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In July 2022, Mckinsey & Company Corent SaaSOps published a whitepaper called The SaaS factor: Six ways to drive growth by building new SaaS businesses. They estimated the global SaaS market to be worth about $3 trillion, and with the potential to surge to $10 trillion by 2030. These are astonishingly impressive numbers, and point to the “elephant in the room” that is lack of any significant automation progress in two key areas:

1) transforming existing B2B enterprise software applications to SaaS and

2) operating the existing or new SaaS solutions in a mostly automated fashion.

Without progress in these two key areas that would help spin off SaaS offerings without years of programing, and operating them in a mostly automated way, it would be hard to imagine how this astonishing growth can happen within the SaaS industry. 

As Arun Batchu, the Gartner Vice President and Analyst for the Software Engineering Practice notes: “The efficient, elastic, and scalable delivery of software – as a service – has been very difficult, time-consuming, costly, and complex, shutting out innovators around the world. Until now.” 

Corent Technology, an automation Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) provider known for groundbreaking technological innovations, has established itself in this sector to enable ISVs and enterprises alike to rapidly transform  software applications to fully instrumented SaaS in a no-code fashion, and operate them in a highly automated way, on any public or private cloud. The platform accomplishes this by offering the technology required to support the entire end-to-end cloud journey and quickly SaaSify, and operate practically any software application as highly automated, efficient SaaS.

 With Corent SaaSOps™ platform, it is no longer required to invest in the difficulties of architecting and building a SaaS solution or to have deep-pocketed access to funding to support your usually multi-year SaaS development. The platform offers all the services required to transform a software to a highly efficient SaaS and therefore significantly lowers the barriers to entry for SaaS.

Corent SaaSOps™ platform won the 2022 “Best Platform as a Service” CODiE Award and is enjoying this industry-level recognition — especially considering that the highly respected Open Shift from Red Hat, the company that IBM acquired in 2019 was the other finalist for the award. 

Beginning of the Journey- Corent SaaSOps

Corent began with the shift to the cloud-based SaaS model, which created a difficult transition for traditional software vendors. The platform created important patented technologies that made it possible to evaluate and analyze software applications, then “plug-in” the required capabilities to enable effective SaaS operations without having to rewrite the underlying code. It radically altered the alternatives available to software companies for converting to SaaS by developing a platform that offered all the services for tenancy management, SaaS operations, and commercial management.

Corent has so far been successful in validating the methods used in its journey. The platform realized it might help with the migration of these enterprise programs to the cloud by using its automated analysis skills created for examining applications for SaaSification. As a result, it expanded its product focus to include migration-as-a-service, creating a full SaaS automation platform that can take a client’s applications through every stage of the cloud migration process—including assessment, migration, modernization, optimized IT operations, and SaaS-enablement and operations. 

Services that Stand out

Corent’s SurPaaS platform combines MaaS (Migration & Modernization as a Service), ComPaaS (Continuous Optimization & Management), and SaaSOps (SaaS Operations), enabling completely intelligent, application-aware automation for the end-to-end cloud journey and SaaS. It distinguishes itself from the competitors with its capacity to assess and automate not just at the infrastructure level, but also at the level of applications.

The SaaSOps technology can transform the software sector by making SaaS more accessible, making it easier for software providers to provide their products as SaaS with minimal configuration work. By enabling anybody or any organization to seamlessly deliver any tested open-source software as a robust, fully instrumented SaaS, SaaSOps can also change the open-source sector into an open software as a service industry. The platform stands out from the competition primarily because of its skills to support the entire cloud journey, including the capacity to SaaSify, operate, optimize, and manage SaaS applications.

An Entrepreneurial Leader

A successful venture is built on two essential pillars: innovation and entrepreneurship. Feyzi Fatehi, CEO of Corent, is one such tenacious leader who has a distinct vision and a commitment to pursuing innovation especially as a thought leader and visionary in the SaaS industry. No surprise that Feyzi received the CODiE Lifetime Achievement Award in 2019, which has previously been awarded to the likes of Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Bill Gates, for their reputations, leadership, vision, mentoring, professional achievement, and philanthropy.

His highly acclaimed book “Democratizing SaaS: Unleashing a Multi-Trillion-Dollar Industry by empowering A New Generation of SaaS Entrepreneurs” was published by ForbesBooks in 2022 and continues to receive increasing praise from across the tech industry. Feyzi describes himself as a servant leader and proud of the culture of teamwork and mutual accountability and respect for all team members and grateful to the amazing commitment and dedication of his team to the mission of the company: Democratizing SaaS. 

A Partnership-centric Culture 

Over the past few years, Corent SaaSOps has achieved several significant milestones that have further improved its offering’s alignment with partner and client needs and strengthened its market position. The company has partnered with several renowned, global as well as regional systems integrators in order to reach enterprise clients and meet their needs for cloud and SaaS migration.

Corent SaaSOps partners receive a platform that tackles the main market driver—the move to the cloud and SaaS. For its clients’ cloud journeys, it offers a platform with the broadest range of capabilities, including the special ones of SaaSification and SaaSOps. Through a SaaS service that can either be white-labeled by a partner and offered to their clients or a “factory” model where Corent’s team works with partners on projects like migration or modernization. 

Additionally, Corent’s platform enables partners to swiftly launch one or more technologically sophisticated product lines that save clients’ money on specialized initiatives like migrations or modernizations, as well as continuing management and optimization. Partners receive rapid and simple onboarding with no upfront infrastructure investment because the platform is essentially a SaaS solution itself.

Exceeding Customer Expectations

High levels of value are one of the major ways Corent SaaSOps makes sure clients are happy with its service. Every client appreciates receiving more value than they expected, thus the platform incorporates automation and tools that make clients’ chores simpler. 

Corent’s capacity to swiftly convert software applications to SaaS has had some notable effects on its clients. Its SaaSification of an existing program has in some cases resulted in the ISV being acquired shortly after, demonstrating the potent way that SaaS capabilities increase the value and attractiveness of any software application. In other situations, Corent SaaSOps platform capabilities for SIs and MSPs give them the flexibility to quickly introduce top-notch offerings to their clients. 

Employee Engagement and Balanced ROI

Driving employee engagement is a topic that is frequently discussed in corporate circles these days. In this regard, Corent SaaSOps is quite fortunate since the SaaS industry and the cloud market on which it is built are both changing quickly. At Corent SaaSOps, promoting innovation has always been a core value of the workplace culture. This involves motivating employees to take on new challenging assignments and not only deliver excellent results, but to develop their own skills and therefore value.

Opportunities at the Global Market

The global market has always been Corent SaaSOps Technology’s focus. That is in part caused by the platform’s status as SaaS. One of the major benefits of SaaS is that anyone can use it and access it from any location with internet connectivity, which is quickly becoming practical everywhere. 

The platform’s partner-driven business strategy enables it to increase its worldwide reach through them far more successfully than Corent SaaSOps as a smaller business could. Many of the partners are multinational SIs and MSPs that provide cloud migration, modernization, optimized cloud operations and management, and SaaS operations for their clients using the Corent SaaSOps end-to-end SurPaaS® platform.

Exciting Product Roadmap

In the upcoming years, it is anticipated that there will be more chances to enable SaaS providers because of the ongoing development of cloud capabilities and their impact on software go-to-market strategies. Corent SaaSOps has already started using advanced metering and automated application containerization, which may open up additional revenue streams for SaaS offerings. 

Corent SaaSOps believes that its ComPaaS™ solution, which monitors usage patterns and work loads, offers continuous intelligent advisories and automated actions to reduce the overwhelming complexity of managing cloud infrastructure, and applications has demonstrated potential for dramatic cloud cost-saving and providing FinOps capabilities on an ongoing basis. Regarding the future, Corent believes that Democratizing SaaS will allow for the following interesting possibilities:

  • Make it possible for ISVs around the world and entrepreneurs with an idea or skill—possibly related to an open-source application—to quickly become SaaS providers and take advantage of customers strong demand for SaaS. 
  • To generate additional revenue streams and considerably boost their shareholder value, large enterprises with internally built and tested software applications —making them available as SaaS to the public, either directly or through a subsidiary, and become what is increasingly referred to as a hybrid-enterprise. 

Quote 1:

Corent SaaSOps platform offers all the “as-a-service” capabilities required to transform a software application into a highly automated SaaS solution, therefor significantly lower the barriers to entry for SaaS. You can think of it as the “Netflix” for the software industry. 

Quote 2: 

 “Corent’s platform takes software applications through every stage of the cloud migration process, including assessment, migration, modernization, as well as SaaSification and optimized/automated SaaS operations

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