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Anil Kumar Founder, Chairman & CTO

Customers face challenges around high-cost per test, limited storage, server capacity, hardware administration, and production environment problems. They have to depend on third-party back-end or production systems to reduce the total cost of ownership for quality and performance testing.

Cavisson Systems Inc. understand their customers’ viewpoints by ensuring the system that handles expected user load and response time experienced by real user within service level agreements. It also ensures availability by stress testing the system to understand capacity limits, overload the behavior, optimize critical components and remove bottlenecks by conducting performance analysis. The company is focused on its technological advancements and innovations around customer experience, as well as business parameters that directly impact revenue and operating costs.

Cavisson offers end-end Performance Engineering, Monitoring and Diagnostics as one comprehensive solution on both on-premise and SaaS platforms. This one end-end comprehensive solution offers horizontal drill down, detect anomalies and provide unified dashboard. Cavisson’s proprietary True Internet and Key-Data capabilities enables true-production like simulation to solve complex business problems.

Dealing with these very systems is the cover feature of The Enterprise World’s The Most Admired Companies of the Year 2020. Founded by Anil Kumar, Cavisson Systems Inc is an organization that deals in software solutions for Application Performance Engineering.

Operating since 2011, Cavisson is a silicon valley based software Product Company that develops and sells software solutions for Application performance testing, monitoring and diagnostics. Global leading brands use their technology to drive revenue and profitability, by ensuring maximum quality performance and availability of their mission-critical applications. They are used across numerous industry verticals alike –Financial Services, Healthcare, Government, Retail and e-commerce, Technology, Networking, Services, etc.

The Inception-

Cavisson Systems Inc., headquartered in Santa Clara, CA (USA), is a leading performance intelligence platform provider that ensures exceptional customer experience and business efficacy of mission critical applications.

As they had strategically focused on large enterprises as a starting point, they always ran into existing solutions.

We had to very clearly demonstrate our unique value proposition with compelling capabilities to replace those solutions.

The company has seen the growth through word of mouth so far. In most of the situation, companies had challenges, and existing solutions could not address their pain points.

Now, there is significant marketing and sales strategy/ planning, also collaborating with world’s top tier SIs to scale in a big way.

The Products and Services –

We’ve created an end-to-end, full stack offering in the performance engineering space, which no other company offers today.

Their current offering is segmented in two domains – Testing, & Monitoring & Diagnostics. The company ensures maximum availability & reliability of mission critical systems & applications alongside improved business performance – high revenue and low operating costs.

Cavisson was always ahead of its time and had a clear understanding of how the user/customer experience is the primary driver for revenue growth and operational efficiencies. Hence, it is important that the company focuses its technology advancements & innovations around customer experience, as well as business parameters that directly impact revenue & operating costs. This immediately resonates with customers. The team ensures that quality and performance is in the DNA of any system or application right from the dev or pre-pod environment.

Utilizing Cavisson’s advanced cross-discipline simulation techniques, consumers are able to performance test their applications with real production-like situations & repeatable results to guarantee maximum performance once the application goes live. Cavisson pioneered this concept & named it InternetTrueTM technology.

Cavisson also provides a fast, single click root-cause analysis whenever there’s an issue in production. This is achieved by the combination of a proprietary big data engine that captures data from all parts of the enterprise services & several high performance computing algorithms that perform complex computations on the data in real-time.

This is in turn combined with optimized machine learning algorithms for analyzing trends to do anomaly detection. We call this our Key DataTM technology.

Cavisson’s product suite assists organizations in the creation of this performance tests that represent real-life situations. It provides a real-life measure of customer experience via extremely realistic emulations of the load model and numerous significant parameters that impact including traffic behavior, exact production transactions, network and bandwidth constraints, & user behavioral patterns such as click-aways& reloads when reaction times are slow, among others.

Cavisson is the only solution provider in the world today that offers end-to-end monitoring and diagnostics solutions. Its products, NetDiagnostics, NetVision&NetForest, are designed to seamlessly integrate with each other to offer a 360 degreeview of an enterprise as well as customer & user monitoring.

Cavisson has built unmatched, highly innovative solutions currently used by several Fortune 100 customers worldwide. Its solutions have streamlined these customers’ organizational processes through technological superiority & efficacy.

Cavisson Systems Logo

We believe that InternetTrueTM& Key DataTM technologies are the future of end-to-end monitoring & diagnostics across application lifecycles & application stacks. Its efficacy is evident from the fact that our solutions have helped solve issues that were not identified by legacy solutions, prompting several Fortune 100 customers to switch to Cavisson,” says Anil.

Cavisson’s reliable products are deployed by many of their customers. Their products offer maximum quality, performance, and availability of their mission critical applications; while also ensuring a steady revenue growth and profitability to Cavisson. Some of their transforming mission-critical applications are:

  • NetStorm: It is a cost-effective, performance-enhancing and easy-to-use appliance for enterprise applications. It is an extremely powerful load generator that provides an accurate estimation of Client Perceived Response Time (CPRT) enabling IT companies to guarantee the Service Level Agreements (SLA).
  • NetOcean: It is a powerful back-end application simulator that removes dependencies on backend applications and third-party systems to enable faster quality & performance testing and accelerated time-to-market.
  • NetCloud: It is a Software-as-a-service (SaaS) based powerful load generation and performance testing platform. NetCloud allows enterprises to test and validate the capacity of their production servers.
  • NetChannel: NetChannel is an easy to use powerful network simulation solution that creates a virtual wide area network (WAN) environment in your lab mimicking a production network environment.
  • NetDiagnostics: NetDiagnostics Enterprise (NDE) is a comprehensive Application Performance Management (APM) solution for real-time monitoring, diagnostics, and management of distributed processing in your application environment using state of art technologies with minimal overhead.
  • NetVision: NetVision is a powerful and comprehensive solution to ensure exceptional online customer experience via monitoring responsiveness and ease of interactions with online assets. It offers great insight into customer responsiveness and the ability to record and replay the entire user session along with interactions to determine any anomalies within the application that may affect user experience or revenue.
  • NetForest: NetForest is the next generation software that makes use of server logs to troubleshoot performance issues and to understand user behaviour. It allows its users to slice and dice machine-generated Big Data for decision making insights.

“Fanning The Fire” of The Business Idea

Cavisson’s founders pose extraordinary expertise in the performance domain, since all of them in the same industry from the start of their careers. Owing to their experience in the domain, they have been exposed to several technologies and methodologies during their career. Having worked closely with the end-users, and also being the power users themselves, they are well-versed in the lapses of technologies that come across. And all of this prompted them to create and develop solutions that would revolutionize the entire engineering space performance.

Once they initiated working of Cavisson, their main focus was on the user experience as a key derivative of performance and build a solution that will help improve the user’s experience and derive business value from thereby addressing the challenges across all software covering Online Customer Experience, Real User Monitoring, Synthetic Monitoring, Infrastructure, Network, Applications, Database, and Logs.

Catering to a wide range of clientele, they serve the leading brands across numerous industries, and all of their customers are leaders in their respective domains. The Wells Fargo Bank, Macy’s, Kohl’s, A-10 Networks, National Health Authority, Pathkind, ArchChat, and the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai are some of the elites to which Cavisson System Inc serves.

Encouraging The Workforce

A team that resonates with your goal and is dedicated to it is what is essential for any organization. Appreciation and incentives are two of the essential factors that keep employees happy and productive. The management at Cavisson Systems Inc provides rewards their employees who deliver outstanding performances, which motivates others as well to be a winner in whatever they pursue.

The awards are categorized into two parts, tem awards and company-wide awards. Team building exercises are conducted regularly, to boost employee engagement and create a friendlier atmosphere, events are organized where all the employees participate and contribute. Timeouts are one of the best ways to rejuvenate and come back with fresh energy. Many times, the offsite is also planned, so that occurs during a tech refresh and kickoff.

To ensure exceptional customer experience and business efficacy of mission critical applications.

Recently, they held Expression 2020 – an Annual Day, Gala Dinner, and Awards night in January. They also held an annual sports meet in December – Cavisson Sports League.

The Road Ahead-

To take the company further, the leaders have laid out a multitude of plans. Expanding the company to new geographies and new segments remains an important part f the agenda. Cavisson will also be expanding to new channels – partnerships and alliances to reach out to those geographies and audience segments.   The company has created a distribution and reseller network that is extending out as per their capabilities. Also, Cavisson invests a significant amount of time and money into R&D to stay ahead of their competition.

About The Founder: Anil is the Founder and CTO of the company and is responsible for the overall technical management of Cavisson, delivering the most innovative and high-quality solutions. With 25+ years of experience in the technology domain, Anil has helped to create highly successful technology products at BEA Systems (now part of Oracle) and C-DOT, India. Before Cavisson, Anil was the Founder and CTO at Abeona Networks, which was backed by the most prominent VCs, including Kleiner Perkins, Caufield & Byers (KPCB), and Sequoia Capital. Anil holds an M.S. in Communications Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi, in India.

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