Does DoorDash Do a Background Check?

Does DoorDash Do a Background Checks? | The Enterprise World

DoorDash is one of the largest providers of gigs in the gig economy. It connects consumers with restaurants and offers drivers, independent contractors commonly referred to as “dashers,” the opportunity to make money by delivering the restaurant’s food to the consumers. Dashers love the flexibility that the DoorDash gig offers, restaurants like the additional business, and consumers like the broad choices for restaurants that DoorDash affords. 

Before a driver can become a dasher, they must pass a DoorDash background check. Additionally, DoorDash runs periodic checks on its existing dashers to ensure that the dasher’s suitability to drive for DoorDash remains intact. The background check is an important step for everyone involved. As a law firm that has represented many dashers and would-be dashers, we often encounter questions and concerns about these background checks. This article aims to clarify why DoorDash conducts background checks, what they look for, and what you can do if there are errors in your report.

Why DoorDash Does the Background Checks?

There are several reasons why many companies, including DoorDash, do background checks.

  • Establishing and maintaining safety and trust. To be effective, DoorDash must have the trust of both the restaurants and the consumers it serves. The safety of the customers must especially be a priority. The background check is one way to help ensure that the people driving for DoorDash are trustworthy. 
  • Complying with local laws. Different states have various laws and regulations concerning employment in place to ensure public safety. DoorDash conducts background checks to obey those laws. 
  • Building its reputation. Maintaining a reliable workforce is the most important step for DoorDash in establishing and maintaining its reputation. Background checks offer a way to build a team of dependable dashers who will respect customers, respect customer property, and adhere to DoorDash standards. 
Does DoorDash Do a Background Checks? | The Enterprise World

What DoorDash Looks for in a Background Check?

Before allowing a dasher candidate to be one of its independent contractors, DooRDash examines two key parts of a candidate’s background:

  • Criminal history. DoorDash reviews a candidate’s criminal history. If you have a criminal record, you are not automatically disqualified from becoming a dasher, some convictions related to violence, sexual offenses, theft, property damage, and other felonies might. In addition to state and local criminal databases, DoorDash will also review national databases like the national sex offender registry. 
  • Driving record. Because a dasher’s job is driving, a dasher’s driving history is crucial. While minor traffic violations likely will not disqualify a dasher, some major violations like DUIs, reckless driving, or a significant number of minor violations that could indicate unsafe driving habits might. 

How long does a DoorDash background check take?

DoorDash uses a third-party company called Checkr, one of the largest background check companies in the United States, to perform its background checks. Checkr prides itself on being able to complete a DoorDash driver background check between one day and a week. 

The time it takes Checkr to do the background check will depend on a number of factors. These include:

  • The number of places that a dasher has lived and worked. If Checkr needs to check multiple state and local databases, the process will take longer. 
  • Where the dasher has lived. If the dasher has ever lived overseas or has lived in a state or county that has not put its criminal or motor vehicle databases online, the process will take longer. 

There are other things that might delay the process. Checkr and/or DoorDash will send emails updating you should your search be “Suspended” or “Pre-Adverse Action” email if they need additional information. 

What to Do if There is an Error in Your Background Check?

As consumer law attorneys, we frequently represent consumers who have lost work opportunities due to errors in their background checks. If you have been denied a job or if you have lost a job at DoorDash due to an error in your background check, you should contact us. You should also do the following:

Does DoorDash Do a Background Checks? | The Enterprise World
  • Review your report. If DoorDash takes an adverse employment action against you due to information in a Checkr background check report, DoorDash must tell you that. A federal law called the Fair Credit Reporting Act (the “FCRA”) requires them to do so. The FCRA also requires DoorDash and Checkr to give you a free copy of that report. When they do, review it. Carefully. Any error – even seemingly small inaccuracies – will affect the accuracy of the report. This includes minor misspellings, wrong dates of convictions, mistaken identity, past identity theft, or mischaracterized convictions and violations. 
  • File a dispute. If you find errors, file a dispute with Checkr. Collect and provide evidence to support your claim. This could include letters from courts where you have lived and printouts of accurate information. We recommend filing your dispute via certified mail so you have a record of the dispute, and so you do not unwillingly relinquish any of your rights, which can happen if you file your dispute online or over the phone. The FCRA requires Checkr to investigate and correct any inaccuracies within 30 days.
  • Stay in touch with Consumer Attorneys. If Checkr does not investigate your dispute, does not resolve your dispute satisfactorily, or violates any of your rights under the FCRA, we can help you. We have decades of collective experience helping individuals correct inaccuracies in their background checks and protecting their rights. 
  • Contact DoorDash. Inform DoorDash of the dispute and any corrections made. Provide them with the corrected report or evidence of the dispute process. This can help in reconsidering your application. Your attorney can help with this. 
Does DoorDash Do a Background Checks? | The Enterprise World
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DoorDash must conduct background checks to ensure the safety of its customers, comply with laws, and maintain its position as a leader in business. Checkr, the background check it uses, should be held to the same standards of reliability that DoorDash has for its dasher candidates and its existing dashers. As a DoorDash applicant, you should understand the background check process, the background check rationale, and the potential pitfalls that often happen with background checks. If you encounter issues with your background check report, please contact Consumer Attorneys so we can help you and make sure you get the financial opportunities you deserve. 

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