Daigle Cleaning Systems, Inc: Franchising with a Commitment to Quality and Client Satisfaction

Daigle Cleaning Systems: Franchising with a Commitment | Derek Foster | The Enterprise World

Franchising has become a popular way for entrepreneurs to start their businesses while benefiting from an established brand and support system. With the Covid 19 pandemic behind us, the world now has a heightened awareness & appreciation for essential businesses that work to protect the cleanliness of both public and private facilities. Daigle Cleaning Systems, Inc, (DCS) led by President Derek Foster, is seizing the opportunity.

DCS is committed to providing aspiring franchises the help in operating a proven system, marketing, coaching, and multiple revenue streams for its franchisees. DCS assists entrepreneurs develop and build their own business as a full service commercial and residential cleaning organization.

Delivering Unmatched Results 

DCS’s vision is to operate nationwide. The company prides itself on its professional, organized approach, providing a team environment for its growing workforce and franchisees to flourish. Our mission is to provide a clean and healthy environment for our clients that is measurable. This results in peace of mind for our clients.

DCS has three core values: communication, integrity, and teamwork. The company strives to communicate all details at every level of the organization and with its clients to reach the desired results. DCS always aims to do the right thing and we work tirelessly to build and protect our culture. DCS runs on teamwork and invests in its people and franchisees to increase quality and efficiency for its clients.

Overcoming Challenges 

DCS has faced several challenges on its path to success. One of the primary obstacles was finding the right talent that shares the same personal values as our corporate values. DCS continues to look for highly motivated individuals willing to go above and beyond to achieve success. 

During the Covid 19 Pandemic, a challenge that the world faced together, DCS had two options; slow down and make excuses to just maintain, or to push through and continue to grow. We decided as a company to push through, grow and the results were astounding. Our Albany location grew by roughly 40 employees, we launched two franchises (Westchester & Capital Region of NY ) and acquired another Albany cleaning business to assimilate into our Albany location. 

DCS started franchising in 2019 and welcomed its first franchise in 2020. The company’s Albany, NY, location was the turning point for franchising as it grew and developed strong processes that could be replicated in other geographic areas. The company seeks to operate nationwide and aims to roll out its successful systems and processes to franchisees who align      with its values to replicate its success in other cities. The key to DCS’s long-standing success is its determination. The company embraces challenges as opportunities to grow and improve.

Services and Products

Daigle Cleaning Systems takes pride in providing an exceptional customer service experience. The company has received the highest certification offered in the industry, the ISSA CIMS Green Building, with honors certification. Although its services and products are not exclusive, the company finds success in its customer-focused approach.

Daigle Cleaning Systems offers its clients various services, to be a one stop shop for all their cleaning needs, resulting in multiple revenue streams for its Franchisees. The company offers janitorial cleaning for offices of various sizes, industrial facilities, factories, residential facilities, and other industries. It also provides: 

  • Carpet Cleaning (Polymer Encapsulation and Water Extraction)
  • VCT refinishing.
  • Tile and grout scrubbing and finishing.
  • Commercial Kitchen deep cleaning
  • Stone care sealing and scrubbing
  • One-time cleanings
  • Post-construction cleaning services
  • Window cleaning
  • Residential Cleaning services
  • Kitchen exhaust & hood vent cleaning
  • Electrostatic Disinfection services
  • High dusting projects
  • Apartment and Residential turnovers
  • Large Scale commercial and industrial facility janitorial operations 

Why Choose Daigle Cleaning Systems?

Daigle Cleaning Systems emphasizes 100% client satisfaction. If there is any issue with the quality or performance of the service, the company addresses and remedies it immediately. It also focuses on being green and eco-friendly, utilizing Green labeled products & equipment to clean for health, not just appearance. 

Cleaning for health is the main priority for DCS, as the company aims to kill bacteria and germs without leaving harsh chemical residue behind. It also improves indoor air quality by using HEPA filtration vacuums that pass stringent tests for soil removal, dust containment, and carpet appearance retention.

One of the unique aspects of DCS is its flexibility. Instead of offering pre-determined cleaning services, the company collaborates with clients to customize a cleaning regimen that meets their time and budget constraints. DCS is a ‘problem solver’ in the world of cleaning and is willing to work with clients to find solutions to their cleaning needs. We teach our franchisers how to do this and allow our franchisers to perform their own client site assessments & provide pricing based on client needs. 

Efficiency and Growth

Daigle Cleaning Systems understands the importance of real-time data for any business to make critical decisions necessary for growth. To simplify the incorporation of technology in its services, the company follows established processes that are easy for its employees to understand.

DCS has established key performance indicators (KPIs) and shares these metrics with its franchisees to ensure success. DCS is developing its Daigle Operating Systems application to streamline its franchisees’ businesses from the point of sale to payment collection. This innovative system is set to launch in Q4 of 2023. DCS is dedicated to constantly improving its systems and processes for all its service offerings, which are rolled out to its franchisees. The company’s ultimate goal is to improve efficiency and profitability.

The Changing Face of Franchise Leadership

According to Derek, franchise leadership has undergone significant changes in recent years, particularly due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Derek believes that franchisees want to feel like they are part of a team and that their work makes a difference. As a result, franchise leaders are now placing a greater emphasis on collaboration and mutual success. DCS Franchising encourages sharing of ideas & best practices within its franchise organization for the mutual benefit of everyone.

Derek believes corporate leadership must be dedicated to franchisees’ success. With a focus on communication and work-life balance, franchise leadership has evolved into a model that promotes mutual success and encourages franchisees to participate actively in decision-making and growth strategies. It is one thing for a franchisee to be provided with systems and processes, but it is quite another to receive the necessary business coaching and support that is needed from corporate to be successful. DCS franchising prides itself on the level at which we can support our franchisees. 

Role and Accomplishments as President 

Derek is directly responsible for overseeing the Albany location’s sales and customer service operations, developing its franchise system, and coaching its current franchisees. He believes effective leadership involves a hands-on approach and is heavily involved in the company’s day-to-day operations. Throughout his professional journey, Derek has achieved several noteworthy accomplishments. He obtained the CIMS certification from the ISSA and was recognized by the Albany Business Review as a 40 under 40 award recipient at 29. Under Derek’s leadership, DCS acquired another local cleaning business that aligned with the company’s business model in 2021.

Derek also spearheaded the addition of several new services to the company’s offerings, including kitchen exhaust hood vent cleaning and certification from the MFS trade school in Florida. He also has obtained a water restoration technician certification from the IICRC, further expanding the company’s capabilities.

Beyond his work at Daigle Cleaning Systems, Derek co-founded Blue Collar Start Up LTD in 2022, an organization focused on generating interest in trade careers among the youth. He co-hosts a podcast that showcases the stories of local entrepreneurs and their journey to success, highlighting the potential for a fulfilling and lucrative career in the trades while showcasing business lessons & advice along the way. You can view and listen to the Blue Collar Start Up episodes on their website and YouTube channel Blue Collar StartUp – YouTube, Welcome (bluecollarstartup.io)

Embracing a Unique Culture

Derek believes caring for his employees is crucial to the company’s success. He thinks investing in their training and development is one of the best ways to help them achieve their goals and advance their careers. DCS provides in-house and external training opportunities to its staff, ensuring they have the skills and knowledge needed to excel in their roles. He hopes that long tenured staff can move onto operate their own DCS location in the future. 

Daigle Cleaning Systems offers several benefits to its employees, including vacation time, 401k/profit sharing, and bonus structures. Derek emphasizes the importance of creating a respectful and hardworking culture within the company, which he considers one of its defining characteristics. He believes that this culture is contagious and has contributed significantly to the success of DCS.

Derek recognizes that entrepreneurship can be challenging but advises aspiring entrepreneurs in the franchise sector to work hard, ask questions, and take calculated risks. He believes that mistakes and failures should be viewed as learning opportunities and that consistent effort will yield positive results.

A Franchise Opportunity with Great Value

Daigle Cleaning Systems has a few key criteria for potential partners when considering franchise partnerships. The company looks for individuals aligned with the company’s communication, integrity, and teamwork values. 

Why should someone consider franchising with DCS? Primarily, the cleaning industry has unlimited opportunities for growth and success. DCS allows its franchisees to determine its pricing and does not force them to take on unprofitable contracts. This provides great flexibility for franchisees and enables them to make decisions that align with their business goals.

Secondly, DCS offers a franchisee investment of great value and less expensive than its competitors. The company has developed efficient systems and processes for franchisees to follow, and it shares years of knowledge and experience to help franchisees be successful. DCS is readily available to coach and assist franchisees as needed.

Finally, DCS franchisees benefit from multiple revenue streams, allowing them to offer clients a range of services and become a one-stop shop for their needs. Franchisees are taught how to bundle services and focus on specific revenue streams to create a work-life balance and flexible schedule.

Services and Compliance in the Franchising Sector

Daigle Cleaning Systems recognizes the changes in the franchising sector and has adapted its services to comply with the evolving needs of franchisees. Today, franchisees seek to make their own decisions within a proven system. DCS offers multiple revenue streams, allowing franchisees to choose the direction of their franchise and increase profitability.

Another key factor is that maintaining a life-work balance is crucial in today’s society. To facilitate this, the company has developed cloud-based systems allowing franchisees and its staff to work from anywhere, improving efficiency and a better balance between work and personal life. This model ensures a better quality of life for franchisees.

Joining a franchise system such as DCS helps franchisees avoid the costly mistakes of developing a system independently. The initial franchise fee is an investment that pays significant dividends compared to starting a business from scratch. DCS offers a proven system that has been refined over the years, providing franchisees with the assurance of success.

Supporting Franchisees through Crisis

In times of crisis, DCS is committed to supporting its franchisees. The company prioritizes responding to franchisee calls for help within 24 hours and does everything in its power to help franchisees succeed if they are willing to work hard and do the right thing. 

Fortunately, the cleaning industry is often resilient to economic downturns and crises, such as the COVID-19 pandemic. As an essential business, DCS could continue operations throughout the pandemic. The company has also expanded its service offerings to include electrostatic disinfection services and complied with all local and federal regulations to operate safely.

DCS also provides ongoing coaching and support to franchisees in all business areas. It offers guidance on sales, operational processes, and finance, among other topics, to ensure franchisees have the tools needed to thrive. Corporate also provides marketing for their franchise locations. 

The Future of Franchising

Derek believes franchise systems who listen to their franchisees and adapt to changing times will succeed over the next five years. The company aims to become a coast-to-coast franchise organization and takes pride in teaching others to be successful in the cleaning industry. Derek is optimistic about the future of DCS’ growth.


“Daigle Cleaning Systems’ mission is to provide a clean and healthy environment through a consistent, systematic, and standardized cleaning approach that is measurable, creating  peace of mind for its clients.”

Derek Foster, Founder, Daigle Cleaning Systems

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