Dr. CP Lee: Enabling Transformation through Tech-Driven Leadership

Dr. CP Lee Enabling Transformation through Tech-Driven Leadership The Enterprise World

Finding solutions for complex problems could be a daunting task, especially if it’s a problem you’ve never faced before. However, as technology advances and processes get automated, problem-solving for businesses has also become more efficient. Despite machines becoming more human and shrinking the gap between humans and machines today, having an experienced person leading your organization is still invaluable.

That is precisely what Dr. CP Lee brings to the table. With more than two decades of experience in the technology field, he helps organizations advance by incorporating technology to streamline every process—from strategy to execution. The qualities that set him apart from the rest are his ability to lead critical projects and deliver optimum results in high-pressure, deadline-driven work environments.

Leadership Evolution

Business leadership has continued to evolve throughout the years. Today, it is a multi-disciplinary challenge for a person in a leadership position—where not only is the leader required to lead with vision and passion but is expected to exhibit multiple qualities such as enigma, empathy, and now—servant leadership.

In all essence, Dr. CP Lee believes that a leader is in the correct place as long as they know being authentic, honest, and empathic is the fundamental quality to have.

The ‘aha’ Moment

With a keen interest in technology and academic research, Dr. CP Lee embarked  on  his postgraduate path  at the university to kick off his journey. Midway through this, he discovered that his true passion lies in transforming technology into an applicable form, and the possibility of switching to a private enterprise provided Dr. CP Lee with the springboard.

Progressing across industries, he made several transitions without losing his passion for technology utilization and his desire to excel in it. Currently, after leaving his previous employment, Dr. CP Lee is seeking out a new path where the future is bright and possibilities are unending.

From Generation to Generation

The founding father of Singapore, Mr. Lee Kuan Yew, has always awed and inspired Dr. CP Lee. His tenacity spanned his career as the leading man who transformed Singapore from a mere sleepy fishing village to the modern marvel we are witnessing today. Impressively, Mr. Lee Kuan Yew accomplished all of this while leaving a sustainable foundation that the generations can carry forward.

Looking up to him as a role model and drawing inspiration from Mr. Lee Kuan Yew, Dr. CP Lee emphasizes that just excelling in his current endeavors is not enough. He wants to ensure that whatever he builds will benefit the next generation.

Capitalizing Every Opportunity

From Apple to Motorola Solutions, to HBO, and then to Mola, the underlying fundamentals of maximizing and using technologies in all avenues to ensure optimized and efficient workflows drove Dr. CP Lee and what he is renowned for.

With experiences garnered in HBO and Mola, accumulating more than a decade of experiences in the Broadcast Media industry, Dr. Lee has closely observed the technological evolution through the multiple changes and crucial industry shifts from the legacy world to the new digital-led era. Some key moments of this evolution include the introduction of 4K live sports streams in Indonesia, paired with Dolby technology aimed at providing the user experience of the highest order.

Dr. CP Lee is particularly proud of his several career achievements:

  • Dr. Lee led the implementation of cost-reduction strategies at Mola, resulting in a significant decrease in operational costs while serving as the CTO.
  • During his tenure as Head of Technology and Engineering at Home Box Office Asia, he championed a customer-centric approach that maintained a remarkable 99.995% uptime for the business.
  • At Motorola Solutions, Dr. Lee established a new business unit for training services, creating a substantial annual revenue stream.
  • As the Consulting SME for Professional Applications, Servers, and Hardware in the Asia Pacific region for Apple, Dr. Lee successfully identified, pursued, and won various new business opportunities.

Company Progressions while Transforming Industries


In 1999, Dr. Lee joined the company as a System Engineer supporting the education segment initially. In his tenure of service with Apple, he rose through the ranks and became the Systems Engineering Manager in 2007, where he lead a team of regional consultants for the SEA region. He also led the position of a Subject Matter Expert for Apple’s professional line of products, including servers and storage, and the professional softwares and hardware suite of product,  

Concurrently, Dr. Lee was initially appointed as a Trainer for Apple in the Professional Applications, as well as all Technology courses, and he was soon tasked to become the Training Mentor for these  courses, where he worked with the Global Training Group and conducted the Train-The-Trainer program in the Asia Pacific Region. 


Dr. Lee joined Motorola in 2011 as an Enterprise & WNS Training Manager for the APAC region. Within the company, he regularly coordinated with the Global and Regional Training team members to formulate sales education strategies and training programs to maintain the sales team’s advantage in a highly competitive global market. In this capacity, Dr. Lee periodically conducted training needs analysis that aided in identifying performance gaps and rectifying them through a strategic approach.


In June 2013, Dr. Lee joined HBO Asia and progress through the ranks to the position of Senior Vice President of Media Engineering. At HBO Asia, he was the daily point of contact in managing all HBO technical and digital infrastructure relationship, including overall system architecture, operational policies planning and discrepancy mitigation, and critical failure recovery. In addition, he also collaborated with various departments and vendors on cross-functional projects.


Spanning internationally, WarnerMedia amalgamated the trio giants—HBO, Turner, and Warner Bros. As the new Head of Technology and Engineering in Asia, Dr. Lee not only continued his duties as the primary point of contact but also combined technical infrastructure relationships with the stakeholders responsible for delivering digital products in the APAC region. He was also responsible for overseeing the entire WarnerMedia Asia Media Supply Chain and related entities and service providers.


With his leadership expertise, Dr. Lee joined Mola in January 2021. At Mola, he provided comprehensive leadership, expertise, and oversight to the development and launch of a new cutting-edge platform to support Mola’s vision of becoming a global player. 

In this role, he compiled the feedback from stakeholders and analyzed it to determine the steps necessary to facilitate successful product launches. In addition, he executed in-depth research into competitive landscapes and emerging markets to promote constant monitoring of new technologies to incorporate into the platform.

In February 2022, he assumed the expanded role of Chief Technology and Operations Officer at Mola after taking control of four additional divisions under his watch—Content Management and Distribution, Broadcast Engineering, Operations, and Customer Services, to be combined within the Technology and IT Group for more efficiency. Furthermore, his role included optimizing and developing the media operations strategy, customer service, and compliance for the organization.

Work-Life Balance

There is never a perfect work-life balance, as each individual will have a different definition of what balance means for them, says Dr. Lee. For him, the key is his ability to switch off at various points during the day. It helps him separate two things: what he needs to do and what he is currently doing. With that clarity, he focuses on making every minute count toward those goals.

Fortunately for Dr. CP Lee, he loves to drive every chance he possibly gets. Whether locally in Singapore or in a far land like the USA, he will always go for a spin in a car of his choice and enjoy the experience.

Critical Challenges for Business Leaders

The world is getting smaller and faster, where the masses can easily access knowledge and information. A modern leader, other than carrying the mantle of the traditional leader, is also expected to change with time. According to Dr. Lee, this flexible and ever-changing role and expectation of a new leader is what each of us needs to be able to adapt and excel faster in our avenues.

Advice for Young Aspiring Business Leaders

“Be Authentic, Be True, and Be Kind”

Three aspects of qualities Dr. CP Lee is firmly behind through his journey till today.

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