Top Data Analytics Companies in 2021

Top Data Analytics companies in 2021

Data Analytics Companies

Data Analytics has picked fast recognition and regards among many industries, especially in Banking, Insurance, Pharmaceutical industries, etc. Data Analysis has become one of the most promising methods of mapping the behavior, choices, and preferences of the consumers but also a feasible and cost-effective way to strategize plans of an enterprise, with fast decision making and increasing revenues for the company.

Data Analytics has a wide range of applications and uses which not only provides crucial information to the company but also helps the consumers as it gains better insight on them which is further used by these companies to provide products/services according to the demands and trends, with pricing that is not only in the budget of the consumers but also provides them with an engaging experience and satisfaction.

All this combining to form better retention rates, more sales, cost-saving, and most important of all building the company’s reputation and deepening its roots. These are just a few of the applications of Data Analytics, and with the progressing technological advancements and innovations, the future holds thrilling possibilities and breakthrough interventions in the field of Data Analytics.

Masters of Data Interpretation

Data Science has been gaining momentum and attracting a lot of individuals due to promising and equally rewarding career growth. Although analytics offers a lot of career opportunities and a wide range of things to learn, the uses and applications of Data Analytics are what make this field interesting, looked after, and respected. There are many companies in this domain, fighting for the podium but this field is much more than the competition in the market and revolves around enterprises that offer breakthrough and most innovative services, thus competition serving as one of the main factors to innovation and intervention.

Top 5 Data Analytics Companies

Some of the most renowned and dominant companies working in the field of Data Analytics are constantly working to provide staggering products and services, ensuring highly effective and accurate solutions but also promising a bright and promising future to the field of Data Analytics.

1. SAP

SAP is one of the first big names when it comes to top data analytics companies, founded in 1972 with around 965,500 employees, they provide business and enterprise solutions but data analytics is a part of their business which helps businesses with analyzing their software, etc.

2. Accenture Analytics

Accenture Analytics is one of the big names when it comes to Data Analytics companies, with more than 1800 data scientists in their arsenal, they provide exemplary analytics solutions to businesses with machine learning and artificial intelligence. 

3. Tableau

Tableau is another famous name in the Data Analytics companies, now owned by Salesforce, they have tools that not only arrange data but also arranges them into graphical form, and much more, thus providing accurate and descriptive-analytical solutions to businesses.

4. Qlik

Qlik is another big name in the market of Data Analytics companies providing analytics software, tools, and services to enterprises with business intelligence and data analytics. 

5. Fractal Analytics

Fractal Analytics is another big name working to provide unmatched data analytics solutions with their core services revolving around artificial intelligence and business analytics. 

Data Interpretation, the Way Ahead!

Data has provided a successful way to not only interpret and decode the preference and behavior of the consumers but has also given the companies a direct and efficient way to make better decisions, strategies, and market their products/services in a way that gets them more retention, sales, and recognition. Data Analytics has not only improved over the years but the new approaches and fields in the same are giving way to new opportunities and creating a path for a better future and better analytical era where data can decode not only patterns and predict but also provide a deeper understanding into the less explored areas and thoroughly improve current knowledge about the field, its applications, and uses.

“Without big data analytics, companies are blind and deaf, wandering out onto the web like deer on a freeway.” 

Geoffrey Moore

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