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ClickUp Review


ClickUp serves as a project management software designed to help not just individuals, but also small teams and companies to plan projects, allocate, and track tasks. It brings efficiency to project management and saves time from hassle. This platform is a hub where teams can collaborate to plan and implement projects all from one place. The system of ClickUp includes tasks, document storage, chats, goals, whiteboards, automation, dashboards, and more. It could be an error-free option for any team to handle managing tasks, projects, and people under one dashboard. 

Pros and Cons

ClickUp has a wide approach toward customer requirements and queries. It is consistently reviewing customer feedback almost every week. In addition to better time management, ClickUp has exciting and collaborative tools which make task management easier. However,  it does not support a free trial for new customers and its live chats can redirect the customer to its help center. Other pros and cons include:



Strong free plan

Incline learning curve

Numerous charts

Unreliable Android app

Live chat

No project message board 


ClickUp core features manage tasks of different teams simultaneously and save time. It creates schedules, organizes calendars, tracks tasks with respect to time, and manages capacity. To bring inter-team collaboration, ClickUp brings tools like adding comments to the document, assigning comments with action, sharing attachments and commenting on them, chatting in real-time, sending in-video recordings, etc. By using other cornerstone features of ClickUp users can build workflows in which there are 12-plus views like lists, boxes, Grantt, board, or calender.

Customer Reviews

Many small to large businesses are finding ClickUp useful and sharing their reviews on it. Users are leveraging various ClickUp plans and the customer has access to a 24/7 help center where they can give their feedback.  Here are some customer reviews: 

  • ClickUp” has helped me log off from my business without guilt: ClickUp has helped me log off from work every single day without feeling guilty. I love how I’m able to see an overview of my whole business as well as those of my clients in one place and I’m able to prioritize what’s important. I love how I can customize almost anything in order to see what I need at any given time. The Dashboard feature is literally my best friend and it’s saved me a lot of stress on what to work on next.
  • From 0 to 100 with ClickUp: Its versatility works for each department in our organization, and the UX is engaging and easy to work with. It makes it easy to find new use cases for it every day. It’s not immediately intuitive to brand new users coming into a system that is well-established and in use. There are SO many customization capabilities in ClickUp, that we have an entire internal onboarding for anyone new that we create a user for so they understand how we are using it.
  • Well-Balanced Platform Would Recommend: My favorite thing about ClickUp is its Mac app, built specifically for the new Apple silicon chips, and runs fast due to that. I also think they do a great job balancing ‘having all the features without the UI getting completely overrun – they ride that line, and almost anyone can benefit from ClickUp in some way. 


Yes, ClickUp provides a forever-free plan for individuals as well as companies. It includes some cornerstone features such as unlimited tasks, collaborative documents, whiteboards, real-time chat, Kanban boards, and in-app video recording. The tool is recommended for budget-conscious users looking for simple project management software.

ClickUp is PCI compliant, which means there are strict regulations for managing credit card data on online platforms. It encrypts the available data and monitors ongoing security actively by performing on a 24/7/365 basis.

Entrepreneurs, businesses Project management software allows solopreneurs, businesses, and small teams to require project management software to organize ongoing and pending projects, coordinate with teams, track progress, and follow goals. Scheduling, resource allocation, budgeting, time tracking, and real-time collaboration tools are all included in effective project management software packages.


  • Unlimited Plan: The ‘unlimited’ plan of ClickUp provides unlimited storage, unlimited list, board, and calendar views, unlimited dashboards, unlimited customer fields, etc. However, the unlimited plan restricts the user’s customer export to five. Automations are limited to 1000 per month as compared to 10000 to 25000 for its competitors. The plan is suitable for individuals and small teams that don’t require more automation per month. 
  • Business Plan: It is most suitable for medium to large businesses and it removes limits on most features that allow teams to use software as much needed. It unfolds the unlimited use of business activity, workload views, customer task IDs, advanced time-tracking features, etc. 
  • Business Plus Plan: Businesses that have multiple teams can use the business plus plan so that they can coordinate with each other. The plan provides customer role creation, custom permission, team sharing, etc. These exclusive services increase the efficiency and productivity of the workforce. 

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