various setbacks. He believes that perseverance is crucial in overcoming challenges. He considers failure as a valuable learning opportunity and is actively looking for ways to improve for future actions. Although he may feel frustrated and doubt his abilities at times, Casimiro understands that these emotions are natural. He focuses on his goal and pushes apart any feelings of insufficiency. He acknowledges that not everything is meant for him, which is an important leadership lesson he has learned. Casimiro Da Silva Santos accepts that the past cannot be changed and directs his energy towards creating a successful future.          

Essential Qualities for Today’s Leaders

Casimiro understands that leadership has changed to focus more on people, highlighting empathy and authenticity among leaders. Seeing the people they lead as humans, not just machines doing tasks, has been crucial in this change. Helping teams adapt quickly to new situations and supporting them as they adapt to changes are essential for good leadership. Guiding them through big shifts at their own pace is equally necessary. Casimiro believes today’s leaders must be quick, adaptable, caring, and adept at building trust and showing respect. They should also be able to create real, reliable relationships while motivating ambition and drive. These qualities are essential for leaders today.  

From Inspiration to Action

Nelson Mandela, Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Jack Welch, and Simon Sinek serve as inspirations for Casimiro Da Silva Santos. They have inspired him to believe in himself, highlighting that even those considered unconventional can find success and encouraging a leadership approach that involves guiding from the back. Most importantly, they have shown him that achieving the impossible is possible. 

Finding Value in Moments

Casimiro has a perspective on work-life balance that differs from the common perception. He acknowledges that work takes up a significant amount of his day, typically 8-12 hours, and understands its impact on his identity. To direct this balance, he utilizes time management techniques such as time blocking and scheduling specific times for activities like relaxation, going to the movies or theater, traveling, and socializing with friends—all of which he accurately documents on his calendar. Casimiro also incorporates patient principles into his daily routine, finding value in moments of self-reflection.

Upholding Ethical Standards

According to Casimiro, the coaching industry in Portugal faces challenges due to a lack of regulation. Many individuals are obtaining certifications through online courses and proclaiming to be qualified coaches. This trend of individuals assuming the role of coaches without proper accreditation can compromise ethical standards and undermine the profession’s credibility. Additionally, the rise of AI-driven coaching platforms may impact the value that executives, leaders, and entrepreneurs typically receive from traditional face-to-face coaching interactions. 

Mindset over Perfect Timing

Casimiro Da Silva Santos emphasizes the importance of not waiting for the perfect time to begin something, as that time may never come. His advice is to start without spending too much time thinking about when to begin. Casimiro believes that being prepared is more about mindset than having everything perfect in advance. He recommends overcoming hesitation and self-doubt by simply starting, allowing individuals to pursue goals confidently and determinedly. He advises against overthinking and encourages trust in the ability to learn and adapt as individual’s progress.

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