Disney Might Sell ABC; X Turns To Google For More Programmatic Ads

Disney Might Sell ABC; X Turns To Google For More Programmatic Ads | The Enterprise World

Disney is contemplating the potential sale of ABC and its eight local stations, with Nexstar Media Group emerging as a prospective buyer, according to Bloomberg reports.

Disney CEO Bob Iger recently expressed openness to divesting some of the company’s TV networks. For Disney, traditional linear television represents a financial loss, and the company’s strategic focus is shifting toward establishing a profitable streaming business.

Currently owns and collaborates with stations affiliated with Fox

Although Disney and Nexstar have initiated preliminary discussions, it remains uncertain whether the local broadcaster is the ideal candidate to take ownership of ABC. Nexstar currently owns and collaborates with stations affiliated with Fox, Paramount, and NBCUniversal. The introduction of a competitor station into the mix could trigger concerns among these networks. Furthermore, Nexstar would need to divest one of its existing stations to adhere to legal ownership limits.

The sale of ABC would also entail the negotiation of new revenue-sharing and distribution agreements as the network shares telecasts with other Disney-owned channels, such as ESPN.

Tom Carter, adviser to Nexstar’s CEO and board, commented, “There are numerous unanswered questions that need to be addressed first. We’re not pursuing any of this without a clearly defined path forward.”

In a bid to bolster its advertising revenue, Twitter (referred to as “X”) is turning to Google Ad Manager to facilitate more programmatic advertising opportunities, as reported by Ad Age.

Disney’s potential ABC sale: Who are possible buyers?

 Faced Challenges Retaining Both Users and Advertisers

Twitter has faced challenges retaining both users and advertisers, exacerbated by Elon Musk’s acquisition and related brand safety controversies. While the platform may struggle to regain users, it can still enhance demand by expanding programmatic ad offerings.

Initially, only Twitter’s timeline inventory (the main feed) will be made available programmatically through Google. Timeline ads, compared to those in comments or search results, offer more comprehensive brand safety reporting from third-party verification providers such as DoubleVerify and Integral Ad Science. This reporting provides advertisers with insights into the content surrounding their ads.

Ensuring brand safety is a critical step for Twitter in reinvigorating its ad sales growth. However, attracting more users remains a separate challenge.

Advertisers also have the option to exclude Twitter from their ad purchases through Google if they remain hesitant to invest in the platform.

California’s state legislature recently passed the Delete Act, as reported by the LA Times. Pending Governor Gavin Newsom’s approval, the law will come into effect in 2026, allowing consumers to request the deletion of personal information collected by data brokers with a single submission.

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