Casino Blogs You Need to Follow 

Casino Blogs You Need to Follow in 2024 | The Enterprise World

Casino games are popular across the globe, with thousands of people coming together through events and a shared love of classic casino games in casinos. In fact, casino blog tourism is one of the most successful industries going, in which millions of people travel overseas each year to visit popular lavish casinos in the likes of Monte Carlo, Macau, and Las Vegas.  

However, since the rise of the digital era, online casino games have created a whole new niche in the industry which has proved to be one of the most successful markets globally. Today, the online gaming market is worth over $70.64 billion, in which it is easier than ever for people to access their favorite casino blog from anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection and at any time, day or night.  

The internet has also created a virtual social space where like-minded people can come together and learn a new skill, play their favorite games, take part in competitions, share tips and knowledge, and even form new friendships. Casino blogs play a big part in this online social world, providing a safe space for people to come together and celebrate all things casino game related. 

Not sure where to start with choosing a quality casino blog to discover? Below, we’ll take a look at some of the top casino blogs out there that you need to follow.  

1. Bob Casino Gambling 

Casino Blogs You Need to Follow in 2024 | The Enterprise World


Whether you’re looking for at sites like Irish BonusFinder, a site that offers new player deals, or a crypto casino, Bob Casino Gambling is a global casino blog that gives an all-round offering on casino tips and tricks, the latest game info, and so much more. 

It’s particularly great for info on how to beat the house with card counting, the top tips for popular casino games, and also interesting reads of the world’s top casino players. In addition, it also provides a great community where like minded people can come together and share experiences, as well as gaining new knowledge.  

2. Poker Guru  

Casino Blogs You Need to Follow in 2024 | The Enterprise World


Poker Guru is an international poker blog that focuses on all things poker on a global scale. It provides news and updates on what is going on in the professional poker world, with info on the latest poker tours and the players to watch. In addition, it also acts as a huge knowledge base, providing poker fanatics with the latest strategies, tips and tricks.  

Of course, there is also room for some healthy debate on the blog too where poker players can share their strategies and opinions, ask questions, and put other professionals in the hot seat.  

3. Lady luck 

The gambling industry is still one that is very male orientated, and while it is making huge leaps in terms of equality and is gaining more female players than ever, a lot of marketing, games and other casino related content are still male oriented. 

That being said, one female influencer is using the world of social media and her love of online slots to change the industry for the better. Lady Luck, also known as Francine, is one of the most well known gambling influencers across the world, and has over 203k subscribers on Youtube. 

Her Youtube channel is the most watched slot channel on Youtube, indicating how new demographic groups are breaking into the market and disrupting norms that have controlled the industry for decades. In addition to Youtube, Francine has over 175,000 fans on Facebook, in addition to being big on TikTok and Instagram too. 

Fans who are interested in Francine and how she is so successful can head over to her Instagram to learn more about her personal life too.  

4. Gambling Ramblings 

Casino Blogs You Need to Follow in 2024 | The Enterprise World


If you’re interested in the world of sports betting, and in particular horse racing, then this blog is for you. Gambling Ramblings looks at the value in the sports betting markets and gives info on where the money is and where it is best to invest your time. 

The blog is ideal for beginner sports betters as it provides a huge fountain of knowledge on where you should be concentrating your efforts to get the best return on your investments. The info is easy to understand, in simple terms, and in  a great layout which makes it both an enjoyable and an interesting read.  

Overall, there is a huge amount of choice when it comes to the world of casino games. Not only are there thousands of different providers, but there are also different types of casinos, different types of games, and tons of different strategies for improving your success rate. However, by starting with the above blogs, you’ll be able to level up your knowledge and gain an edge when diving into the world of online casino games.  

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