How to Create an Engaging Business Video?

The 17 Signs to Create Engaging Video Content | The Enterprise World

More than any other form of content, video has overtaken them all. More dynamic than text or images alone, the right video can drive incredible results for a brand. When you want your audience to engage with your content emotionally, video is what you aim for. 

There needs to be better video marketing. Businesses should avoid videos with unnecessary, meandering lengths or produce with low quality. If you want to wow your audience and get them to respond, this is how to create engaging video content. 

Here are the 17 signs to create engaging video content:

1. Be Authentic 

Be real. Be relatable. More than anything, you engage by showing personality and being authentic. For example, this is far more critical than a polished, high-quality video image. 

2. Use Short Form Video 

Short-form videos (those under 10 minutes long) deliver the best ROI. It’s best to keep your videos short. Even a 60-second video can produce strong numbers. 

3. Waste No Time to Hook Your Audience 

The 17 Signs to Create Engaging Video Content | The Enterprise World

Capture the viewer’s attention from the first second. The human attention span is eight seconds. Produce video content with that in mind. Engage a viewer in 1-2 seconds, and you have them. 

4. Define What Emotion You Want to Evoke

When viewers associate an emotion with a corporate video, they invest in it. Consider emotion when considering sound, colour palette, language, environment, and style. Break your video down into a basic emotion, such as humour, sadness, excitement, fear, anger, happiness, or playfulness. 

5. Make Your Video Memorable 

Is your video unique enough for a viewer to remember you the next day? The quality, humour, and excitement level of your video determine how memorable it is. If you aren’t churning out memorable content, start from scratch. 

6. Learn About Your Audience’s Habits and Struggles 

Understand your target audience. Delve deep into their habits, struggles, and preferences. Look at verifiable data about your website users so that you can tailor content specifically to them. 

7. Include Subtitles 

The 17 Signs to Create Engaging Video Content | The Enterprise World

Three-quarters of all videos consumed on social media are watched without sound. To ensure your message gets across, create engaging video content using creative subtitles that allow people to read what is being said. 

8. Use Striking High-Quality Images 

Seek premium HD graphics and images. Search for stock images, videos, and animations, or create your own. No matter the type of video, content benefits when paired with striking visuals. 

9. Make the Video Images Relevant To Your Topic 

Panoramic shots, drone fly-bys, and creative photography can be gorgeous, but they mean nothing if they don’t connect with the topic or target audience. Select relevant video images. 

10. Optimize for Mobile 

Mobile-first video ads are 27% more likely to foster brand interaction. Always optimize video content for mobile, as this is where most of your audience will watch from. 

11. Write a Video Dialogue That Speaks From Viewer’s Thoughts 

Use the tone and language of your target audience. Fine-tune their thoughts and feelings. Put their internal dialogue down in your video script to make a powerful and relevant connection with your audience. 

12. Tell a Story That Is Relevant to Your Audience 

Hearing a story inspires us, stimulates the brain, and fosters an emotional connection, which enhances engagement. Film your message in a story format rather than a straightforward, run-of-the-mill video. 

13. Put in Some Tension or Conflict 

As human beings, we are interested in overcoming tension or conflict. In your video, if there are ways to do so, incorporate some tension to stimulate the senses. 

14. Vary Up Your Video Effects to Keep Eyes on the Screen 

The 17 Signs to Create Engaging Video Content | The Enterprise World

Imagery is powerful. Look for opportunities to vary what you have on-screen with animations, motion graphics, dynamic transitions, kinetic typography, colour contrasts, and more. Evoke different moods and emotional responses while keeping your users’ attention. 

15. Encourage Them to Share Their Views 

In your video content, encourage your viewers to leave a comment, share the video, or ask questions. Please enable them to express themselves and let them know how their video made them feel. 

16. Consider Live Video 

Live video generates three times the median interaction than non-live video. Therefore, a company using video should consider including live video in its content plan. 

17. Track Video Metrics to Gauge Performance 

Track your video’s performance and learn how to create engaging video content it is. Especially if you have multiple videos, use metrics to tell you which ones are getting views and clicks and which aren’t. This way, you will know what video content is most successful and what type of content to make in the future. 

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