Collaborator: Share Your News and Stories on Over 27K High DA Websites

What are your exclusive opportunities with Collaborator? | The Enterprise World

In the ever-evolving digital environment, brands and businesses participate in the relentless struggle for consumer attention. Under such conditions, PR is a powerful tool to cut through the clutter. Collaborator is an all-encompassing PR distribution marketplace that matches advertisers and website owners globally.

As an effective PR partner for businesses, Collaborator aims to help elevate brand visibility by driving SEO, reinforcing media engagement, and spreading influential information about the brand.

How does the marketplace achieve these goals?

opportunities with Collaborator provides to select the high DA websites in relevant niches or to offer your own web resource as a space for publishing content. Business owners, merchants, marketers, and SEO professionals will likely find this platform useful for driving website traffic and amplifying their digital presence.

Collaborator engages exclusively with verified partners, backs its services with insurance, and grants unique possibilities to its clients.

The Сollaborator’s team never stands still in exploring new services to meet altering demands. At the moment, users can enjoy the following unique chances:

  • Open catalog. Collaborator offers access to over 27,000 unique sites and almost 2,500 Telegram channels immediately after registration.
  • Official Ahrefs and Serpstat Integration, so Collaborator’s users can make an educated choice of donor sites by evaluating vital website credibility parameters (DR, UR, and other metrics).
  • Google Analytics and Similarweb confirm all data about the website’s audience geography.

The new special opportunities with Collaborator improves its service based on user feedback and expands partnerships.

Core Advantages of Collaborator

What are your exclusive opportunities with Collaborator? | The Enterprise World

The Collaborator’s primary purpose is to help users reinforce their marketing activities with powerful and efficient tools. Advertisers and publishers alike can win by using the platform. Here is the list of Collaborator’s primary benefits.

Ever-growing catalog to turbocharge your content marketing

Finding reliable donor sites for your publication may be time-consuming. Collaborator saves your resources with an extensive catalog of high DA websites. The number of available sites has already surpassed 27,000 and continues growing. Every site is completely verified to retain your peace of mind.

What’s more, Collaborator includes over 2,500 Telegram channels, which you can also leverage for your business outcomes.

Therefore, you get an opportunity to shape a comprehensive PR distribution strategy while saving time searching for appropriate spaces for placement. With plentiful tools for easy navigation, you can quickly find as many sources for backlinks as you need, propelling your marketing forward.

Comprehensive Catalog filter

Making your way through the abundance of platforms available at Collaborator may appear daunting. However, not with the set of convenient filters that streamline your journey to the maximum. You can preset the desired parameters, such as topic, price, country, and SEO metrics, and effortlessly shape your selection.

Here’s how the primary range of filters look:

Altogether, you can employ over 40+ options to filter available websites.

Quick publication

As soon as you provide your content for publication on the selected platform, Collaborator’s team does its best to place it within 48 hours or less. The opportunity for direct communication between the advertiser and the publisher facilitates a speedy placement.


Collaborator takes responsibility for each deal to guarantee that your publication will be indexed and protected against deletion. This way, the platform ensures that your materials with backlinks will deliver results as long as arranged or even more.

Collaborator offers several insurance options:

  • Free insurance for three months;
  •  Paid insurance for one year;
  • A further prolongation opportunity.

Tracking results

Without assessing the effectiveness of your marketing efforts, you’ll hardly be able to shape your further strategy. Collaborator contains the necessary analytical tools and delivers reports to help you wisely plan the next steps.

Master Account: Facilitating the work of agencies and teams

Master Account is the option that allows a user to unite the accounts of all the required stakeholders when working on a project. Thus, the account owner can connect the agency’s team members and clients to enhance communication, control, and streamline processes. 

With the Master Account, you get a convenient and safe working space containing essential tools for project management, control of employees, budget administration, and client reporting. 

Security is guaranteed by the individual login & password for each employee and access only to the information that a specific team member needs for their job.

Fair fees

Prices at Collaborator are favorable for both advertisers and publishers.

  • 10% deposit fee;
  • 15% withdrawal fee.
  • Registration is free for advertisers and publishers (website owners).

Earning opportunities with Collaborator

A compelling PR distribution platform, Collaborator offers extensive monetization opportunities.

Monetize your website

Your website or a Telegram channel can become your source of income. 

Once you register at Collaborator and verify your ownership of the specified platform, you can start looking for partners.

Collaborator optimizes this process by selecting only reliable advertisers and providing essential information about each.

Accept incoming requests from advertisers and come up with your own proposals to participate in the relevant ad campaigns.

Join Collaborator’s Affiliate Program

What are your exclusive opportunities with Collaborator? | The Enterprise World

Establish your membership in the program and get paid for promoting your affiliate link. You can spread the link among your colleagues, share through social media, publish referral reviews about Collaborator, and more.

Wrapping up

Distributing your brand news and narratives is vital to retaining the audience’s attention. A continual and efficient online presence fuels your e-commerce success.

Collaborator is a comprehensive platform that combines plentiful opportunities to establish winning marketing partnerships. The resource stands out from other tools thanks to its unique services and continual expansion of available opportunities with Collaborator.

The essential purpose of Collaborator is to match advertisers and publishers in fulfilling their goals. Advertisers can use the platform’s functionality to raise websites’ traffic and drive SEO rankings. The owners of websites and Telegram channels, in turn, can place content or even create paid content for subsequent publication. Furthermore, everyone can make money by participating in the Collaborators’ Affiliate Program.

Swiftly and affordably, you can establish rewarding partnerships and drive your businesses. Join Collaborator and experience its potent opportunities with Collaborator!

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