Remote Faxing Just Got Easier

2 Easy ways of Remote Faxing | The Enterprise World

Learning how to fax from your smartphone through cloud-based services has never been easier, thanks to productivity tools like e-faxing apps are found as some Easy ways of Remote Faxing. That’s good news for a steadily growing remote workforce that needs to sign, edit, and receive faxes on the go or while reaching out to customers and clients from a home office.

The pandemic increased the need for remote employees, but even post-pandemic, companies are still adopting remote and hybrid models today. In 2022, at least 58% of employees interviewed said they could work from home at least one day per week at their current job. That number is expected to continue rising, and it’s predicted that 22% of the American workforce will be remote by 2025.

Here are 2 Easy ways of Remote Faxing ;

1. Remote Access When You Need It

One of the biggest challenges to working remotely is access to the right working tools, including fax machines and copiers. Transmitting files via fax is standard practice in conducting business, especially if it’s related to sales or contracts. Then again, most employees don’t have fax machines in their homes.

2 Easy ways of Remote Faxing | The Enterprise World

Since traditional faxing requires a fax machine, a landline, paper, and ink, there are significant cost considerations as well. In addition to the cost of the equipment and phone line, there are ongoing costs such as maintenance on the machine and keeping it stocked with ink and paper. Then there are associated energy costs—it really all adds up quickly.

2. Online Faxing Makes More Sense

Sending and receiving important documents via traditional faxing methods will be outdated soon, especially since the number of remote workers is steadily increasing. In particular, there’s no need to make sure employees have a fax machine. Online faxing through cloud-based service providers is as simple as using an app to send and receive faxes, anywhere in the world, 24/7, as long as that employee has internet service.

2 Easy ways of Remote Faxing | The Enterprise World

Setting up your team with this low-cost solution makes sense, even if they aren’t working remotely. Instead of switching back and forth between devices while performing their job, or walking over to a fax machine in the office, they can simply grab their smartphone, snap a picture of the document, and send the fax with a push of a button. It really is that simple to send a fax, even if the recipient has a standard fax machine to receive it.

Benefits of Easy ways of Remote Faxing from an iPhone

There are other benefits of faxing from a smartphone to send and receive faxes. Furthermore, learning how to fax from an iPhone is rather simple. For example, through the use of an app and cloud-based online faxing service, you can:

  • Store your faxes in the cloud, reducing the need for paper documents to clutter your workspace.
  • Know that your data is protected data through end-to-end encryption.
  • Easily attach files stored on your device or in cloud storage.
  • Use your smartphone to sign fax documents without paper or scanning.
  • Get your own fax number at a cheaper price than a traditional landline.

Remote Working Just Got Easier

2 Easy ways of Remote Faxing | The Enterprise World

You’ve heard the adage, “work smarter, not harder,” and e-faxing is just one example of Easy ways of Remote Faxing and how to do it. Through cloud-based productivity tools such as these, employees can streamline their workflow and do their job, whether they’re at home, in the office, or sitting on a beach.

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