What to Consider When Moving Offices?

Essential Checklist For Moving Offices You Must Consider | The Enterprise World

You finally found a new office, and you signed the lease. Moving offices will solve many of your problems, and you’re confident it will allow your company to grow and reach new heights.

However, moving all your furniture and equipment from one office space to another might seem overwhelming.

This checklist for moving offices of what to consider when moving offices will help ensure you’re not forgetting anything:

1. Start by determining your moving budget

Before you move offices, you need to determine your moving budget. Think of the money you have for your relocation and the different expenses necessary to prepare for it.

This could include redecorating the new office, cleaning your old office, paying for setup costs, buying packing supplies, buying additional furniture and equipment, and hiring movers.

2. Consider hiring professionals to help you

Another thing to checklist for moving offices is whether you will hire professionals to help you or do everything independently.

Depending on the size of your office, you might want to hire a cleaning crew and professional packers. Of course, you might also want to hire reliable movers. It is a good idea to ask other business owners for recommendations.

Alternatively, you could rent a portable storage container. Portable storage containers are perfect for temporarily storing furniture and equipment if you ever need to leave your office before settling into your new one.

3. Take control of the moving process or nominate someone else

Moving offices requires extensive logistics and organizational skills. To ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible, you should either take control of the moving process yourself or nominate someone to handle it.

Essential Checklist For Moving Offices You Must Consider | The Enterprise World

This way, only one person will be responsible for planning the move and delegating tasks to your team members. This will simplify the process and prevent confusion.

4. Plan and set deadlines

Even if you’re not in a rush, you must set deadlines. Think of all the tasks you will need to complete and divide them into smaller tasks that will be easier to manage.

Then, set deadlines for the different steps of the process. This will help ensure that your employees will not put things off until the last minute and that everyone will do their part.

5. Make sure you keep all your employees informed

Your employees are concerned about the move, so you must keep them informed of what is occurring throughout the process. Share the move details with them, including the new office floor plan.

Be sure your team members know what they can do to get involved besides packing their belongings.

6. Review the details of your lease

Of course, you must let your current landlord know you will be leaving. Check with them whether you must clean your office or perform repairs.

You must also review your new lease to know when to move in. Ask your new landlord to give you the keys, key cards, or entry codes you and your employees will need to access your new office. In addition, inquire about parking passes.

7. Prepare your new office for the move

Essential Checklist For Moving Offices You Must Consider | The Enterprise World

Before moving in, checklist for moving offices says that you must get your new office ready. Paint the walls, design the ideal layout, and get new furniture to make the most of the space if you move into a larger office.

Set up anything that needs to be set up in advance, such as your phone and internet services.

8. Make an inventory of what you’re packing

If you and your employees will be responsible for packing everything before moving into your new office, ensure you have all the necessary packing supplies.

But don’t throw everything into boxes. Make an inventory of what you’re packing, and label each box properly. This will significantly simplify the unpacking process.

9. Take the time you need to unpack and get settled

Essential Checklist For Moving Offices You Must Consider | The Enterprise World

Employees will be responsible for unpacking their belongings, but you can get everyone’s help to unpack and set up common areas. As you settle into the apartment, ensure everything works as it should, including electricity and bathroom appliances.

10. Let everyone know about your new office

Finally, change your address on your website, social media accounts, business cards, and all other business accounts.

Let everyone know about the location of your new office, checklist for moving offices includes your clients, suppliers, and any other companies you might do business with.

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